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Published on Dec 04, 2017

This is a summary of everything future discussed at the Singularity University summit 2017, Ted talks with Elon Musk 2017, World Government Summit 2017 and Peter Diamandis views on HOW ABUNDANCE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD as we know it.


(Singularity university summit - Peter Diamandis)
The demonetization of living
Maslows pyramid of needs are trending towards 0-cost
Abundance and nanotechnology (nanobots)
Raw material cost + energy cost + Information = COST 3:47
In the back of abundance 4:00
Most people will have devices for free so that you can buy stuff from them and they can collect data 7:00
Data is the new gold 7:30
Free content 1b hours of free content pr day.
8000X more energy hitting the surface of the planet than we consume, and the poorest have the most sun 8:00
solar roads 9:30
2.9 cents pr kWh
Giga factory in Reno 10:00
cars from 1904 to 1917 100% switch 11:00
by 2025 car ownership will be dead: 12:20
autonomy will demonetize housing 13:20
house being 3d printed 14:26
literacy to basic reading writing in 18 months 16:03
demonetization of healthcare, deep learning protocols 17:00
Watson diagnosed rare leukaemia 18:00
Cost of genome sequencing Morse law 19:05
Sequenced when born, stop what you will get sick from before people get sick
Surgery 20:00
Rapidly demonetizing trends everywhere 21:30
Not scared of AI terminator 23:00
Job loss 24:00
Demonetize the cost of living, (education, entertainment, food etc)
Psychological impact to losing job 24:30
AI software shells 27:30 within ten years
UBI Universal Basic Income
(Elon Musk Building)
10fold improvement in cost of digging pr. Mile
no sound
The boring company
Autonomy brings more cars on the roads
Every big car company has announced electric cars within 10 years 12:00
By the end of 2017 self-driving coast to coast 15:00
Free self-driving cars 19:30
Self-driving trucks tesla semi out torc any diesel semi uphill 20:30
Solar panels 22:00
Most houses have enough roof area to power all the needs of the house 25:30
Giga factory 100 27:00
100 gWh pr week
1 build announcing another 5 this year 29:00
reusability rocket 33:00
(Elon Musk World Government Summit 2017)
Multi planetary species is life insurance for life collectively 2:30
Ten years from now full autonomy cars will only be build 8:30
Elon building tunnel under Washington 14:20
3d building, 2d road network 16:00
12-15% driving as a job 18:20
over 2B vehicles in the world 19:00
100M total new vehicle production cap 19:00
life of car 20-25 years 19:00
Prepare government for the future 20:00
AR regulation
Transport 21:00 electric over 30-40 years
Demand for electricity will increase rapidly. Total energy usage = 1/3 electricity 1/3 transport 1/3 heating over time that will predominantly be all electricity 21:30
Universal basic income, no choice 22:50
Fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better
The output of goods and services will be extremely high with automation, so they will come abundance and come really cheap.
The harder challenge is, how do people then have meaning?
To some degree we are already a cyborg 25:21
Reusable rockets, cost to fly close to plane 29:00

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  • Phil W - 3 months ago

    I personally don't think people will abandon the concept of ownership, but I do think we will become a post scarcity society where everyone has all they need. Many science fiction books try to cover this topic, my favorite is Iain M Banks Culture series which is where Spacex got it's drone ship names (of course I still love you and just read the instructions) as well as his concept for the Neural Link brain-computer interface device the neurallace. I think the most important core principal to build into any machine is the concept of individual liberty. Once everyone has enough and has access to technology that takes care of every need or want, you want to build a society which allows people to do as they wish so long as it doesn't interfere adversely with any other sentient entity be it machine, human, cyborg or anything else with a consciousness. That will probably be an ideal future, a post scarcity anarchist collection of people and machines.

  • Daëmon - 2 hours ago

    All those arab faces with their prom dress on xD Oil ?

  • Haku - 7 hours ago

    the last point raised was non-sense though: "how are we gonna find meaning without jobs?" LOL DUDE MOST PEOPLE HATE THEIR JOB IT'S LIKE MODERN SLAVERY HELLO?! ..btw i recommend checking out The Zeitgeist Movement on the topic of the change of economic system and society

  • Human on Earth - 10 hours ago

    Can't the autonomous car be hacked and used to kill . All the hacker needs to do after hacking the car is to play gta.

  • Tau - 13 hours ago

    The Star Trek Economy.

