TEx-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At McDonald's

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Published on Nov 06, 2017

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There are a lot of foods at McDonald's that get a bad rap — it is fast food, after all. The chicken nuggets have long been under fire for their questionable ingredients, and they've somehow managed to squeeze 19 ingredients into something as simple as French fries. But every restaurant has to have at least a few safe menu options, right? One item that has long been touted as a smart choice is the Filet-O-Fish, but some Reddit posters claiming to be ex-McDonald's workers are doing their best to blow that option out of the water...

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  • Mashed - 4 months ago

    What other fast food orders should you avoid?

  • Blazraidr _blaze - 3 hours ago

    Who cares I eat it loads of time

  • Bo pittbullgaming - 6 hours ago

    That's bullshit there is so many preservatives it's fine never got sick from it. It isn't that good but this is buulshit

  • Fredericka Bell - 7 hours ago

    Wtf...that's the best

  • Set Qesu - 8 hours ago

    Always ask for fresh fries at McDonalds, it only takes a few minutes to cook.

  • 1978tenpack - 8 hours ago

    Been eating them for over 30 years and guess what? *I'M STILL ALIVE!*

  • Paul Dizon - 12 hours ago


  • Undetected Hairline - 21 hours ago

    why shouldn’t I order it

  • cko tata - 23 hours ago

    but this the only burger i can order during lent 😭😭😭

  • Nfl Ref - 1 day ago

    I'm eating one while reading the comments lol

  • Shaannon94x - 1 day ago

    don't be mean or they clean the toilet seat with your burger bun

  • Rico Bonifacio - 1 day ago

    When I worked there rarely anyone under the age of 60 bought one.

  • A2B - 1 day ago

    Yeah...reddit...pretty reliable source huh... so stupid. I could go to reddit and tell ppl I'm the prince of Bulgaria and they will believe it.

  • kz legendary - 1 day ago

    I got a mc Donald’s add on this video

  • The Great Chimera - 2 days ago

    If they ask for it fresh I’ll usual drop it for them. But if they’re gonna ask for something fresh during a rush? Fuck them, imma drop an old fish in the fryer for a few seconds.

  • Ryne Morrissey - 2 days ago

    not entirely true on everything. the fish filet is deep fried not microwaved, but some restaurants would let them sit longer than 30 minutes on the warmer. the steamers are cleaned every 12 hours. and they would come in frozen. but she is right about ordering fresh patties

  • EVIL Co. - 2 days ago

    McDonalds supposedly serves human meat.

  • Jared Quass - 2 days ago

    Oh man, one time I ordered an Angus burger at McDonald's and I thought it was going to be good. But then it turned out to be the strongest laxative I have ever taken! Everything just came out the other end! That was pretty much the last time I ate out at McDonald's.

  • tommart123 - 2 days ago

    So, basically, these reddit users were bad employees who broke company practice, then went online to criticise the company, probably because they were fired for their bad practices. Summary - don't hire these lazy morons.

  • Angel Padilla - 2 days ago

    I never even heard of that ill i get for mcdonalds is a mcchicken plain medium, french fries, and a oreo mcflurry. I dont even finish the burger or the fries or anything!

  • ShrewdREAPER - 2 days ago

    I really like fish fillet to and you got to think it's the internet and there's lots of McDonald's everywhere one store can be a lot different from another

  • Hamster Bear - 2 days ago

    Long story short: Don't order the fillet-o-fish, because it sits around there forever, and it's barely fresh.

  • Pete Schweaty - 2 days ago

    I eat McDonalds while on the toilet. That way he can just slide on out and be flushed.

  • Justin Cedeno - 2 days ago

    I’ve worked at McDonald’s this goes for all their food, but it truly depends on the location because my store always throws out food that is past the timer

  • Zipzip019 - 2 days ago

    I always order fillet o fish.

  • Angel Bulldog - 2 days ago

    The one thing I won't order at McD's? EVERYTHING!

  • Conner Deppe - 2 days ago

    Who’s the dumbass who thinks anything from fast food is 100% fresh?

  • david jay - 2 days ago

    Its all crap food .. and everyone knows it really !

  • MCW UK - 3 days ago

    I guess that could apply to anything though, you never really know how fresh what you order is

  • Sayak Ghosh - 3 days ago

    Kitchen nightmares and Gordon Ramsey