Conan & Jordan Schlansky Plan Their Trip To Italy - CONAN on TBS

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Published on Mar 26, 2018

Conan surprises fake Italian and real CONAN employee Jordan Schlansky with a trip to Italy. #ConanItaly premieres April 11th at 10/9c on TBS.

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Categoy: Comedy

  • tkykhs - Channel Youtube
    tkykhs - 3 hours ago

    "Remember this was the cover of 'Douche-Weekly'?" LOL

  • AL - Channel Youtube
    AL - 1 day ago

    First thing to know: Many intercultural differences. The southerners are extremely different from the northeners.

  • Martin Oresnik - Channel Youtube
    Martin Oresnik - 2 days ago

    We need to construct an elaborate skit between Jordan Schlansky and Will Ferrell to see who breaks first. They're both really tough to break.

  • Batman - Channel Youtube
    Batman - 2 days ago

    I love this dynamic they have- Conan describes how he is thinking of straight-up murdering Jordan to his face and then Jordan's only response is to correct him for his brain anatomy

  • Ben_Jam_In - Channel Youtube
    Ben_Jam_In - 3 days ago

    Hands down this was the best episode...LMAO I’m actually crying and my face hurts.

  • SnakeNetherEye - Channel Youtube
    SnakeNetherEye - 3 days ago

    Wow Conan.

  • Enrico - Channel Youtube
    Enrico - 5 days ago

    The chillness of Jordan nearly killed me 🤣

  • Shikamari Nara - Channel Youtube
    Shikamari Nara - 6 days ago

    "I paid the guy to kill you"

  • ThisIsACrappyUsername - Channel Youtube
    ThisIsACrappyUsername - 7 days ago

    Ohhh so that's why he doesn't smile often

  • The Climber Upwards - Channel Youtube
    The Climber Upwards - 7 days ago

    “...that is not where speech is controlled.” 😂😂😂

  • garrett decker - Channel Youtube
    garrett decker - 1 week ago

    Who else remembers Sicily being further away from Italy?

  • redel37 - Channel Youtube
    redel37 - 1 week ago


  • amanda sanchez - Channel Youtube
    amanda sanchez - 1 week ago

    Lol this so funny they remind me of SpongeBob and Squidward.

  • David Anthony Atienza - Channel Youtube
    David Anthony Atienza - 1 week ago

    OMG! that smile....? Conan has broken Jordan Schlansky!! he was one of a kind!

  • Flumpf Telly - Channel Youtube
    Flumpf Telly - 1 week ago

    The lovable psychopath

  • Ryan S - Channel Youtube
    Ryan S - 2 weeks ago

    What a relationship! xD

  • Michael S. - Channel Youtube
    Michael S. - 2 weeks ago

    Its like watching Pat and Patachon in the Year 2018. I love it :-) But sometimes i feel bad for jordan.

  • ahicks Hicks - Channel Youtube
    ahicks Hicks - 2 weeks ago

    I cant take it!!!!!!!!!

  • hotd0gheaven - Channel Youtube
    hotd0gheaven - 2 weeks ago

    06:32 - what are you laughing at? is there a person on earth that could keep a straight face, while Conan is doing that face?? hahahhaa!

  • MrGhostman Ghost - Channel Youtube
    MrGhostman Ghost - 2 weeks ago

    For a guy who have deep insight befriend with a guy who don't care...

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind - Channel Youtube
    TheGodEmperorofMankind - 2 weeks ago

    I prefer to spend my money on material possessions.

  • Kranken - Channel Youtube
    Kranken - 2 weeks ago

    I pretty sure he said Scrapy Doo

  • GrayWoIf - Channel Youtube
    GrayWoIf - 2 weeks ago

    Conan was in for a world of pain

  • Broken Beakers - Channel Youtube
    Broken Beakers - 2 weeks ago

    They're like a married couple.

  • Name to be created - Channel Youtube
    Name to be created - 2 weeks ago

    "Don ghandi"?

  • ez D - Channel Youtube
    ez D - 2 weeks ago

    im dyingggg

  • The Passionly Passionate Nightman - Channel Youtube
    The Passionly Passionate Nightman - 2 weeks ago

    The way Jordan says "often" bothers me. The "t" is slient

  • Ethan Squicquero - Channel Youtube
    Ethan Squicquero - 2 weeks ago

    He drilled a hole in joedens tablet

  • Wes Wiltgen - Channel Youtube
    Wes Wiltgen - 2 weeks ago

    if conan is jordan's boss then why does he not know what he does for work?

  • Enrico - Channel Youtube
    Enrico - 2 weeks ago

    In defense to Jordan, everything he said at 1:04 is correct 👍🏻 (I’m Italian)