TFabulous Tiny House With Rooftop Deck

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Published on Mar 09, 2018

The "Tiny House of Zen" is completely off-grid and has all of the energy needed to keep things cool, even in the California desert during summer. Open the French doors and lookout at the landscape in front of you. Or better yet, chill on either the ground level or rooftop deck in this amazing tiny house. To boot, it's currently for sale! See the link below to get more details.

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  • sasa sassy - 7 hours ago

    who got dizzy at the stairs part 😂😂

  • Yorkie Terrier Family - 9 hours ago

    How can you be mobile with all the extra features.

  • Angel A - 12 hours ago

    Beautiful. Especially love the sea salt😘😘

  • Debbie Vidal - 17 hours ago


  • L Blount - 19 hours ago

    Nice!!!!! But i don't feel like emptying my own shit!!!!!

  • apples2apples - 1 day ago

    I can't with the composting toilet..nope.

  • Muhammad Haikal Mukhtar - 2 days ago

    Very nice view. And your tiny house inspires me. Thanx

  • Wadean Dean - 2 days ago

    that's really cozzy nice house.. how much you spend of this house? may i know

  • Julia Alvarez - 2 days ago

    love the video but cannot hear you

  • Earling Garrison - 3 days ago

    $100,000. The new world record....

  • Edwin Bonilla - 3 days ago

    Where in CA is this at? Did you have any problems with the city having the house there?

  • Rachelle Williams - 3 days ago

    This is quite lovely!

  • Christina Culberson - 3 days ago

    I won't to know how much is it

  • Anamarya Yordake - 3 days ago

    Perfect 👍👍👍

  • Young Cheong - 3 days ago

    lol!!! these hippies have lost the idea of tiny homes. huge fail of a home right there

  • Stephanie Price - 3 days ago

    Very beautiful home! The bed is a bit scary but could be easily solved by putting a panel by the side or a rail or sorts

  • KISS1975 - 3 days ago

    lost me at compost toilet

  • Joanne M - 4 days ago

    Looks beautiful!

  • Lindsay Call - 5 days ago

    Love it. One of my favorites. I especially love the sea salt wall.

  • Diane W.L. - 5 days ago

    Can this be made with a regular toilet? And how much would this be?

  • MiszTee09 - 5 days ago

    This house was on DIY Tiny Luxury

  • thefilthelement - 6 days ago

    As long as you're not required to pull the composting toilet bin like that

  • Rabbi Stealinshekels Goldshekels - 6 days ago

    Price is a huge ripoff

  • Film Lover - 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he sounds a bit like tom hanks

  • The Original EB - 6 days ago

    The house is definitely beautiful. And the rooftop deck is amazing! But, for $100k, I’m not emptying a bucket full of poop. I’d rather dig a latrine out back. Otherwise, it seems like there is a lot of wasted space, especially under the stairs. Each stair could have been a drawer.

  • geishasecrets - 6 days ago

    The garbage bag toilet turned me off. No thanks. Game changer.

  • ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV - 6 days ago

    Labour of Love and living there would just make me feel at Peace with the Creator. Nice job indeed.

  • DashboardJesus999 - 6 days ago

    A lot of work went into this, but it's not for me. No room around the bed, and if you rolled off the edge you could cripple yourself, no storage for clothes, finally there wasn't enough windows. That kitchen seems to boxed in..

  • akmalany prak - 6 days ago

    Nice house, needs a better cameraman video got me motion sick.

  • Ashley Bellerose - 6 days ago

    everyone loooves the compost toilets amd I decided I hate them just now.