Steve Kerr's HILARIOUS Story About 1997 Finals Game-Winner For Michael Jordan's Bulls

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Published on Jun 15, 2017

Let's flash back to the Chicago Bulls' 97 championship parade, where Steve Kerr -- the head coach of the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors -- tells the story of how his clutch shot in Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals came about.

With time ticking down and the Bulls tied with Karl Malone and John Stockton's Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan found a wide-open Kerr, who calmly drilled a 17-footer to put Chicago ahead, en route to the Bulls' 5th NBA championship.

Kerr, known for his sense of humor, tells an amazing story of what happened in Phil Jackson's huddle with Michael Jordan before the game-winning shot.

What's your FAVORITE NBA Finals moment of all time?


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  • ALL KNOWING - Channel Youtube
    ALL KNOWING - 2 days ago

    0:15 The Jedi Mind Trick occurs #coldstare #youmusthitthewinningshot #orelse

  • ben1ben2ben1 - Channel Youtube
    ben1ben2ben1 - 4 days ago

    Kobe would have chucked up a brick

  • Jumanji Woe - Channel Youtube
    Jumanji Woe - 5 days ago

    What nba team today would double off of the best stand still shooter on the court? the utah jazz made so many metal mistakes in the 2 finals. They didn't have a decent perimeter player to make mj work or to bring it home at the end....that era lacked great perimeter was def a big man league

  • L.Pasteur - Channel Youtube
    L.Pasteur - 4 weeks ago

    Steve Kerr, so young, so many freckles.

  • don dada - Channel Youtube
    don dada - 1 month ago

    *SPLASH FATHER* , you gotta love steve kerr

  • Stanlen Faucher - Channel Youtube
    Stanlen Faucher - 1 month ago

    Steve Kerr should be a comedian

  • phillyslasher - Channel Youtube
    phillyslasher - 1 month ago

    This video highlights the importance of not only having a Star Player but having competent and experienced Role Players as well and how that turns a contending team into a Championship Team.

  • Ace Savy 01 - Channel Youtube
    Ace Savy 01 - 1 month ago

    Fuck Steve Kerr

  • Jay2 Tyler - Channel Youtube
    Jay2 Tyler - 1 month ago

    Hate this guy when he was playing with the bulls because he flops a lot. But now I love him as a coach for the warriors.

  • africano dos santos dos santos - Channel Youtube
    africano dos santos dos santos - 1 month ago

    Steve is looking like AND 1 Professor...

  • ƑƦЄЄ ƁԼЄƝƊЄƦ - Channel Youtube
    ƑƦЄЄ ƁԼЄƝƊЄƦ - 1 month ago


  • halfmanhalftree - Channel Youtube
    halfmanhalftree - 1 month ago

    jordan is a straight killer bro look how he told kerr to be ready then he just sat there calm shaking his head knowing he had it

  • SXI96 - Channel Youtube
    SXI96 - 1 month ago

    Steve's story about Toni Kukoc is also hilarious 😂

  • John Yang - Channel Youtube
    John Yang - 1 month ago

    Dang! There seemed to be nothing that could stand in their way from that championship. I am just simply jealous. I wish I have the ability to do something so good that no one can compete with me.

  • Tom Bleen - Channel Youtube
    Tom Bleen - 1 month ago

    Kerr is one of the best human beings. He's so funny

  • Ɗσραмєαη єѕcσвαя σтмιc - Channel Youtube
    Ɗσραмєαη єѕcσвαя σтмιc - 1 month ago

    Kerr is a good guy. Great dude. The Warriors are trash though. Great team lots of winning, but trash players. All of them. Except Javale McGee

  • dontaveous931 - Channel Youtube
    dontaveous931 - 1 month ago

    But MJ never deferred in clutch times lol

  • Matt Saunders - Channel Youtube
    Matt Saunders - 2 months ago

    What a legend

  • aydın türkmenoğlu - Channel Youtube
    aydın türkmenoğlu - 2 months ago

    Steve Kerr was a limited abilities , having a open mind kind of player that time now he uses his open mind as a coach and he rocks , I love him.

  • yow jusme - Channel Youtube
    yow jusme - 2 months ago

    🐐 hahahahahahhahahahahaha

  • LB Rudz - Channel Youtube
    LB Rudz - 2 months ago

    Jordan did this as an act of kindness.Two defenders on Jordan ain't nothing,Jordan could easily score.

  • Nathan Patterson - Channel Youtube
    Nathan Patterson - 2 months ago

    Classic example of MJ cheating to win

  • DTR89 - Channel Youtube
    DTR89 - 2 months ago

    Thumbnail looks like he's on The Price Is Right

  • George Topuriya - Channel Youtube
    George Topuriya - 3 months ago

    coooool ass

  • David Janelidze - Channel Youtube
    David Janelidze - 3 months ago

    Legendary stuff, strong sense of humor. This guy is a big reason of GSW unique team chemistry

  • Cthulhu - Channel Youtube
    Cthulhu - 3 months ago

    Steve Kerr is a cuck bitch.

  • voetbal12 - Channel Youtube
    voetbal12 - 3 months ago

    Skip: "If Kerr doesn't hit that shot to save Jordan's legacy...."

  • Jack J - Channel Youtube
    Jack J - 3 months ago

    Steve kerr > Marc Jackson. Not even close

  • Marc Gregory Medina - Channel Youtube
    Marc Gregory Medina - 4 months ago

    Shooters been bailing out superstars since the bygone era

  • Jon.o - Channel Youtube
    Jon.o - 4 months ago

    MJ only laughs at humor which directly or indirectly worships him.