  • Mralabbad - 13 hours ago


  • mac42k - 14 hours ago

    I call BS big time; another Marxist delusion... World Government Summit, globalist much? The only goal is to control every aspect of your life thru health availability, social interaction, transportation, and consumption

  • Uta Kata - 20 hours ago

    New meaning will come out when we have all those abundance, for example designing spacecrafts for space travel, colonizing our solar system, we’ll need colonizers, as we discover more anomalies from space travel we’ll need more physicists and scientists to explain the anomalies, maybe we’ll meet aliens on another planet, maybe we’ll accidentally run into a galactic war between two alien species. Who knows. But meaning will always exist

  • Brent Anderson - 1 day ago

    One problem the rich will resist this

  • Brent Anderson - 1 day ago

    Great vid , brilliant

  • Confucius withthought - 1 day ago

    Im interested to see what humans will spend their time on once theyre absolved of work responsibilities. This sounds like the creation of a new capitalism and so the death of the old kind. What great or terrible things will humans do with all that spare time?

  • ksamarth0 - 1 day ago

    We probably need a system where people are compensated on the basis of the effort that they put in for the betterment of humanity.

  • Tiago Banguelo - 1 day ago

    Thanks for summ all this for us!

  • Johnny Utah - 1 day ago

    Just a bunch of lying philanthropists.. Nothing will ever be free and they will probably find a way to charge us the air that we breathe.

  • Michael Alford - 2 days ago

    Have you not seen the way that people, in general, maintain their vehicles. Do you really believe that it is a good Idea to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road that are maintained in a poor manner that people now maintain their vehicles? I think that the first thing that needs to be addressed is that lifespan of an autonomous vehicle. At which point do you say to the 2nd or 3rd owner of an autonomous vehicle that the car is just too old or poorly maintained to be allowed to drive around. I mean you're going to have to say, look, Fred, your car has hit 5 people in that last six months its time to scrap it. The problem of recycling the batteries needs to be discussed as well. The Oceans simply can't survive people tossing out millions of used Lithium Ion batteries in the same way they have discarded plastic over the past few decades, for God's sake the Ocean is basically plastic soup now. If the general population uses the same poor judgment that they have shown with plastic in the disposal of the million{trillions} of batteries the Oceans simply won't survive it and we will have dead Lithium plastic soup. The only place you will find a fish is in a fish farm. Quite frankly I think the greater problem that needs to be solved is the overuse of polysaccharides in the mass production of food.The greatest tragedy of our time is the obesity epidemic that has swept the nation with the advent of High fructose corn syrup and the so-called non-sugars like dextrose, maltose, dextrin, saccharin, sucralose, just to name a few of the polysaccharides that are responsible for the obesity epidemic. But I digress, so I will simply leave you with this, Stop eating sugar, Read a book a week, and for God's sake stop taking so many selfies.

  • Mega McBadass - 2 days ago

    I will never park my Trucks. Yall take your electric cars... ill keep my Gas and my Diesel... thanks

  • OMIM - 2 days ago

    WHAT AN AMAZING VIDEO! Thank you so much for it! 💓

  • Pratik Thakare - 3 days ago

    thanks man! loved the way u stitched the clips together. subscribed!

  • haoru chen - 3 days ago

    really look forward to the new possession, no borders?

  • Paul Meyer - 3 days ago

    Our resources are not unlimited so we need to do a stock take before we hit the fantasy road.

  • yfva123 - 3 days ago

    Unless there is a ww3 and put the world back to the dark ages

  • Martin Menge - 4 days ago

    So the proposition is that capitalism, not socialism, will lead to communism... Caveats a plenty.

  • COLD SHOT - 4 days ago

    So what are the types of jobs for human in future is waiting???

  • david wyn-jones - 4 days ago

    the future is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,obesity

  • david wyn-jones - 4 days ago

    the world has abundant food now,,,,,,but many go hungry,this is a consequence of one thing,,,,,GREED

  • Nailsinmytummy - 4 days ago

    It's scary how people never bring up the massive enviromental costs of electric cars.

  • William Wallace - 4 days ago

    Many people can not afford to buy an apartment and almost no rental apartments are built and forced to live at home with their parents. The most important thing for a human is roof over the head and food on the table and a lot of people today have trouble coping economically even though we have machines and robots and computers to help. So Elon Musk the Billioner tell me where is this wonderful future that you and many other billioners talk about? unfortunately I do not believe in a better future because I notice how it becomes increasingly difficult to manage financially. it´s cheap to talk BS

  • Harold Clapsaddle - 4 days ago

    Where will the people get the money to buy things if they don't have a job. I know for a fact poetry writing doesn't pay my bills. So being creative isn't going to be the answer to obtaining wealth. :-))

  • Scott Scanlon - 4 days ago

    I agree with everything in this video. It is only a matter of time before machines are doing every job. We will either need to get rid of money or have a basic income.

  • Parsell Art - 5 days ago

    I like your presentation on this topic