TCould You Survive In These Extreme Conditions?

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Published on Jan 29, 2018

Could you run for a year? Just how far can you push the human body?
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  • Random Person - 1 hour ago

    I remember one time in the summer in 5th grade the class was outside for reccess and one kid got a heat stroke.

  • Jay Schwaa - 1 day ago

    When there’s no drinks you have to either drink your saliva or drink your urine

  • XStep 47 - 1 day ago

    Wat da moomoomoomoo

  • XStep 47 - 1 day ago

    Him: “kick the bucket” me: “frick the button”

  • dont play with guns series - 2 days ago

    I never want to drink water

  • Andrew Taylor - 2 days ago

    Could somebody do the maths of 74 days without food?????

  • Andrew Taylor - 2 days ago

    L can’t even survive in my brothers bedroom without getting beat up by him

  • Helloscarrr - 2 days ago

    The coolest thing is that you can do everthing

  • Brecken Jimenez - 3 days ago

    Have a penis pick it up

  • Phenate - 3 days ago

    Probably not a good thing that I live in Tucson, where temperatures exceed 110 Fahrenheit.

  • Mansoor Khan - 3 days ago

    I can run 2miles

  • Cayden O Hara - 3 days ago

    why do we life

  • leticia Munguia - 3 days ago

    I think the coolest thing the human body can do is run faster than light.

  • Tina liu - 5 days ago

    my friend said he was taking a bath in 99degrees liar

  • KillerWhale - 5 days ago

    The coolest thing it can do is watch life noggins vids!

  • Duck Quack - 5 days ago

    coolest thing human do is making meme

  • The everything channel - 5 days ago


  • just some random guy and I'm random :D - 6 days ago

    3:02 *_BUT CAN YOU DO THIS!?!?!_*

  • Wolfa27 Art - 7 days ago

    Is it weird that I’ve been able to last 2.75 months without water? And that I’m perfectly fine

  • MARMEX TERAN - 1 week ago

    I go in snow storms in shorts

  • WillTGE - 1 week ago

    My dad who's ones at. A -1 Place

  • Tails the fox - 1 week ago

    Why do we get bullied. (Don't judge me)

  • Jason Sidlovsky - 1 week ago

    If u die from heat it actually 108 degrees

  • Saressa Hawkins - 1 week ago

    Going 72 Days with out sleep i say that was cool but stuped

  • XboxMLGProGamer - 1 week ago

    Fell down a flight if concrete stairs and didn’t break anything, aside from a couple of cuts. My friend broke his leg playing Spikeball. You don’t even use your legs in that game much so I don’t understand how that happens

  • TheCalderonkiller - 1 week ago

    But people try not to eat for a month and in A month there’s 5. Weeks

  • Spyros Bellos - 1 week ago

    Best thing human body can do Sleeping

  • Awesomeness Over Your Face! - 1 week ago

    The COOLEST thing a human can do is to just be themselves!

  • Uganda knuckles - 1 week ago

    *see's video* I'm going to try all of these