TAubrey Plaza Has Flamenco Dancing In Her Blood

Published on Apr 14, 2018

'Legion' star Aubrey Plaza comes from a family with a history in flamenco dancing.

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  • Alexander Gould - 2 hours ago

    They're chanting Stephen at 8:37, like they're fucking frat guys and he just conquered her or something. Then its sort of brushed off, but you can tell she wasn't happy about it.

  • Lawrence C - 2 hours ago

    for some reason I enjoy her weirdness

  • Saeful Akbar - 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or aubrey is getting thicker 😍

  • Constancio Tumbra - 3 hours ago

    this girl must be WILD!!!

  • Sreekanth KT - 4 hours ago

    I love her laugh

  • specie44 - 5 hours ago

    Those eyes have seen a lot of love...god damn she wants the D...she may b the sexiest honey alive

  • EMB 2017 - 6 hours ago

    I'm honestly in love with this girl

  • Jonathan Ross - 7 hours ago

    Aubrey is right...The comic book character, Legion, was named from that bible story.

  • The Master Grief Collection - 8 hours ago

    She seems like the kind of person who creeps you out but interests you more than anything lol.

  • Kylie Godi - 8 hours ago

    My boyfriend just said I am exactly like Aubrey plaza in this interview and I thought I was looking in the mirror

  • Jennifer stanley - 8 hours ago

    Isn't it... he is the X-Men leigon?

  • Ernest B - 8 hours ago

    I love her!

  • Kelly Robinson - 9 hours ago

    One of my favorite movies is "Safety Not Guaranteed". She is so good in this movie.

  • Vitamin D - 9 hours ago

    I've enjoyed your work on Parks & Rec., and so cool to see some of the real you! <3

  • Psychopath Gains - 9 hours ago

    fucking far left. . as bad as all the right. Disgusting peasants

  • Rey Tang - 10 hours ago

    April, get back to work.

  • Michael Fenwick - 10 hours ago

    Sounds like every single acting class I've ever been to.

  • Critical Rapido - 11 hours ago

    One day i ll fuck her .... she is so hot

  • Valhalla - 12 hours ago

    Watch her with Letterman or Conan. That's what I call chemistry.

  • Conan Seibel - 12 hours ago

    So delightfully weird and beautiful!

  • Harry Dyckenhaand - 13 hours ago

    oh my 😉 !!

  • Expanding Darkness - 13 hours ago

    Lmao, stephen doing the boner walk

  • Zg Programeri - 13 hours ago

    Parks and recreation!!!!!!!!! W0ohoooooooooooo

  • DanDan Games - 13 hours ago

    She look like she smells

  • hisvorpalsword - 14 hours ago

    7:57 you're welcome

  • TheRegret - 14 hours ago

    Aubrey is the greatest, somehow she can turn her anxiety into something to laugh about and that is truly inspiring. Kristen Stewart should take note cause her anxiety is just awkward.

  • Teebs - 14 hours ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling she could very easily had taken the pornstar path. Oh well.

  • PandaFurr - 14 hours ago

    8:58 oh my gosh her face hahahaha

  • Patrick Moreira - 16 hours ago

    8:12 Stephen lol full of surprises

  • ABBAOPAXO - 16 hours ago

    I want to ride that lady