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Published on Mar 25, 2018

It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that I often get asked about the reality of the popular doctor tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy, House, ER, Good Doctor, Scrubs, etc. In this video, I tackle the most perpetuated tv medical drama myths about working as a doctor in a hospital. It's pretty funny because technically I am a TV doctor because I work in news but I hope to you it's clear I am referring to fictional tv doctors!

If you watch until the end you’ll know that I have never watched a full Grey’s Anatomy episode and if you guys get this video to 10k likes, I will watch a full episode and record my reactions as a stand-alone YT video! I'll call it Real Doctor Watches Grey's Anatomy! Now go smash those like and share buttons!!! Also, don’t forget that I will be doing a monthly video reading the comments you leave so go ahead, jump into the comments section. Love you all!

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  • RKekt - 5 minutes ago

    Hey Mike, How difficult is it to become a doctor. What is the hardest part from medical school to rotations to residency. Also, what should your academic grades be in high school/college. I am very passionate about the medical field but just want to make sure it is definitely the right choice for me. Thanks!

  • Maria Armstrong - 10 minutes ago

    +Dr.Mike - How does surgery scheduling work? Who picks the surgical staff that works with you during surgery?

  • RamenBee - 1 hour ago

    I must say this doctor is pretty genuine.

  • Grace Farnsworth - 1 hour ago

    Watch and react to an episode of night shift please!!

  • Emmanuelle TSHIANI - 4 hours ago

    We need more doctors like doctor Mike! 👨🏾‍⚕️ 🧡❤️💕

  • PAM ELA - 4 hours ago

    i want him to be my doctor😍😍😍

  • Tutu yoda - 5 hours ago

    Dr Mike, real doctors dont make TV appearances like YOU DO in these videos. They focus on their medical practice, and times treating patients.

  • JACE Wilkinson - 5 hours ago

    What about the TV show Chicago Med? I've always been curious how accurate that show is. Could you do a real doctors vs tv doctors on that show too?

  • Helena Vieira - 5 hours ago

    Please do a video about CODE BLACK. Thank you from Portugal!!

  • stace face - 5 hours ago

    What are your thoughts on Scrubs?

  • Eda Shaban - 5 hours ago

    Doctor, gentelman and attractive? Im in love

  • _ slexipedia _ - 6 hours ago

    Didn't know Mcdreamy really existed 😍😱😂

  • santosh sahoo - 6 hours ago

    Do one on House M.D show

  • FallenIntoSpace - 6 hours ago

    Could you watch Chicago Med?

  • Katalina Rodriguez - 8 hours ago

    sWeET dAAaaaAaaAaAAAddddYYY

  • breezethunder - 8 hours ago

    Watch Scrubs!

  • claudia privitelli - 9 hours ago

    hah so true, i had my appendix out a bit ago, and i only saw my doctor once as i was going under in the theatre, otherwise i developed a relationship with my nurse and even the anesthesiologist

  • Ryan Adriel Ironwill - 10 hours ago

    Hi, my name is Axell from the "Land Below the Wind", I do have a question but I think maybe some of you previous followers already ask about it but I still wanted to ask. Do you ever encounter a case (s) which you have to make a hard decision on who do you have to save either the mother or her child or any case of sort and why do you make that decision? Thanks

  • IshiRoska Vlogs - 10 hours ago

    I have always hoped to be a doctor to make money to buy a Visa and to take care of my grandma in Australia, thankyou very much for telling me this.

  • KC Parrenas - 11 hours ago

    I really appreciate the praise you give to nurses!!! Im a future nurse and its great to hear this because its true that nurses and other staff are the ones who are advocating for their pts and know them the best!

  • Sam Sanderson - 11 hours ago

    Nurse Jackie is a good show lmfaooooo

  • Sandie Bananie - 11 hours ago

    He’s awesome. It’s funny cause what he said about nurses is true, they are the backbone of the industry. My husband was at the hospital for a tricuspid valve repair and I basically lived at the hospital with him and as an observer I did realize that 90% of the time, it was all nurses, they came in at all hours of the day and night to check his vitals, check his breathing, staying on top of the monitoring of his heart rate cause it was a bit high, giving him his antibiotics, the doctors would only come in once a day and that was to update us on anything going on or if we had questions, the nurses do everything. I’m a really huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, they’re great shows and probably the most accurate but I did see the difference between reality and TV, there’s a big difference. I love what you do Dr.Mike, this is my first time watching and I’m a fan already. 👨🏻‍⚕️🔥💉

  • Atztec1 - 11 hours ago

    So basicly beeing a Doctor or rather becoming one, screw's you and your lifeplan for the next couple of Dozen Years ? I see why it's a demanded job and no one wants to deal with that kind of thing.

  • Benjamin Patrick - 12 hours ago

    New subscriber just cuz of this vid

  • The Über Driver - 12 hours ago

    I see a lot of nurses complaining about not getting recognized, But respiratory therapists are the red headed step children of hospitals e’erywhere.

  • Keiji Sakuma - 13 hours ago

    R U a little too hot to be a doctor? I mean I can see that ripped body under that shirt.

  • K universe - 13 hours ago

    Hi Mike, I very accidentaly found your page, but I am happy I did it. I am vet my self, and lot of time we deal with the same problems as you. And it is so nice to hear that someone is explaining how it works to the peaople. Thank you.

  • Sarah Jeanne - 14 hours ago

    that shirt can't be confortable...

  • Korrz - 15 hours ago

    Your shirt is too tight

  • James Daughtery Jr. - 15 hours ago

    As an RN, I appreciate that Dr. Mike. I already subscribed from a different video, but you earned it here again. ☺ 👍