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Published on May 11, 2018

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Hey guys! Go check out the first Fortnight we did!

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  • Anam Kitchen - Channel Youtube
    Anam Kitchen - 37 minutes ago


  • Supreme Money - Channel Youtube
    Supreme Money - 1 hour ago

    Why is everyone comparing this to NigaHiga vid like stfu🙄 there 2 different channels wit 2 different ideas😂

  • Julia Krajewska - Channel Youtube
    Julia Krajewska - 2 hours ago

    Someone said a bad word at 1:5

  • Crazy Monkey - Channel Youtube
    Crazy Monkey - 3 hours ago

    no building - no fortnite

  • Ditzy Unicorn - Channel Youtube
    Ditzy Unicorn - 4 hours ago

    play hello neibor in real life plz like if u agree

  • DiufoemHD - Channel Youtube
    DiufoemHD - 4 hours ago

    purple is better than blue...

  • Isait Lorenzo - Channel Youtube
    Isait Lorenzo - 5 hours ago


  • 192190 PlaysROBLOX - Channel Youtube
    192190 PlaysROBLOX - 5 hours ago

    It's duo time

  • Bxhadowb910 // Roblox And More - Channel Youtube
    Bxhadowb910 // Roblox And More - 6 hours ago

    published on my birthday!

  • Killian Peters - Channel Youtube
    Killian Peters - 6 hours ago

    Stop comparing this to Ryan’s video there both great

  • Nate Green - Channel Youtube
    Nate Green - 7 hours ago

    Purple is better than blue, so the rating was a little messed up

  • Chino Chin - Channel Youtube
    Chino Chin - 8 hours ago

    Get original...

  • Viet Nguyen - Channel Youtube
    Viet Nguyen - 8 hours ago

    You guys are really funing

  • Tristan Armstrong - Channel Youtube
    Tristan Armstrong - 8 hours ago

    They said the s word On accident

  • Santiago Hofilena - Channel Youtube
    Santiago Hofilena - 10 hours ago


  • Kooper Chill - Channel Youtube
    Kooper Chill - 10 hours ago

    Bruh Gillis suits are PUBG

  • Idk :3 - Channel Youtube
    Idk :3 - 11 hours ago

    This is probably the worst comment section ever. YOU GUYS ARE COMPARING THEM EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. They might be based around the same game but Ryan's was scripted and this one was them just doing a game. Gosh people these days.

  • Idk :3 - Channel Youtube
    Idk :3 - 11 hours ago

    Omg people just cause Ryan and this channel both did it about fortnite doesn't mean it's the same thing. Ryan's video had a scrip while this one was just a fun game that they did. It wasn't meant to be the same.

  • heyletsplay games! - Channel Youtube
    heyletsplay games! - 11 hours ago

    Why is blue 3 hits to kill and purple 4?

  • PARIS WILLS - Channel Youtube
    PARIS WILLS - 11 hours ago

    Do more of these videos, but with different teams. It’s cool

  • Mads Lund Grønbæk - Channel Youtube
    Mads Lund Grønbæk - 13 hours ago

    I like how purple is 4 hits to kill and blue is 3 hits to kill, so is better to blue lol

  • Scarlet Shadow - Channel Youtube
    Scarlet Shadow - 16 hours ago

    To everyone saying that nigahiga's video was better: Just shut up, This video was a irl nerf gameplay of Fortnite, where they actually tried to have fun and were themselves when filming it. Nigahiga had used greenscreens and special effects to make it seem like a real game of fortnite. No one cares if they uploaded it when his video was trending, you people forget that it takes time to film and edit videos, so while both people probably did take a lot of time and effort into making the videos it does not matter when it uploads, who cares. It's just funny, silly content that people enjoy to watch and I preferably would not like to go to the comment section and see that nigahiga's was better because frankly who cares

  • Fernando Hernandez - Channel Youtube
    Fernando Hernandez - 17 hours ago


  • Ackell shqip - Channel Youtube
    Ackell shqip - 17 hours ago

    ummm why does the Blue 3 hits to kill and the Purple 4 hits to kill? the Purple is Better

  • Amra Hi - Channel Youtube
    Amra Hi - 17 hours ago

    Beard on fleek

  • Shea Reid - Channel Youtube
    Shea Reid - 18 hours ago

    It goes grey, green, blue, purple, gold, purple is better than blue

  • HoovyLivesMatter - Channel Youtube
    HoovyLivesMatter - 18 hours ago

    This is the most saddest video I ever layed my eyes upon

  • TatibearGamez - Channel Youtube
    TatibearGamez - 18 hours ago

    When I saw J-Fred and Mathias teamed, and Bryan and Marvin, (im pretty sure Marvin is his brother's name) I thought for a second that Bobby and Connor were brothers and I was like: "Wait WHAT!"

  • Landon New - Channel Youtube
    Landon New - 18 hours ago

    this is garbage. garbage.

  • Quintez Hunt - Channel Youtube
    Quintez Hunt - 18 hours ago

    More like pubg