The Time Michael Jordan PUNCHED Steve Kerr In The Face!

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Published on Nov 26, 2016

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  • Maksim Vucetic - Channel Youtube
    Maksim Vucetic - 16 hours ago

    "Stephe Curr".

  • Keith Elvis - Channel Youtube
    Keith Elvis - 18 hours ago

    Man this could have taken 2-3 minutes to finish..this guy loves to hear himself talk..

  • Steven Simonovic - Channel Youtube
    Steven Simonovic - 1 day ago

    Steve Kerr is a lil bitch. He's a liberal loon on top of it. Thanks Mike! Glad you Co-Cocked his ass!

  • Patrick PK - Channel Youtube
    Patrick PK - 2 days ago

    sure you weren't there? I think you need to say that a few more times

  • OnPoint - Channel Youtube
    OnPoint - 2 days ago

    Reggie Miller is the best

  • Sage Antone - Channel Youtube
    Sage Antone - 3 days ago

    Steve Kerr is a piece of garbage.

  • Worldraven .Nevar - Channel Youtube
    Worldraven .Nevar - 3 days ago

    Steve Kerr is a liberal beta cuck who spends a lot of time on his knees in the locker room, but he isn't praying...

  • Matt Noah - Channel Youtube
    Matt Noah - 3 days ago

    He didn't hit Kerr hard enough.

  • Mob Park - Channel Youtube
    Mob Park - 6 days ago

    Greatest player in all time huh?? Its kareem boy

  • Aj Jingco - Channel Youtube
    Aj Jingco - 6 days ago

    Michael Jordan 🐐 of the NBA but a WORST human being!

  • Raymond Purnell - Channel Youtube
    Raymond Purnell - 7 days ago

    He punched steph curry coach

  • Antonio D - Channel Youtube
    Antonio D - 1 week ago

    where is the SUCKER in the title

  • yeah - Channel Youtube
    yeah - 2 weeks ago


  • Temuulen Teke - Channel Youtube
    Temuulen Teke - 2 weeks ago

    Maaakl Joardunn

  • rasec Ayotnom - Channel Youtube
    rasec Ayotnom - 3 weeks ago

    NBA the Best Moment

  • drew2 fast - Channel Youtube
    drew2 fast - 3 weeks ago

    What did Michael Jordan do that we haven't seen before?

  • John Ford - Channel Youtube
    John Ford - 3 weeks ago

    Nick Smith, nice try but you need to take Storytelling 101.

  • Person That Lives - Channel Youtube
    Person That Lives - 3 weeks ago

    This is really why it happened. Jordan was watching a Charlotte vs Golden State Game in present time and when the Warriors won, he went back in time and he punched him

  • Michael Donovan - Channel Youtube
    Michael Donovan - 3 weeks ago


  • Vince Schützenhofer - Channel Youtube
    Vince Schützenhofer - 3 weeks ago

    Very nice clickbait!

  • thor bradshaw - Channel Youtube
    thor bradshaw - 4 weeks ago

    he was the greatest player of his time they always get beat by a new generation

  • Rationalthought83 - Channel Youtube
    Rationalthought83 - 4 weeks ago

    "MY- KULL" Jordan geez

  • Yu Wang Wee - Channel Youtube
    Yu Wang Wee - 4 weeks ago


  • Yu Wang Wee - Channel Youtube
    Yu Wang Wee - 4 weeks ago


  • Pops_OG O'Dell - Channel Youtube
    Pops_OG O'Dell - 1 month ago

    Dude you talk too fucking much!

  • Dwight A - Channel Youtube
    Dwight A - 1 month ago

    Kerr needs to be punched in the face many times.

  • Frank Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Frank Johnson - 1 month ago

    over hyped era,jabbar the greatest by far,its not even fucking close,cable era made Mike bigger

  • lairdriver - Channel Youtube
    lairdriver - 1 month ago

    The only way you gain Jordan's respect is after he punches you. The only person in the Bulls locker that he backed down from was Bill Cartwright. Which was probably a good idea, Cartwright would have put him in a wheelchair.

  • Jgalberto Temple - Channel Youtube
    Jgalberto Temple - 1 month ago


  • Mattathias Macabees - Channel Youtube
    Mattathias Macabees - 1 month ago

    Retirement... Right... Drug/ gambling suspension more like it- possible point shaving mob ties too. Stockton and jordan had some chippy battles. Never saw Jordan throw a punch at karl Malone tho...