TElon Musk 'I Don't Give A Damn About Your Degree'

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Published on Feb 10, 2018

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  • Complete Asset Building Inspections - 4 minutes ago

    When he employs someone does he employ the smartest person on the park bench?

  • luke bailey - 7 hours ago

    Hang the cunt until he stops kicking. We've been to space... yeeea ok buddy, good luck explaining that, something you've never been able to do you lying satanic piece of dumb cunt gutter trash.

  • 남들다하는흔한사랑한번못해본최강의전사 - 9 hours ago

    He probably doesn't hire high school dropouts.

  • Kurt Adams - 18 hours ago

    this guy stutters an awful lot, Yet he's supposedly a great public speaker ?? yh right

  • Hadley McIntyre - 19 hours ago

    For real skills and production and constructiveness ! Another angle to add to OR correct and straighten other angles. A spirit to DO. What this country lacks. Im an artisan I work good from common sense guidance.

  • fuzz - 20 hours ago

    when you get out of school, that's when I feel life actually started for me. School taught me like 3 things I actually use in every day life.

  • DJ SUTRA - 23 hours ago

    a free thinker does not need a pat on the back or attention from others to know they are correct, they do not need a teacher to go over their work to double check. A smart person does not have the need or want for college education.

  • harry walker - 24 hours ago

    the guy should be in charge of the earth,if he was around when i was growing up,id be a lot better off than the public school one cared.

  • Jomar AndriodGmae - 1 day ago


  • Account Email - 1 day ago


  • Account Email - 1 day ago

    Remove her system. Thanks Sorry no money with you guys.

  • Karl Heinrich Marx - 1 day ago

    The best predictor for success is g. Not MBTI. They all had high g.

  • KingCurry - 2 days ago

    as a senior in highschool who wants to go to med school, I hate having to learn history as a requirement. i just want to learn medicine fuck the other shit, i don't need it.

  • Jerry Howard - 2 days ago

    This man is gonna change the world

  • Karlann Harms - 2 days ago

    Why doesn't he go on indeed and try finding a job that pays more than ten dollars without a degree. I'm not talking about trades either. Asshole.

  • Lex Lutha111384 - 2 days ago

    i knew dropping out of high school was a good idea! I knew it!!

  • John Park - 2 days ago

    This idiot is going to make Bernie Madoff look like chump change!

  • Reach41 - 2 days ago

    True! However, before brain surgery, do check your doctor's qualifications carefully if he hasn't been to medical school.

  • lex t - 2 days ago

    I have sexual emotional dreams about this guy

  • Sandal Basotra - 2 days ago

    Loser and a lier

  • G - 2 days ago

    so what does he do in life? Ive heard the name thats about all

  • Batlca - 2 days ago

    You can tell he is a genius by listening him talk. He gets confused about simple questions calling them hard, in other words no time for stupid shit in this world. Nikola tesla was the same

  • Stone bender - 2 days ago

    Smug fuck

  • Stone bender - 2 days ago

    Yeah thats because your an actor

  • Aleksanteri Sumiloff - 2 days ago

    Sounds like Elon has been reading a bit of Plato.

  • Annie Tanase - 3 days ago

    Im in love with this guy's mind

  • Zave - 3 days ago

    “If work I’m doing is important enough, I override the fear” - Genius

  • Michael Burnell - 3 days ago

    A truther now absorbed and swallowed up by the mainstream, the truth is invisible

  • Gaby Kidwell - 3 days ago

    Best approach to learning and to become successful, there should be more schools like this one, though available to all children as well.

  • Joseph Stokes - 3 days ago

    Elon looks a lot like an extra from "Deliverance."