TC Programming Tutorial - 14 - Intro to Arrays

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Published on Apr 10, 2009

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Categoy: Howto & Style

array function language programming

  • Young Galby - 5 days ago

    thanks mahn.....

  • James Underwood - 2 weeks ago

    How do you make an array of floats? Can arrays only be integers?

  • Zero. 0 - 1 month ago

    Actually, creating an array of 5 elements is supposed to create an array of only 4 elements, with the last elements indicating the end of the array.

  • Vishal Sahoo - 1 month ago

    Wowowowowowowow!!!!! My teacher failed to teach me C but you did it man....

  • eyka got7 - 2 months ago

    thank you very much.. your explanations are easy to understand. I'm quite nervous for my finals tomorrow.

  • Hassan Ali Hassan - 3 months ago

    Thanks bucky

  • 陈卡尔 - 4 months ago


  • mike Teggart - 4 months ago

    i need a video for multiplying matrices please

  • Rafat Saeed - 5 months ago

    opps! I could not understand nothing in the class but through this video I got it all. thank you so much

  • Mannoy - 6 months ago

    i have problem . i have 12 number in an array and i want to print new line after 3 number . how do i solve this. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 this are the example output. can anyone help?

  • Laurelindo - 6 months ago

    For some reason I have always found it oddly adorable how he named his array after himself.

  • Andile R - 7 months ago

    I might actually pass my C programming now....thank you😭😭😭

  • Zain Ahmed - 11 months ago

    how to take user input in this program ????

  • KaiochanX3 - 11 months ago

    What function is getch() and what does getch() do?

  • Tyler Brown - 12 months ago

    Nice video, I have one question that I can't find the answer to. If you can just leave the array size blank during its declaration, why not just do that with every array? Is it because of efficiency, i.e. the computer reserves more memory than it needs when the array size isn't specified?

  • Stefka Mocheva - 1 year ago

    What does NOEMI NOEMI mean,Bucky repeated it several times :)

  • Ibtisam Khizer - 1 year ago

    what is the meaning of this part printf("%d\n",

  • frajh adri - 1 year ago

    How to make letters instead of numbers ?

  • Lia Angela - 1 year ago

    This is the first video I've watched but just want to tell you you may be the reason I pass my C final tomorrow.

  • Akingbade Omosebi - 1 year ago

    Oh man!! Thank you very much, I have C exam tomorrow and I've always hated C mostly because of how my lecturer taught it, but your video makes me feel like I'm being reassured to love it. Thanks a lot man.

  • kolansaiprasad reddy - 1 year ago

    could u tell me how can I display all the Bucky's at a time like you displayed Bucky 3

  • marcio Quiteque - 1 year ago

    heyy im having trouble adding the total of one array with the total of another.. please let me know if you could help..... for example adding all the values of x[4] with all the values of y[4] and printing out one value which is the total number of all values both in x[4] and y[4]

  • richard ssenyange - 2 years ago

    How can i code a simple program to print the first 1000 even numbers

  • areesetotle - 2 years ago

    cmon cmon no amy no amy

  • Meso 22 - 2 years ago

    Your voice is crazy lovely 💔

  • Hou Boy - 2 years ago

    Nice tutorial brother but I am sicked and tired of waiting compiling for you!

  • SUYASH J GUGLANI - 2 years ago

    thanks allot :)

  • YorozuyaNeesan2010 - 2 years ago

    Thanks for this. Thought I'd watch some videos before I hit my textbook and get confused ha ha

  • Sven Ben - 2 years ago

    why is he not including '\0' as a memory space? shouldnt it be int bucky[6]=...?

  • Tetralhydra3 - 2 years ago

    i beleive if you ask it for an unassigned value in C it will automatically give you a random number, i'm not 100% sure but it seems to work that way from what i've seen.