The Jump's 15 most memorable dunks of all time | The Jump | ESPN

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Published on Dec 28, 2017

Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady celebrate The Jump's 15 most memorable dunks of all time.

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  • Wellness81 - Channel Youtube
    Wellness81 - 9 hours ago

    Kobe should have 3-4 of these spots easily... On Dwight On Sprewell On Christie On KG/Wolves

  • Ralph Thompson - Channel Youtube
    Ralph Thompson - 9 hours ago

    That was disrespectful Pip! Lol

  • Chris Wiggins - Channel Youtube
    Chris Wiggins - 1 day ago

    That boy Scottie was nasty... gotta go get me some up uptempos after that

  • Kurt Noble - Channel Youtube
    Kurt Noble - 2 days ago

    Where's Baron Davis' dunk over Kirlienko. This list is weak.

  • Brian Alvin - Channel Youtube
    Brian Alvin - 2 days ago

    The wackest Top anything I've seen thus far smh com'on #TheJump

  • Honfy Lam - Channel Youtube
    Honfy Lam - 3 days ago

    Vince jumping over the big man was the GOAT dunk.

  • Richie Cavanaugh - Channel Youtube
    Richie Cavanaugh - 5 days ago

    that’s retarted where’s kobe’s on howard

  • Sacha Boizette - Channel Youtube
    Sacha Boizette - 5 days ago

    Jr smith vs the spurs ?

  • Andy Daley - Channel Youtube
    Andy Daley - 5 days ago

    Top 3 in no order: Shaq on Dudley VC in the Olympics DeAndre Jordan on Knight

  • jon Q - Channel Youtube
    jon Q - 1 week ago

    Pippen is getting better on this show, he's loosening up and his humor is starting to show... I love it. 2:50 haha

  • RedEyesRobotics - Channel Youtube
    RedEyesRobotics - 1 week ago

    A couple of those guys can have their own highlight reel, but we all know the most memorable dunk is Vince Carter's dunk in the Olympics over Frederic Weis. He literally ended dudes career with that dunk!!

  • Allen Richard Santos - Channel Youtube
    Allen Richard Santos - 1 week ago

    Baron Davis on Kirilenko Wade on Varejao Kobe on Dwight

  • Glen Belcher - Channel Youtube
    Glen Belcher - 1 week ago

    Sooooooo Wade's DUNK did not make the list but Blake's THRUNK did...???

  • Jermaine EzReaL - Channel Youtube
    Jermaine EzReaL - 1 week ago

    Thats a Jet that didn't take off 😂 LMAO!!

  • Aaron Imanoel - Channel Youtube
    Aaron Imanoel - 2 weeks ago

    Where d wade on varejo

  • The Viper Of Death - Channel Youtube
    The Viper Of Death - 2 weeks ago

    I love me some classic jam sessions!!!!

  • Disorder Liberalism - Channel Youtube
    Disorder Liberalism - 2 weeks ago

    Where is Kevin Johnson on Hakeem Olajuwon?

  • Jeremiah Carter - Channel Youtube
    Jeremiah Carter - 2 weeks ago

    1:12 OOF

  • Phil Rockwell - Channel Youtube
    Phil Rockwell - 2 weeks ago

    Pippen told Spike "Sit your Ass Down!"

  • Kaos Pat - Channel Youtube
    Kaos Pat - 2 weeks ago

    they could just make a list of VC's best dunks and that list would beat any other list...I actually think VC's double clutch baseline reverse dunk vs Indiana is way underrated

  • Avery Hong - Channel Youtube
    Avery Hong - 2 weeks ago

    Where is wade on varajol

  • brent24hill - Channel Youtube
    brent24hill - 2 weeks ago

    No Baron Davis on ak47?

  • Boog Chapman - Channel Youtube
    Boog Chapman - 2 weeks ago

    Zo where are you going the game is still going on 😂😂

  • Parramoro22 - Channel Youtube
    Parramoro22 - 2 weeks ago

    Michael jeffrey?

  • Jeffree Star Fanboy - Channel Youtube
    Jeffree Star Fanboy - 2 weeks ago

    You’re a gee bag

  • GOD LEVEL - Channel Youtube
    GOD LEVEL - 2 weeks ago

    Kobe never tea bagged Howard right? Or made Yarborough relevant

  • isaac baez - Channel Youtube
    isaac baez - 2 weeks ago

    missing porzingod

  • Alejandro Cuellar - Channel Youtube
    Alejandro Cuellar - 2 weeks ago

    Wade on Verejao Wade on Perkins Drexler on Isiah Thomas Drexler on Andre Turner (Ridiculous look it up)

  • Terrence PERKINS - Channel Youtube
    Terrence PERKINS - 2 weeks ago

    c the different Jordan dunk on center lbj dunk pg

  • skalawitz - Channel Youtube
    skalawitz - 2 weeks ago

    Grant Hill's dunk on Zo.. He was already blocked by Zo but Grant managed to flush it on Zo's grill. How is that not memorable? Already blocked..