TMan Who Can’t Open His Door One Morning Looks Out And Finds The Wildest Emergency

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Published on Mar 02, 2018

Man Who Can’t Open His Door One Morning Looks Out And Finds The Wildest Emergency

Stepping out your front door on a Sunday morning should be the easiest part of the day. (At least, it beats dragging yourself out of bed and struggling to make coffee!) But, recently, one man found that to be quite the challenge—and for the wildest reason.

Alexey Khaideyev of Siberia tried leaving his home one winter morning only to find that he couldn’t. For some reason, the door simply wouldn’t open—and he was trapped inside. And when he found out why, he was terrified for his life…

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  • Heather Popeck - 4 hours ago

    How do you administer antibiotics remotely?

  • Lady Grey Tea - 7 hours ago

    RIP tigress

  • Vorname Nachname - 20 hours ago


  • Desmond Bagley - 21 hours ago I guess these Russians were to proud to request foreign expertise and assistance as always.

  • Tarkus - 24 hours ago

    Why does his door open outwards when it snows where he lived?

  • MLMLW - 1 day ago

    This goes to show that even wild animals have an instinct to get help which is why she ended up at somebody's front door. It is sad, however, that she passed away after everything they tried to do for her. She was just sick and old and it was her time unfortunately. :(

  • Jose Ingersoll - 2 days ago

    ❤️ RIP ❤️ 🐯

  • Sana Khan - 2 days ago

    soooo sad😢 RIP🐅

  • jaidyn424 - 2 days ago

    Let’s see it’s Russia. To much vodka and no jobs = no food and no teeth.

  • jaidyn424 - 2 days ago

    Duh! It was a vegetarian cat. Should have given it cornflakes.

  • master shtterman - 2 days ago

    she ded

  • Haus von Fluffenstein - 2 days ago

    Awwww so sad! But at least they *tried* to save her. Rest in peace, baby. :(

  • Janelle Lovethyself - 2 days ago

    Awww so sad. RIP beautiful one. 😢

  • Saskatoon Sky - 2 days ago

    These types of videos are made by sociopaths looking for YouTube ad-revenue. Vote down and unsubscribe if you have subscribed. It's our duty not to support the sociopaths that are trying to make a living off of the tragedies like this and people's emotions.

  • kris hauenstein - 2 days ago

    I would have been out there with the cat. But I'm crazy like that

  • Steve52344 - 2 days ago

    Disturbing and sad, but there's beauty in it.

  • Anushka Sood - 2 days ago

    RIP sweet heart..

  • Alien FromSpace - 2 days ago

    This is so sad 😞 I love that they tried so hard though

  • C.Cooper - 3 days ago

    Typical Rusky story with an all too often unhappy ending. May poor tigress rest in peace.

  • Snoo Lee - 3 days ago

    Soullessly reading a script you know nothing about. Learn to pronounce Alexi.

  • Bridget Collette - 3 days ago

    She could have lost her mate and was heartbroken.

  • Nelson Casamalhuapa - 3 days ago

    R. I. P. poor baby : (

  • Josue Lopez - 3 days ago


  • Trollololo - 3 days ago

    I'm telling you the future of the world right now. within a hundred and fifty years there will be no more wild animals or sea life. they will all have gone extinct due to the fact that man drove them to the point of Extinction. just like mankind has with multiple other animals and sea life. within 200 years to 250 years will be no more domestic animals they too will have gone extinct no more cats no more dogs no more birds no animals. Just mankind...and. there's. Alot pointing to this..even the Bible says this..and Gues what where starting to see this

  • Elizabeth Torres - 3 days ago

    🐾Sorry they couldn't save you 🐯.

  • DR Paquette - 3 days ago

    Part of life we all learn at an early age. Death will come for us all. Its too bad they could not extend her life.

  • gematria79 - 3 days ago

    Tigers & all large mammals have been pushed to near extinction by human destruction of their privacy & habitats. We're poisoned so much of our planet. It's time human's became responsible caretakers of our world & made the necessary efforts to keep the natural balance & live in harmony with natures rather warring with her.

  • Bruce Wayne - 3 days ago


  • gabe carpenter - 3 days ago


  • Mikey Mcfarland - 3 days ago

    Poor Animal,we need to save them and All the endangered animals ❤️❤️❤️😢😢❤️