Elon Musk says Tesla's autopilot system will "never be perfect"

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Federal investigators forced Tesla out of a probe of a deadly crash in California last month involving the electric carmaker's autopilot system. The driver died after crashing into a highway barrier. "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King experiences the autopilot system in the Tesla Model 3 and asks CEO Elon Musk about the safety concerns surrounding the technology.

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  • K C - Channel Youtube
    K C - 2 hours ago

    Bill Gates is a genius!!!!

  • Ferenc Karap - Channel Youtube
    Ferenc Karap - 1 day ago

    i would have said: its never be perfect it will alaways learn

  • Lavender Ocean - Channel Youtube
    Lavender Ocean - 3 days ago

    AI is killing human one car accident at a time

  • Kenji Yagi - Channel Youtube
    Kenji Yagi - 3 days ago

    3:15 Did Elon get a discount on the car? Lady! The guy is worth nearly $20B. That's $20,000,000,000. You're asking him if he gets a discount on a $50-100k car? Let's just put it into perspective. That's like you having $200,000 in the bank and being asked if you get a discount on $1 soda.

  • Bob Quattrini - Channel Youtube
    Bob Quattrini - 3 days ago

    Get these dangerous vehicles off the street.....If that clown's gay vehicles hit me it would be his last day... GAY ELECTRIC JUNK...

  • Yunpeng Liu - Channel Youtube
    Yunpeng Liu - 5 days ago

    Pls define PERFECTION! Autopilot killing pedestrians should not even be a discussion of perfect!

  • Karl Schwingshackl - Channel Youtube
    Karl Schwingshackl - 1 week ago

    The Electric cars are very good for go away from the Oil , but not SELFDRIVING . maybe in 50.years ok.

  • Jeff Martin - Channel Youtube
    Jeff Martin - 1 week ago

    So what is the point of auto pilot if you have to keep your hands on the wheel. Such a waste of investment, driverless cars will never be safe.

  • Steven Ratti - Channel Youtube
    Steven Ratti - 1 week ago

    I'm still wondering when Tesla will come out with a Practical vehicle, like a mid-size SUV or a full-sized pickup...folks outside of the hives- ummm, the cities- tend to like bigger vehicles- they don't have to be Fast, but they need to be big and powerful.

  • DJ GaFFLe - Channel Youtube
    DJ GaFFLe - 1 week ago

    I would never ride in an auto-piloted car nor do I want to share the road with them. They should be outlawed and any politician allowing them on our roads should be VOTED OUT of OFFICE.

  • Patti Lacey - Channel Youtube
    Patti Lacey - 1 week ago

    Elon is a gentleman. Please be kind to him.

  • Tylor Hanssen - Channel Youtube
    Tylor Hanssen - 2 weeks ago


  • GalaxyTCB - Channel Youtube
    GalaxyTCB - 2 weeks ago

    You mean the millionaire CEO had to pay full price for his Tesla! I bet that really hit his wallet hard! 😂🙄

  • Karl Schwingshackl - Channel Youtube
    Karl Schwingshackl - 2 weeks ago

    Haw ever .I will never go into a Selfdriving car...

  • Miguel Guedes - Channel Youtube
    Miguel Guedes - 2 weeks ago

    What the heck is up with the wipers? It's funny how Elon seems to try to turn them off at 2:09 but they keep on wiping imaginary rain intermittently.

  • D MAN - Channel Youtube
    D MAN - 2 weeks ago

    Tesla is on the right track..

  • J J - Channel Youtube
    J J - 2 weeks ago

    She just wants his D

  • Chueh Dr. - Channel Youtube
    Chueh Dr. - 2 weeks ago

    real good interview

  • TepigplayzHD - Roblox & more! - Channel Youtube
    TepigplayzHD - Roblox & more! - 2 weeks ago

    At least he's being honest.... *Cough cough Other company brands with autopilot Cough Cough*

  • SunzOffski - Channel Youtube
    SunzOffski - 2 weeks ago

    Humans are not perfect and neither is our driving but I think autopilot will improve comes people driving yet it will make other people lazy when it comes to driving. You can't create something that works for everybody.

  • Squeeze Me - Channel Youtube
    Squeeze Me - 2 weeks ago

    So Elon? My wife's jeep has also got a glass roof but it actually slides open and has a normal material that opens and closes as well. Whay are you so fascinated with your roof? Lol

  • Stiff Buttons - Channel Youtube
    Stiff Buttons - 2 weeks ago

    and yes you really do get a discount there wrong my cousins husband works for spacex CBS get it right

  • WinSome LoseSome - Channel Youtube
    WinSome LoseSome - 3 weeks ago

    But how many accident will happen because of the auto pilot as people pay lass attention and rely to heavily on it?

  • Dennis Wargin - Channel Youtube
    Dennis Wargin - 3 weeks ago

    "Tesla says" "Tesla said". Cute! Corporations have a personality of their own. Tesla is dead. No one cared then. Now he's revived as a company name! So weird!

  • Luân Hồ - Channel Youtube
    Luân Hồ - 3 weeks ago

    I hope everyone can be owned electric car as soon as posible

  • HACKED BY ZETRON Yee - Channel Youtube
    HACKED BY ZETRON Yee - 3 weeks ago

    Having a ride with Elon Musk be amazing!

  • Apollo Devine - Channel Youtube
    Apollo Devine - 3 weeks ago

    These tonic and ignorant (paid by the Petro car advertisement) media people must be really hated by Elon.

  • azschalter - Channel Youtube
    azschalter - 3 weeks ago

    Problem starts with the term “autopilot” which people understand wrong. They think that autopilots in airplanes do steer fully autonomous from airport to airport, which is wrong. All they do is maintain speed, height and course. Don’t expect more from your Tesla. Especially since it is not even Level 3 certified.

  • Jesse - Channel Youtube
    Jesse - 3 weeks ago

    Cars like this only make us lazier and lazier leaving us with a catered society

  • Jesse - Channel Youtube
    Jesse - 3 weeks ago

    I personally will never buy a fully autonomous vehicle. (Not because I’m old and can’t accept technology- I’m 15). But who would want a car to drive completely for you. I’m okay with driver assisted cars, but if fully autonomous vehicles became the only legal option I would cry