TJason Mayhem Miller, Jacob Wingo, Fuck You Ayat (Rotated)

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  • Bryan Mundy - 3 weeks ago

    Jason has some good character I hope he makes a comeback he was going threw some hard times before

  • popanollie1 - 3 weeks ago

    just sign the freaking contract lol

  • Uniq7 - 3 weeks ago

    who is the other dude ? is he a fighter too ?

  • Andie Lian - 4 weeks ago

    Jacob Wingo is a fucking pussy, Miller is still a badass tho.

  • Garth Vader - 4 weeks ago

    What is Mayhem up to these days? Is he training people or just kinda laying low or both? I bet he'd be a really good trainer because he can get on other people's level or get under their skin. Like on Bully Beatdown when he caught that dudes kick and was laughing all like "what are you gonna do now?" He'd be a cool teacher. Might not be for everybody but there are guys who could learn a lot from him if he lets them.

  • Garth Vader - 4 weeks ago

    Oh fuck this made me laugh so fucking hard. I have this ANNOYING fucking neighbor who's dog killed both of my cats, and that annoying fucking dog gets the hose 3 times a week. When the neighbor asks why I watered his dog, I just tell him that his fence is behind my ugly bushes.

  • Isaiah Ceja - 1 month ago

    should of sprayed water inside the car

  • Derek Raine - 1 month ago

    Jason mayhem miller is AWESOME. he made some crazy stuff but let's face it he's human too like everyone of us. we do crazy things once in a while.

  • Conor Francis - 2 months ago

    Jason Miller is awesome

  • Matt W - 2 months ago

    kids a litte punk bitch gaurenteed he's sucking m ayhems dick!!!

  • Josh Teller - 2 months ago

    The dude recording is fucking annoying...

  • Joseph Andersen - 2 months ago

    2:43 why you calling out wingo nigga you at my house

  • Bert Landry - 2 months ago

    You lack discipline bwahahaha

  • halouxy - 3 months ago

    I'm gonna find you when you're not with fucking Mayhem ahah smart guy.

  • Inventor Down The Rabbit Hole Network - 3 months ago

    This is what Jason miller has been up to protecting some meth head from fighting his own battles . Sad..... he had potential.

  • I STAND ALONE - 4 months ago

    LOL , gotta Luv Mayhem

  • Christoph Az - 4 months ago

    Oh that guy just wants to feel accepted.

  • boastfuls - 4 months ago

    Mayhem's voice changed dramatically. Wtf

  • Sky Barrow - 4 months ago

    Listen to the last 10 seconds “He burned my trash can” 👂

  • 420 AK 47 - 5 months ago

    Lmao!!! It's to funny

  • Tommy Bones - 5 months ago

    That Laughing!!!

  • The Real JD 92 - 5 months ago

    Is the water lava? He talks a big game but is afraid of a water hose.

  • Luciano Villanueva - 5 months ago

    Jimmy Oakes looks like Jason

  • MarkBarna1 - 5 months ago

    I bet Mayhem's neighbors love having leaving near him. Not.

  • Mario Mora - 5 months ago

    like a vigina hahahhaa

  • AeroTed - 5 months ago

    at 3:31 he went full Shia Labeouf ...

  • twitchtv Mattikush - 6 months ago

    lol crazy meathead

  • Charles Rider - 6 months ago

    i swear those three were fighting over gay lovers an crack an riods

  • Charles Rider - 6 months ago

    Ayat a lil bitch