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Published on Apr 16, 2018

Enjoy these cool optical illusions and trivia that you will be able to crack only if you have a bright mind! Your mind will definitely appreciate this light brain workout:

00:14 - The most famous trivia for kids and adults
01:58 - Mind breaking optical illusions
02:53 - Cool riddles to test your vision
04:40 - Important and useful trivia question to know the answer to!
06:59 - How many faces do you see? Cool optical illusions. I left the last tricky picture riddle here for you to crack it.
09:45 - What am I riddles. Fun quiz to test how dirty your mind is!
10:22 - Tricky riddles to test the speed of your brain.
11:56 - Personality test

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these optical illusions and trivia you liked the most and the least. Thank you!

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  • Gunnu Gunti - 6 hours ago

    Where is the cat going upstairs?! 12:34

  • Lilyanna Nickel - 7 hours ago

    How deep is the comment section

  • The Entity909 - 19 hours ago

    I found all the deer

  • shadow haven911 - 21 hours ago

    The cat is going down

  • Princess Rhianne Hicaro - 1 day ago

    That is all true...that is my personality climbing going down?? As I thought

  • Lukeorstarwars Boy - 1 day ago

    I found All the deer! Seriously!

  • Madisyn Parker - 1 day ago

    I can’t figure out the cat one

  • ProPepper - 1 day ago

    The deer one easy it's just far back on the first one but all are easy

  • Ken Carter - 1 day ago

    Woah woah woah 14:17 I feel like if I hadn’t seen the skull first I would feel affended

  • Yesenia Lopez - 1 day ago

    12:33 you welcome

  • KSA05 YT - 1 day ago

    The first music sounds like Minecraft music

  • Mohitosh Singha Thakur - 2 days ago

    The title does not matchs with the video

  • Sam Ahadi - 2 days ago

    WTF I don't understand the blood thing

  • Satheesh Kumar - 2 days ago

    Where is the deer yeah ?

  • zakeera shaik - 2 days ago

    How to see a youmg woman @13:13?

  • YouTube Masters - 2 days ago

    The cat is going down and sub and like to gmoney56

  • 4 All Together - 2 days ago

    THE OCEAN IS THAT DEEP!?!?!?!?!? 3:35 that deer is creepy... I LOVE CREEPY

  • Eduardo Lugo - 2 days ago

    The thumbnail it looks straight

  • Varia Amical - 2 days ago

    8:34 its a cow

  • Thomas Van Calster - 3 days ago

    Wtf how deep is the ocean (i think 1000000m)

  • Дијана Златевска - 3 days ago

    4:04 ther is nothing okay dont be like where is the deer the r is no deer like hello

  • thatcher6siege junior - 3 days ago

    I find the deer it was really easy to find it is down running or walking I don't know but I found it

  • Robert Laszlo - 3 days ago

    The one with the blod made No sense. so i gues fuck logic?

  • Rishika Nomula - 3 days ago

    I can't see the deer 😯😯

  • Erica Poku - 3 days ago

    The deer part is confusing

  • Angelina Galaxy Gameplays! - 3 days ago

    The ocean of how ddep it is is NEVER ENDING LOL Columns Can u find the deer 1 No Can u find the deer 2 no Can u find the deer 3 yes Can u find the deer 4 no Can u find the deer 5 NO Can u find the dder 6 no OBVIOUSLIY the cat is going downn

  • Savage PinkYT - 3 days ago

    2 in the tree Can you. Find the deer I found it it look like a branch

  • Light Darkness - 3 days ago

    9:20 Ain't no denying it. I know every person here was thinking dirty. And if you weren't, tell me what you thought it was. Buti already know what ypu thought it was

  • REMY Deniola - 3 days ago

    1:38 Who's James Cameron?

  • Exis Reales - 3 days ago

    Annnnd a youuuuung wooooooomaaaaaaaaaaaaaan