What Syrians Think About The U.S.'s Military Strikes (HBO)

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Published on Apr 16, 2018

Hundreds of Syrians took to the streets of central Damascus today to show support for President Assad. This came after the U.S., France and the U.K. launched some 105 missiles on a chemical research this weekend on targets near the capital and Homs destroying three targets.

President Trump declared “Mission Accomplished” and described the strikes as“perfectly executed.” But Assad projected a business-as-usual veneer on social media, posting a nine-second video of himself walking through the presidential palace carrying a briefcase.

Analysts in the region say strikes like these could ultimately embolden the regime along with his Russian and Iranian allies rather than deter more attacks on civilians.
“Assad is in a much stronger situation than he was before,” Elias Farhat, a retired Lebanese general and Syria analyst said, “because he is, according to his people, is a hero who confronted the Israeli attack on the airfield and now American and European attack.”
But for the evacuees who lived in Eastern Ghouta and escaped this latest chemical attack in Douma, the US response seems meaningless.

“It's too late for that [US airstrikes],” Abu Hasan, a recently evacuated Douma resident told VICE News, “after all these deaths, including children...but we blame them [the USA]|for not taking timely action.”

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  • VICE News - Channel Youtube
    VICE News - 1 month ago

    "[Assad], according to his people, is a hero" after U.S. airstrikes in Syria. WATCH More on Assad's Syria here: http://bit.ly/2HE9JHP

  • lemonprofit - Channel Youtube
    lemonprofit - 1 hour ago

    Stay strong Syria ! Support from Sri Lanka :)

  • Kevin Williams - Channel Youtube
    Kevin Williams - 2 days ago

    What I don’t understand is how do you blame America-America didn’t have to do anything-the air strikes whether they were effective or not at least the USA did something-if you want to blame someone blame Assad for using gas on its own people 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Revoluttionist Maniac - Channel Youtube
    Revoluttionist Maniac - 2 days ago

    no matter what president american policies remain unchanged.

  • raden't ce'ab - Channel Youtube
    raden't ce'ab - 5 days ago

    oh god!!

  • Randomly with Aryansh Mishra - Channel Youtube
    Randomly with Aryansh Mishra - 7 days ago

    The us train mercenaries who later join isis....they r indirectly creating isis....

  • Randomly with Aryansh Mishra - Channel Youtube
    Randomly with Aryansh Mishra - 7 days ago

    Another country us is destroying for its selfish needs.....

  • Creeping Normalcy - Channel Youtube
    Creeping Normalcy - 1 week ago

    US striked because they care sooo much about the Syrian people. Didn't you know?

  • Eboney Nicole - Channel Youtube
    Eboney Nicole - 2 weeks ago

    We got money for war but can’t feed the poor Image if you took the money they spent to send those bombs to clean up our own streets

  • ron hat - Channel Youtube
    ron hat - 3 weeks ago

    I wonder how hard they had to search to find those two. All those people in the tents, who are they and what are they? Did they leave on the buses? If so, they are the head chopping isis. If they had won, they would have killed every christian in Syria. That Syrian crowd was also holding photos of both Assad and Putin. These very same skunks, if they are the so called rebels, placed women in metal cages to protect themselves.

  • bimmjim - Channel Youtube
    bimmjim - 3 weeks ago

    . Almost all Westerners are not analysing this situation properly. The muslims must be mystified, but they will try to use this brouhaha to their advantage, as usual. . First of all, you have to understand that the quran says clearly - 'Poison your enemies.' This means that, to muslims, poisoning is not any more immoral than any other form of killing. (I have seen a picture of a person killed by crucifixion; have you?) ... . And now another point: Look around the world for a similar number of people being killed by their fellow countrymen. Take the car bombs that kill hundreds every month in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, etc. (Count the dead) If it makes sense to send 100s of millions of dollars worth of missiles at Syria, what about these other cases where 100 times as many people are being killed. . And it doesn't really matter who did it. The Syrians started their own Civil War and they will kill each other for a while, until they stop. This is much like the Iran - Iraq War, in that respect. . So the obvious question must be asked - Why intervene? ... . IMO there is NO good reason to intervene. See that intervention, since say 1990, has accomplished nothing good and much bad. ... So ? ? ? GET OUT! ! ! Get all foreign military out of all muslim countries. Let them practice their stupid religion. ... Let them hate and kill each other. ...

  • ReaLityBlue - Channel Youtube
    ReaLityBlue - 3 weeks ago

    USA evil empire is crumbling to the ground, its proxy ISIS was utterly defeated by Syrian army and Russia.

  • Mike Brown - Channel Youtube
    Mike Brown - 3 weeks ago

    The European Luciferians at it again.

  • John Cameron - Channel Youtube
    John Cameron - 3 weeks ago

    The USA could take out and wipe out Syria as a whole country and drive the Russians out if we wanted to🍩. We have the most POWERFUL military in the world.

  • Daniel Hatch - Channel Youtube
    Daniel Hatch - 3 weeks ago

    This clip is atrocity in of it own. It shows no depth of information in any way. Shame on the producers.

  • Farajaraf - Channel Youtube
    Farajaraf - 3 weeks ago

    I say throw those jihadis into Europe, let them deal with them for supporting them.

  • Farajaraf - Channel Youtube
    Farajaraf - 3 weeks ago

    Notice how all the refugees look like jihadi bastards but Assad supporters look like normal people.

  • Benjamin Hargrave - Channel Youtube
    Benjamin Hargrave - 3 weeks ago

    Way to go Trump

  • Same old thing - Channel Youtube
    Same old thing - 3 weeks ago

    Why can't we all just get along? And leave each other alone?🕯️☮️

  • Neo E - Channel Youtube
    Neo E - 3 weeks ago

    Two terrorists at the end want more US_Israel strikes

  • ygg drasil - Channel Youtube
    ygg drasil - 3 weeks ago

    US funded ISIS, when that didn't work, now they take to bombing the country.

  • What if - Channel Youtube
    What if - 3 weeks ago

    0:25 damn Samsung

  • What if - Channel Youtube
    What if - 3 weeks ago

    In the beginning all I heard Pakistan something lol

  • Giuseppe Dainotti - Channel Youtube
    Giuseppe Dainotti - 3 weeks ago

    We will take over this country and steal there money and oil 😁 🇺🇸

  • Biking Blues - Channel Youtube
    Biking Blues - 4 weeks ago

    US is the plague on this planet...harming mankind, wildlife, forests, oceans and they now fck with the climate too...

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe - Channel Youtube
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe - 4 weeks ago


  • Rafik Raf - Channel Youtube
    Rafik Raf - 4 weeks ago

    Now lets bomb usa

  • OutlineBulls414 - Channel Youtube
    OutlineBulls414 - 4 weeks ago

    US is fucking up they want to put someone else in power who will be some sharia loving government that will want to take over the middle, Assad should stay. Republicans just want the oil.

  • Jinc Jin - Channel Youtube
    Jinc Jin - 4 weeks ago

    US always want to bomb countries but need to make up an excuse

  • partymariner - Channel Youtube
    partymariner - 4 weeks ago

    How do you think they are going to respond? Oh yeah we love the USA bombing us and destroying our country! Please Trump kill and maim us so we can get rid of Assad!