TBlack Panther Director Explains Bucky's Absence From the Film

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Published on Mar 20, 2018

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  • Michael Sharkey - 2 weeks ago

    What she said was another broken white boy Dont try to cover the rasist comment they made

  • Jaylen Mark - 3 weeks ago


  • Jose Perez - 1 month ago

    Call it for what is they didn't want a white savior.. cause of Bucky was actually in the movie he would have kick ass

  • Spectra Phantom - 1 month ago

    If Bucky was in the film , it woulda been over real quick, simple. P.S. The other reason is cause they needed to focus on the all black cast and the development of other characters.

  • michael stone - 1 month ago

    I would have loved to see Bucky fight 1 armed just to give people another taste of how skilled Bucky is.

  • Sav Drako - 1 month ago

    We already knew about Bucky, they showed him at the end of civil war when he went into that capsule in wakanda. The REAL question is where was Cap this whole time? He wasn’t put to sleep in wakanda, and from what we understand at the end of civil war he’s been hiding out there the whole time. So where and what was cap doing during the events of black panther?

  • Tramaine Terrance - 1 month ago

    Bucky didn't need to be in the film. Look how everything turned out. It was cool that he showed up in the after credit scene, tho. Sometimes in life, the Winter Soldier needed some serious reprogramming. TERRANCE OUT

  • André - 1 month ago

    Bucky didn't really have any part to play in the story of Black Panther so it makes sense for him not to be included , his post credit scene was good enough.

  • Josh Krause - 1 month ago

    I honestly think that if Shuri had revived/fixed Bucky during Killmongers’ takeover and had him participate in the revolution woulda been badass. Would have been a nice “White Wolf” intro too so we would be familiar with him as the White Wolf in Infinity War and beyond

  • Spawn3X5 - 1 month ago


  • G14able - 1 month ago

    It will be cool to have spirituality in Infinity War. Rather than upgrading Bucky with tech, he should undergo spiritual healing. He shouldnt be upgraded but healed physically and Spiritually. Weapons shouldnt make a hero.

  • Gage Loftus - 1 month ago

    This movie is like 1 week after civil war. Bucky was put under because of his mind control, where in the film when Tchalla was in trouble did he have time to go and attempt to fix Bucky? He didnt

  • marie 90 - 1 month ago

    Its because he wasn't needed, I honestly thought as far as cameos go that they'd show him frozen in his pod still, they gave him a bigger cameo than what I expected. All this "they didn't want to show bucky shooting Africans" nonsense is ridiculous when factor in the fact that Wakandans weave vibranuim into their every day clothing, on top of the fact the Dora Milaje would fuck him up even if he tried. Overall I like the fact the movie doesn't feature other guest in it, it means its success of the movie is entirely of its own making, kind of like how the first Ironman was its own thing.

  • dave 2400 - 1 month ago

    Did anybody else notice in the BP movie when they took the CIA agent to wakanda and shuri said "oh great you brought ANOTHER white boy for me to fix "later in the post credit scene she was talking about about Bucky

  • Ray Watts - 1 month ago

    I'm okay with Bucky not in Black Panther. The focus should have been on T'Challa and Wakanda. So, I'm happy as well.

  • alin alin - 1 month ago

    Maybe I'm alone but I thought it would have been cool to see him sniping a dropship unknown to everyone else during the films climax.

  • FatherOfAfrica - 1 month ago

    You know something i am pissed off i am 100% Nigerian born in England mostly raised in Nigeria Lagos State and Delta State and speak my tribes language and i have loved Comic Books forever( i read Marvel,DC, Image Comics etc) you would think with the amount of people and their parents that the sales for Black Panther would go up in comics but even on February(Black History Month and Black Panthers Premiere Month)the comics still sold atrociously and that the current main series the spin off comic books sold even worst and lets not talk about Black Panther and The Crew which got cancelled after two issues a while back. It really annoys me cause i stuck through all these spin offs and Main series and am a true fan but literally no one else who claims to be a fan doesn't even touch the comics. But i bet you that if Marvel decides to cancel it because its not selling well at all that it would suddenly become a race war or people saying 'Marvel Comics are racist' when clearly they have never even bothered in reading the Comic Books and complain about everything if they want to make a change all they have to do is spend 4 dollars or so on a comic for themselves, their child,maybe a random kid on the street but every single comic counts. The same type of people will say they want Oprah to be President but arent willing to spend 10 Dollars to watch a Wrinkle In Time in Theaters lol Welcome to 2018

  • WhoAmI - 1 month ago

    Could've been a small scene with him with playing with some kids calling him white wold black panther comes just to check up on him. Just so we could see that hes new man and in a different place from what we last saw him .

  • Lies, damn lies, and stats Margo E. Wilkins - 1 month ago

    The term "white boy" is just as racist as is the term "Black boy". 🤔🤔🤔

  • unicorn2040 - 1 month ago

    White wolf and BP going to be brothers because of the relationship with her.

  • Cuckdeau - 1 month ago


  • Lies, damn lies, and stats Margo E. Wilkins - 1 month ago

    I liked the end credit scene. Bucky looked extra FINE as he emerged from that hut. I just love me some Bucky!!!That said, BP is one of the best MCEU movies. I'm even more excited about IW. 😄😊😉🤗

  • camethedawn - 1 month ago

    It has come to my attention that when I say I will never post BP 97% >>> TDK 94% many of you here in the comments still do not believe me. Well let me set the record straight, it's true, I mean it, never again will I ever post that, you can count on it.

  • Max555 - 1 month ago

    He's on Cyrosleep obviously and let Black Panther and Wakandans and their culture be the focus

  • I'M WATCHING U - 1 month ago

    Kevin feige confirmed Spiderman is going to be the phase of the mcu starting phase 4

  • JB0523 - 1 month ago

    Buck’s arm will have a pulse cannon. Callin it

  • Drew Crawford - 1 month ago

    I think having bucky in the film would have been a distraction from the plot. It really wasn't the right time to have him in there while he was trying to become king and stop multiple coups.

  • Smokey B - 1 month ago

    I don't know why this would be important. Caps not in it either.

  • Cameo Baby - 1 month ago

    BP is set in Africa and the story focuses on him. It's pretty much his "origin story." Bucky and Steve according to the comics are continuing to go out and do things to save the world. Bucky's story was irrelevant in this case because it focused on him getting his country together. That's why we see more of Bucky in Infinity War.

  • Philippe - 1 month ago

    Because they wanted an all black cast... And call the only white guy a "coloniser".