Diane Sawyer Interviewed Trump In 1999

Published on Apr 13, 2018

Ahead of her upcoming report on 'My Reality: A Hidden America,' Diane Sawyer tells Stephen what it was like interviewing a pre-presidential Donald Trump way back in 1999.

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  • Fernando Gonzalez - Channel Youtube
    Fernando Gonzalez - 4 weeks ago

    I wonder what she was going to say at 3:49 right before Colbert brought out the picture and cut her off. It was something about Colbert's view on impeachment.

  • TheRedWineGal - Channel Youtube
    TheRedWineGal - 1 month ago

    The older she gets, the more BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!

  • boobtuber06 - Channel Youtube
    boobtuber06 - 1 month ago

    What she doesn't admit is her and her ilk foment this division with wholly intellectual dishonest behavior

  • Simon Wilson - Channel Youtube
    Simon Wilson - 1 month ago

    Dianne, why did you not report about this then? Really late to the game.

  • Priscilla Jimenez - Channel Youtube
    Priscilla Jimenez - 1 month ago

    I've never seen Stephen so blown away 8:50. It's endearing ♡

  • rachele anna forster - Channel Youtube
    rachele anna forster - 1 month ago

    Diane Sawyer is the real deal in terms of intelligence, beauty and professionalism.

  • Very Berry - Channel Youtube
    Very Berry - 1 month ago

    I can listen to Diane Sawyer for hours. Still so classy, and beautiful.

  • Krystal Bowen - Channel Youtube
    Krystal Bowen - 1 month ago

    One of my personal heroes so poise....

  • Karen Kirkpatrick - Channel Youtube
    Karen Kirkpatrick - 1 month ago

    Wise words from a wise and still beautiful woman and the best in her field. So classy and professional.

  • Who B'stank - Channel Youtube
    Who B'stank - 1 month ago

    "Fondly at this point" Fucking slayed me

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger - Channel Youtube
    Strange Wayfaring Stranger - 1 month ago

    She seems like one of the few good reporters left and not mired in scandal. She has a good heart it seems.

  • Liam Stancombe - Channel Youtube
    Liam Stancombe - 1 month ago

    Could you imagine if trump was in charge for 9/11 he would have destroyed the middle east from his toilet scary to think

  • Alex .Wallace - Channel Youtube
    Alex .Wallace - 1 month ago

    Sadly, controlling sexual assault and other crimes comes down to a community by community bases. There is only some much the country or talking voices can do. It is a crime by people, on people, with people.

  • Bryan McCormick - Channel Youtube
    Bryan McCormick - 1 month ago

    i wonder if the silence at 'being there ... at the worst of times' was just too awkward

  • Fabiola Valdez - Channel Youtube
    Fabiola Valdez - 1 month ago

    At 8:08 is that a cat?

  • Adri Rizo - Channel Youtube
    Adri Rizo - 1 month ago

    What a great piece of journalism! The women that are not in the spotlight!

  • megahappy2beme - Channel Youtube
    megahappy2beme - 1 month ago

    Why was tRump going on about a trade war with China back in 1999, was it after that trade agreement was passed then (overwhelmingly voted in favor of by the GOP unlike the majority of Dems , even if Bill signed it), because it wasn't a real public issue yet. Nixon was scouting future sweatshops when he made that historic trip to China, LOL.

  • megahappy2beme - Channel Youtube
    megahappy2beme - 1 month ago

    Just because one was a kid during Watergate doesn't mean they didn't pay attention, even if they didn't understand the legalities of it. I remember my parents watching the hearings, and when Nixon gave his resignation speech with his wife, daughters and son-in-law, David Eisenhower standing by him. I remember thinking (as a little kid , OK) how sad his daughters looked. I remember Tricky Dick flashing the peace sign when he boarded the helicopter to take him to Air Force one and back to San Clemente. It struck me as funny as a child that he did it, because he seemed to me kind of a stiff, formal older man , not cool, though I didn't know then that he was really giving the WW2 V for Victory sign, not a hippie peace sign , LOL. I remember watching the CBS evening news with my parents when they talked about Watergate or Vietnam- Walter Cronkite reminded me of my Grandfather- Even on my Mom's soap opera one woman talking about how her son was drafted and going over to Vietnam etc.. Kids listen, even if they don't totally understand what is going on . I will admit I was disappointed though that the Flintstones were preempted for the Watergate hearings !

  • KInky - Channel Youtube
    KInky - 1 month ago

    Diane Sawyer - if I didn't know her, I'd guess she was about 42.

  • Reg Niblet - Channel Youtube
    Reg Niblet - 1 month ago

    Diane gives me the boke.

  • Dan Scholz - Channel Youtube
    Dan Scholz - 1 month ago

    Donald Trump is the lefts orange swan that lays the golden egg.

  • Rogue Person - Channel Youtube
    Rogue Person - 1 month ago

    This seems to be a lot of non-information from her.

  • Leanne Blake - Channel Youtube
    Leanne Blake - 1 month ago

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  • rockblue01 - Channel Youtube
    rockblue01 - 1 month ago

    Damn she is awesome.

  • rjpsuh06 - Channel Youtube
    rjpsuh06 - 1 month ago

    Diane was at CBS News from 1978 to 1989. She used to be on 60 Minutes before heading to ABC News in 89 as one of the anchors of PrimeTime Live

  • SittingOnAPorch - Channel Youtube
    SittingOnAPorch - 1 month ago

    Yikes, yeah- I'll remember being at a truck stop and some guy hitting my car window, trying to pay me for sex for a long time. (That may have been when I started driving with knives and bats, too.)

  • nava - Channel Youtube
    nava - 1 month ago

    Her voice is so special

  • I Like Turtles - Channel Youtube
    I Like Turtles - 1 month ago

    She's such an intelligent and stunningly beautiful woman. She's looks a beautiful spring breeze

  • Lisa Dixon - Channel Youtube
    Lisa Dixon - 1 month ago

    “As a little kid I was watching the Watergate hearings.”... 😂 My dad watched the news in the late 80s/early 90s, as the Soviet Union was dissolving. I love that his sister explained the importance of the news. It connects us all to the broader world. What we do, how we live, how we respond- matters.

  • Austin Dawson - Channel Youtube
    Austin Dawson - 1 month ago

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