TKali Uchis, Tame Impala - Tomorrow

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Published on Apr 06, 2018

Isolation by Kali Uchis out now!!

Today is the day I'll learn that I believe in miracles
I can feel the world opening up, I think I broke the curse
No, I won't grab you by the arm when you call
No one can give me what I want, yeah, I know

Let's get out of this hopeless town, nobody can stop us now
And time's on our side, while our hearts are young, let's think about it tomorrow

Daddy said he needed money, so he put her on the street (street)
She had just turned thirteen, got a family to feed (feed)
Yeah we grew up in a hurry (that's when she met me)
Daddy got a little worried (American dream)

C'mon, let's go, we'll think about it tomorrow

Let's get out of this hopeless town, nobody can stop us now
And time's on our side, while our hearts are young, let's think about it tomorrow

Las horas se me hacen siglos aquí
Dame un beso que me dure una eternidad (c'mon let's go)
Porque nunca voy a regresar, nunca (c'mon let's go)
Te invito si quieres, y como un cometa en el cielo
Nos quemaremos juntos
Nos quemaremos juntos.

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  • Marian Zarai - 8 hours ago


  • Louisiana Rodriguez - 1 day ago

    Wow. reminds me of someone. He showed me Kali and I showed him Tame Impala. I wish I could listen to this with ma vie 😔

  • Gwyneth Thong - 2 days ago

    a BANGER

  • Lechatnocternal - 4 days ago

    This is soooooo Tame

  • Gypsy Bouche - 4 days ago

    You have a vibe I knew I needed!!🚬 💨💞🎶👏 #kaliuchis

  • never stop rocking - 5 days ago

    Me encantan estas canciones y las canciones relacionadas que me sugirió youtube gracias a kali

  • logan white - 5 days ago

    my two favorite artists :,)

  • vaporility - 5 days ago

    legend plus legends? Legendary

  • Carl Whitte - 6 days ago

    are u f*cking crazy for upload this album! WHAT U MEAN BTCH??

  • Bean - 6 days ago

    This is really good wow

  • Summer Grafg - 6 days ago


  • Jimmy Coffin - 6 days ago

    Not even close to the good stuff She use to make. Sounds to much impala. Im holding off til i here a few more tracks

  • nomo trexido - 7 days ago

    I love you

  • nomo trexido - 7 days ago


  • sergio cisneros - 7 days ago


  • panda guilbert - 7 days ago

    Joder amo tame impala, y también amo a Kali LA MEJOR COMBINACIÓN!!!

  • Lavi Wilcal - 1 week ago

    I instantly knew tame impala was featured on this song omg their sound is impecable!!!!

  • instructme - 1 week ago

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  • Alexis - 1 week ago

    Kali fuckin DELIVERED, so in love with her and her music!!

  • Cynthia Perez - 1 week ago


  • Lovely Carmen - 1 week ago

    Holy fuck

  • Raissa Heidi - 1 week ago

    Wtf is this so goooodddd

  • Saith vasconez ortiz - 1 week ago

    Ese acento de pereira ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Jajajaja Me encanta.

  • kayla del rey - 1 week ago

    did she reference sublime’s wrong way?

  • Diego OU - 1 week ago


  • increduhbubble - 1 week ago

    I can't stop hearing her tell me "come on less go'''' <3

  • Loubard - 1 week ago

    holy fuuuuuck

  • IEdison - 1 week ago

    Someone please explain this wig thing to me

  • George A - 1 week ago

    This song sends me into a whole different dimension wow

  • Ashley Campeau - 1 week ago

    Can't wait for the music video 👀❤️