10 Most DEVASTATING Cyber Attacks in History

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Published on May 13, 2018

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  • MatthewSantoro - Channel Youtube
    MatthewSantoro - 1 week ago

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  • W R - Channel Youtube
    W R - 16 hours ago

    Facebook hack?

  • Scott Miller - Channel Youtube
    Scott Miller - 1 day ago

    Titan Rain. I love it.

  • John Azar - Channel Youtube
    John Azar - 1 day ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)趾

  • Banat Stronk - Channel Youtube
    Banat Stronk - 2 days ago


  • Rishare hraje - Channel Youtube
    Rishare hraje - 2 days ago

    Calling DDOS hacking..... omg

  • Chris Morlock - Channel Youtube
    Chris Morlock - 3 days ago

    Just wait till vpns get hacked

  • swepeder - Channel Youtube
    swepeder - 3 days ago


  • swepeder - Channel Youtube
    swepeder - 3 days ago

    you need say it advertising or you risk banned

  • The DIY Channel -F&C - Channel Youtube
    The DIY Channel -F&C - 3 days ago


  • Chris Green - Channel Youtube
    Chris Green - 3 days ago

    This clown still makes videos?

  • Ex Industries - Channel Youtube
    Ex Industries - 3 days ago

    Those hackers at number 10 are legends

  • Tejdxa Xu - Channel Youtube
    Tejdxa Xu - 3 days ago

    What the heck? the face in your background along with those clothes are creepy AF.

  • Ancelegon The Black - Channel Youtube
    Ancelegon The Black - 3 days ago

    If NSA uses the same encryption then whats the point of getting the vpn?

  • SurrenderPink - Channel Youtube
    SurrenderPink - 3 days ago

    Stuxnet. 4 Zero days... The U.S. shadow govt. at its finest.

  • Camdog fall - Channel Youtube
    Camdog fall - 3 days ago

    Spends ten minutes talking about people who hacked into the pentagon... proceeds to tell you to get a vpn that is pentagon level good

  • Lard MC - Channel Youtube
    Lard MC - 3 days ago


  • Arctic Edge - Channel Youtube
    Arctic Edge - 3 days ago

    Then I guess they...WANNACRY I’m sorry.

  • Irada Kitchen - Channel Youtube
    Irada Kitchen - 3 days ago

    Wow that was very informative Thank you!

  • Savannah Lorén - Channel Youtube
    Savannah Lorén - 3 days ago

    _US Government get hacked_ _NSA program gets leaked_ *Buy NordVPN, it uses US government and NSA level security* !!!! Genius.

  • wallen1986 - Channel Youtube
    wallen1986 - 3 days ago

    you could tell he was crying again before he made this video

  • XZeon PlayZ - Channel Youtube
    XZeon PlayZ - 4 days ago

    Your Iris's tho

  • NEEFMUSIC TV - Channel Youtube
    NEEFMUSIC TV - 4 days ago

    This guy is scary and creepy and the same time

  • Naythaniel Robinson - Channel Youtube
    Naythaniel Robinson - 4 days ago

    I stopped watching your videos because you have unrealistic thumbnails for your vids and now your just remaking videos. You made this video about a year or two ago. Ig you or your writers ran out of ideas?

  • A_Piece_Of_Toast PUBG - Channel Youtube
    A_Piece_Of_Toast PUBG - 4 days ago

    I'd actually subscribe if you weren't so ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • bbh Juan - Channel Youtube
    bbh Juan - 4 days ago

    Good video except your animated facial expressions made me uncomfortable and annoyed/angered. Your comments were so unnecessary as well, stop

  • DIRTY B - Channel Youtube
    DIRTY B - 4 days ago

    I've had a yahoo mail account since 08. o.o hahahaha

  • John Walsh - Channel Youtube
    John Walsh - 4 days ago

    #7 notice how its only an insult and not slander or liable...must be a true fact. :)

  • R45PUT1N - Channel Youtube
    R45PUT1N - 4 days ago

    EternalBlue isnt a government program. It's an exploit. We call it CVE-2017-0144 or smb MS17-010

  • Nix 266 - Channel Youtube
    Nix 266 - 4 days ago

    I came cause I thought Eugene was back lol