TJohn Cena Deadlifts Jimmy Fallon

Published on Jun 10, 2017

John Cena talks about Season 2 of American Grit and demonstrates his 40-year-old deadlifting technique on Jimmy.

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John Cena Deadlifts Jimmy Fallon

Categoy: Comedy

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  • Nick Garthwaite - 12 hours ago

    How did jimmy Fallon fly like that? I never cena thing holding him up for

  • Abhishek tomar - 1 day ago

    I can't see Cena ! 😁

  • Victoria Barrett - 3 days ago

    My friend Aiden Mirza lives next door to John Cena

  • Chris Tsirigotis - 4 days ago

    Damn man I didn't know that Jimmy was such a good magician !

  • hetaes - 5 days ago

    John's posture revealed a lower back problem. What those guys put their bodies through is unreal.

  • The RedMist - 5 days ago

    2:21 holy shit Jimmy Fallon can levitate

  • Billy Feucht - 5 days ago

    Remember the Marine that was my favorite movie by him.

  • The RedMist - 5 days ago

    who the hell is Jimmy Fallon talking to... a chair?

  • Ben Huang - 5 days ago

    Why is Jimmy Fallon talking to an empty seat 🤔?

  • L. Lawliet - 6 days ago

    Woah I didn't know Jimmy had telekinetic powers!

  • my name is chef - 6 days ago


  • shwankym1a - 6 days ago

    He's got to be related to Andre the giant. Look at those hands ...

  • Carlos Carias - 1 week ago

    What I don't understand is who is is Jimmy talking to?

  • Maiya Manor - 1 week ago

    Oml Jimmy’s life like flashed before his eyes when Cena flipped him back over to stand up 😂😂💀

  • D. Pharmbot - 1 week ago


  • Bin Yusuf - 1 week ago

    The title is misleading.. where the hell is john cena

  • AwpitheAwper - 1 week ago

    John Cena should be Blazkowicz in a Wolfenstein Movie.

  • MongKes - 1 week ago

    ewwwwwwwww, jimmy with a beard hahaha

  • Jr. Mac - 1 week ago


  • Roda ' - 2 weeks ago

    That beard

  • Joseph Towers - 2 weeks ago

    Jim Fallon...what a cuck, getting deadlifted by an Alpha male. ultimate beta behavior from jimmy...pathetic

  • The Potato - 2 weeks ago

    did you guys do that slapjack with john cena? I wanna see Jimmy fly across the stage.

  • Bradley James Liaf Its my life. - 2 weeks ago

    God damn I didn't know jimmy could fly

  • Comic Guy - 2 weeks ago

    Cena Rocks!

  • Dulino Gamer - 2 weeks ago

    WHOA DUDE Jimmy was like... levitating there for a second!

  • The Pyromaani - 2 weeks ago

    Dam, i didnt know Cena is balding from the middle of the head

  • A Cheeky Motherfucker - 2 weeks ago

    Jimmy looks like he’s on a bender

  • Dmitriy Step - 2 weeks ago

    No waaaay, it had to be edited... No one can fly

  • John Daniel To The Second Power - 2 weeks ago

    2:23 Donald Trump when he busts a nut.

  • TRY THIS AT HOME MYTHS - 3 weeks ago

    I thoght jone cena was ther all i saw was jimmy talking to nothing