TVictoria Beckham Can't Keep Royal Wedding Secrets

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

James welcomes Victoria Beckham and Shaquille O'Neal to the show and the two recall the time Shaq found David Beckham's wallet on the street before James quickly turns the conversation to Prince Harry and Meghan's upcoming wedding. And Shaq tells the story of how he was once detained in London.

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  • G S - 40 minutes ago

    Shaq is like me with my GF and her gay friends... #tryingtonotgetbored

  • Randy Hendrix - 1 hour ago

    Worst. Show. Ever.

  • Rohit Burra - 1 hour ago

    I like after shaq's question , Beckham and cordon just looked at each other stunned whether to laugh or answer

  • FriendlyRambler - 2 hours ago

    First time I've ever seen her smile. :)

  • Audrey Paulus - 3 hours ago

    God I love Shaq

  • H OC - 3 hours ago

    david beckham might be one of the few people in the world whose more famous than shaq.

  • johnny flappie - 3 hours ago

    If Shaq wasnt as pro basketball player he would def be a comedian. He is funny as fuck. Not just in this vid but always,

  • mb - 4 hours ago

    shaq is so damn naturally hilarious. give him a show!

  • JanderVK - 6 hours ago

    Shaq going for the royal GILF lol

  • The Relaxing Voice - 7 hours ago

    Yo, when he said Queen Victoria, I thought he was right until James corrected him.

  • RYAN J Tan - 7 hours ago

    she does smile people I'm a such a fan of VB! Shaq for KING!!!

  • Old Gregg - 7 hours ago

    Shaq's dick is probably fatter then Victoria Beckham 😂

  • Maritess Desiderio - 7 hours ago

    Shaq's ring is the size of my fist!

  • Jamie Slevin - 8 hours ago

    What a weird fucking couch 😂

  • Rahiq Rafeeq - 8 hours ago

    Never seen Victoria Beckham so happy and giggling throughout the show. She looked extra cute here

  • YO YO - 8 hours ago

    So glad that skinny bint Left the uk. America has her now.

  • Kifah Ben Abderrahman - 8 hours ago

    You know he been fucking victoria beckham in his mind when he said queen victoria LMFAO

  • duchez brew - 11 hours ago

    hahaha he''s very honest

  • Tommm Khamis - 11 hours ago

    This guy this funny has show is funny

  • bea the fangurl - 12 hours ago

    Shaq 😂

  • Thisis Mename - 16 hours ago

    Shaquille O'Neal is the MAN I've always wanted to marry

  • yxzzu toojk - 17 hours ago

    i cant understand what this big guy is saying

  • McMuffinFluffin - 18 hours ago

    Damn shaq is big haha james aint no slouch but when they stood up i was like damn he looks like a midget.

  • Mr - 19 hours ago

    Shaq is funnier than Corden. Corden is as boring as Fallon

  • Roman Alexander - 19 hours ago

    the entire interview i just kept thinking man oh man if shaq plowed that victoria chick she would just straight up die

  • Lightner445555555555 - 19 hours ago

    Why was VB always the least famous Spice Girls?

  • bretzie skyma - 19 hours ago

    Queen Victoria 😂😂😂

  • April Q. - 20 hours ago

    Shaq is utterly delightful 😂

  • Luluk Riwiyantoro - 20 hours ago

    So no matter how hillarious the thing is, Victoria will not laugh out loud?? Ah so classy

  • Klark Kent - 21 hours ago

    Shaqs hands are literally as big as her head