TAmy Schumer On People Who 'Don't Do Carbs'

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Published on Apr 10, 2018

'I Feel Pretty' star Amy Schumer cringes when friends bring up their no-carb lifestyles.

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  • Austin Lavista - 10 minutes ago

    She's a fat skank and her tits belong in a morgue.

  • Kathryn Quinn - 13 minutes ago

    amy schumer is freaking trash leave my country pig

  • HighlightxMexUp xSD - 2 hours ago

    Omg. Amy Schumer is so funny. I love everything she does. 😎😎😎😎✔💞

  • Yon ce - 5 hours ago

    I hate when the presenter plays with the cards like he did

  • Ram S - 5 hours ago


  • Maram Yahya - 5 hours ago

    I love u amy😍😍

  • Amy Galvin - 7 hours ago

    Love them!

  • bridgettedenise - 9 hours ago

    Not that funny.

  • Tae Young Ahn - 9 hours ago

    Who's the lucky bloke?

  • Dan Thepoetman - 9 hours ago

    My god! this woman is so gross! I so wish she would go away!

  • James Flint - 11 hours ago

    God she is so full of herself

  • slivertoe - 11 hours ago

    The piano at 6:16 made me think I had a FB notification. Alas.

  • Enrique Rodriquez - 11 hours ago

    She is a cringe

  • Goobye USA - 11 hours ago

    Fuck off you old sow. Nobody likes you.

  • lengend1111 - 11 hours ago

    she has a tiny mouth

  • SophieSophs - 14 hours ago

    Loved this interview !! Amy is just naturally funny and must be a great person to hang out with

  • Daniel Tucker - 14 hours ago

    Who in the SCHUMER family is more embarrassing to their clan Amy of being related to Chuck Schumer or vice versa.

  • Colleen W - 16 hours ago


  • andy marty - 16 hours ago

    wasnt she supposed to move from USA when trump won^ when she moved to^^

  • Trainers Webmail - 16 hours ago

    I Love You, Amy Schummer <3<3

  • Hubert Marchand Pellerin - 17 hours ago

    Why do people think she's funny, i really dont get her ...

  • Sarai Zamora - 17 hours ago

    He asked her the dumbest questions. I loved her replies!!

  • fridaymorning - 18 hours ago

    she's actually so witty, what's with all the dislikes?

  • Lin Lin Gee88 - 18 hours ago

    That ending was so awkward

  • Rich rocken4uj - 19 hours ago

    Two of the biggest pieces of shit in Hollywood...New York..and all points in between.

  • John Startop - 21 hours ago

    Just because your guest demands all negative top comments removed doesn't mean you comply.

  • JkJQU - 23 hours ago

    She’s such a phony

  • Moji Adibpour - 23 hours ago

    This woman is NOT funny, she tries too hard but it does not work.

  • El Padrí - 23 hours ago

    Do I even need to say it?So empty.

  • Safirlady - 24 hours ago

    lol, love Amy's sense of humor. She feels exactly the same way I feel about people who don't engage in wine, pasta, et carbs, lol; complete blasphemy, lol. Nice interview,)!!