TThree players ejected after benches clear

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Published on May 25, 2014

5/25/14: Yunel Escobar, Sean Rodriguez and Jonny Gomes are ejected when benches clear after Escobar steals third base with a five-run lead

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  • Alex May - 1 week ago

    I blame Angel Hernandez...worst umpire in the game. His presence alone puts tension in the air.

  • J.M.V.C - 2 weeks ago

    Bunch of punk kids who forgot to grow up out of hischool ... Like how hard can your life be you rich jerks ... Get some class

  • Jay Smith - 3 weeks ago

    Jonny Gomes has been a part of 2 Red Sox - Rays brawls with him being on both teams each time and being a big part of the brawl on both instances as well lol

  • Noble P - 1 month ago

    Papi lol

  • Duda Luda - 1 month ago

    Two words: ROID RAGE

  • Dadiana Ventura - 2 months ago

    último capítulo de señora acero la coyote

  • Steak Williams - 2 months ago

    I think we can all agree Gomes was a lil bitch in this sitch. Also, this unwritten rule of no stealing bases when you're up 5 runs after the 5th inning is BS. These guys are pros (well, Tampa...uhhh). They got in the lead by playing their hardest. They're supposed to just go lax on them after "5 and 5"? Why only base stealing? Why is no one shunned for hitting home runs? Are you also not supposed to run hard for extra bases? What about tagging up? Ooooh, especially tagging up on third for a sac fly!!!! I've heard the reasoning is to not punish an already struggling pitcher. Well the guy is a professional athlete playing at the highest level, so play hard. Secondly with the way pitchers are used today they're taken out by this point (I didn't notice who was pitching but I doubt it was the starter/whoever got them into the mess in the first place). I just can't believe professional athletes get upset about the opposition playing hard, especially the 5 and 5 rule. If I'm not mistaken, the Angels overcame a 5 run lead in the 8th and 9th of game 6 of the 2002 WS. So, yeah. Get over it

  • LittleBoi4Trump - 2 months ago

    The trip is such a shithole, but it's my shithole

  • Mike Adsetts - 3 months ago

    Some role models. But then you elected Trump so proves the point. These are highly paid individuals who should grow the fuck up.

  • Lee Lo - 4 months ago

    Man, do I miss this Rays team. They had talent, chemistry, and fire. Great personalities. It was fun to root for this group of guys.

  • Bradley Galli - 7 months ago

    It's also the 7th inning here. Five runs is comfy but not a blowout. The Sox have to keep playing here.

  • Fan of TheBrand333 TAMOLA - 7 months ago

    Oviedo is a coward you can tell he would hurt an innocent player for no reason

  • zippity dandy - 8 months ago

    5 run lead with 3 innings to go. idc what year it is that lead isn't safe. Way to go Escobar!!! #Fbostonsports

  • Armin B - 8 months ago

    Ross is a fkin clown, would love to fight him

  • Jw Slijm - 8 months ago


  • Enrique Y Leidy Ross - 8 months ago

    escobar es algo chismoso¡

  • Slap Johnson - 8 months ago

    Sean Rodriguez involved??? Such a surprise!!!!

  • Edge WindFire - 9 months ago

    Damn Gomes looks like Kevin pillar

  • Ozark Le - 9 months ago

    How many times have these teams fought?

  • turd ferguson - 9 months ago

    Bitch ass Ross is basically saying we cannot overcome.e a five run lead. Now your just bullying us by stealing bases. I'm taking my participation trophy and going to my safe place.

  • ILIKECHOCOLATEPIEmmm - 9 months ago

    Jose Molina was one of the most liked players in baseball and a cool head, to see him getting in the middle of that pile and trying to get to someone means who ever that person was, they must of said something or done something pretty bad

  • Clayton C. - 9 months ago

    To be fair, every team in the league are guilty of enforcing the "unwritten rules"...everyone has a Brian McCann: the kind of guys that are butthurt over a stolen base in a 5-run game...

  • Velorum - 10 months ago

    Where did Sean Rodriguez get ejected here? Actually, you know what, when did Sean Rodriguez not get ejected? Greg Gibson would have dealt with this better.

  • Avoidance Technologies - 10 months ago

    Ya'll need to run that coke out before that!

  • Jake Hamrick - 11 months ago

    Why did Sean Rodriguez get tossed???

  • David Broughall - 11 months ago

    I guess at 8-3 in the 7th inning, the Red Sox decided to quit playing. I guess they figured they had no chance of coming back.

  • Ishmael Darjean - 11 months ago

    Dumbest baseball fight ever!!!

  • Beast Dinger - 11 months ago

    I went to this game and I was younger so I had no clue what happened

  • ShaffeDog Music - 11 months ago

    Oh the red Sox got triggered anyone could beat there asses I mean look at Ortiz 's fat ass man he couldn't hit a fly also FUCK THE BOSTON FANBASE!

  • Joeys Bestfriend - 12 months ago

    Damn Molina needed to go on a DIET. That is one big hombre