TWorst Things About Dating a Girl

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Published on Mar 25, 2018

DISCLAIMER: This is just the experience of my cis-female dating experience. Just fyi!
But what about the PERKS of dating a girl? Watch:

This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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  • cheezpuffg0rawr - 8 hours ago

    Ella is such a little shit and I love it haha

  • Hades Edwards - 10 hours ago

    As a big-ish trans man dating a smol nonbinary bean, I can't fit into their pants and they steal all of my hoodies.

  • Sadie Zipsie - 18 hours ago

    i totally get the whole comparing your bodies thing. me and my girlfriend do that a lot to and we’ve definitely been working on it. all in all dating a girl is awesome tho

  • Tansy McBurnie - 18 hours ago

    Do you climb, Hannah? Yay climbers!

  • Anna F - 1 day ago

    Ella seems very happy and sweet and Hannah is being kind of a dick if I’m being honest. She’s making it pretty clear that she isn’t happy with just Ella and Ella is pretty obviously uncomfortable with that, and I think it’s disrespectful of Hannah to bring it up like that and keep pushing it.

  • Rory Triscuit - 2 days ago

    wait... did she.... wat... nooooooooo

  • Jasmine Daniels - 3 days ago

    Yassss representing Memphis!!!

  • meganlilyflower - 3 days ago

    Yes avoid the tampon situation by using menstrual cups. And omg Ella used your cup?!? My gf did that to me. I’m dead 😂😂

  • Tarshish Jupiter - 3 days ago

    Cons of dating a girl.... .... ... can't think of one!

  • Humboldt Sasquatch - 3 days ago

    Is Harto related to Logan Paul?? some of her expressions, I swear shoot out a spitting image of Logan. 7:55

  • Nermeen M - 4 days ago

    Sharing clothes is also a problem boyfriends go through when girls steal their hoodies!

  • Delivery McGee - 4 days ago

    Hee, the sharing clothes, same or more so for gay boys -- My ex was about my size and stole all my cool t-shirts even before he realized he was a trans dude.

  • InoHimeYa - 4 days ago

    you 2, awwww

  • Spatiality - 4 days ago

    Ow ow I laughed so hard at Hana reacting to the diva cup.

  • Hotflop2011 - 4 days ago

    You two are cute

  • jtim83 - 5 days ago

    Digging the Memphis shirt.

  • phoebe doering - 5 days ago

    My bff and I always go through each other’s wardrobe for our outfits for every dance, and since she is bigger than me and I wear loose clothes she gets the right size clothes but she also wears loose clothes so I end up wearing safety pins all across my back covered by a jacket that I can’t ever take off

  • OuterSpace Productions - 5 days ago

    Helpful reminders 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Fay Coleman - 5 days ago

    *Shivers * diva cups

  • Anne Nepo - 5 days ago

    Ella sounds drunk 100% of the time

  • herartisheart - 5 days ago

    Hi Myharto- I can't listen to your videos with sound because the music is too loud in comparison to your speaking. I noticed this on another video and it's really distracting :-( I have APD and it wigs me out.

  • Carrie Coleman - 5 days ago

    One of mine would be that if you’re dating someone who is the same race as you, no matter how different you look, people always assume you’re sisters, not together. Three girls I’ve dated, people CONSTANTLY asked if we were sisters. Constantly. They wouldn’t let it go. Now that I’m dating a Mexican girl it doesn’t happen, but it used to bother the crap out of me.

  • thrivesurvive - 5 days ago


  • thrivesurvive - 5 days ago


  • Hannah G0123 - 5 days ago

    The look on Hannah when she realized Ella used her Diva cup made me howl with laughter

  • Connor McCoy - 6 days ago

    Master of None fans cringed at the ranking part 😬

  • Car5lota - 6 days ago

    Oh wow the ending 😂😂

  • Amanda Snyder - 6 days ago

    I hope sharing a diva cup doesn't become a new relationship milestone 😲

  • maddness90 - 6 days ago

    Memphis tigers 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Maddy Barnum - 7 days ago

    Im basically almost done with the video and just noticed Hannah is wearing a memphis shirt. I'm from Memphis and it took me that long ahaha