Steve Kerr 1995-96 Highlights with the Chicago Bulls

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Published on Apr 11, 2016

Check out highlights from Warriors head coach Steve Kerr in his historic 72 win season with the Chicago Bulls in 1995-96.

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  • a_g60 - Channel Youtube
    a_g60 - 2 days ago

    His shooting style and gameplay is eerily similar to his protege Steph Curry...

  • LaVar Ball - Channel Youtube
    LaVar Ball - 2 days ago

    That shit water

  • Drunken Master - Channel Youtube
    Drunken Master - 6 days ago

    Splash Father.

  • couth elle - Channel Youtube
    couth elle - 1 week ago

    Steve Kerr was my childhood crush

  • Cross Corloene - Channel Youtube
    Cross Corloene - 1 week ago

    Steve kerr reminds me of freddie roach

  • mojoboy2k7 - Channel Youtube
    mojoboy2k7 - 1 week ago

    such a weird jumpshot

  • Onlyrealmusic4life - Channel Youtube
    Onlyrealmusic4life - 1 week ago

    Steve Kerr just admitted tonight in a post game interview that there is no way he could have played in today's NBA

  • i want your dick - Channel Youtube
    i want your dick - 2 weeks ago

    Jordan getting carried again

  • kiyonexus - Channel Youtube
    kiyonexus - 2 weeks ago

    Steve Kerr's career high light reel in under 2 minutes: mostly 3's and regular jump shots.... MJ's career high lights will be over 2 days worth... Mostly dunks, fade aways, buzzer beaters, steals, blocks, fancy assists, fights...

  • Midori Guy - Channel Youtube
    Midori Guy - 2 weeks ago

    When we talk about threes, if ray allen has the quantity, then steve kerr has the quality.

  • Restine Vergara - Channel Youtube
    Restine Vergara - 3 weeks ago

    Thank you and God bless

  • Hero brine - Channel Youtube
    Hero brine - 3 weeks ago


  • Phi Lee - Channel Youtube
    Phi Lee - 3 weeks ago

    teve kerr will retire

  • OFOSUHENE DANNY - Channel Youtube
    OFOSUHENE DANNY - 4 weeks ago

    ONLY 1:54

  • willi kurniawan - Channel Youtube
    willi kurniawan - 1 month ago

    His game looks a little bit like mark price

  • MyMedsDontWork - Channel Youtube
    MyMedsDontWork - 1 month ago


  • MyMedsDontWork - Channel Youtube
    MyMedsDontWork - 1 month ago

    Splash father

  • Jason B - Channel Youtube
    Jason B - 2 months ago

    I’d pay to watch this in the film room with the team, I bet it’s lit af 😂

  • hj hfj - Channel Youtube
    hj hfj - 3 months ago

    He looks like the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors LMAO

  • Kxda Arboladura - Channel Youtube
    Kxda Arboladura - 4 months ago

    Curry shoots a lot like Kerr

  • Thelonious Coltrane - Channel Youtube
    Thelonious Coltrane - 5 months ago

    jan 1 2018 STEVE KERR CANNOT EVEN GUARD ABDUL-RAUF, and now he is GSW's COACH? really? WHAT A SHAME Kerr! you were just lucky you got to be with MJ and Pippen.

  • ANDREI Galang - Channel Youtube
    ANDREI Galang - 6 months ago

    Steve kerr for life!!!

  • OutLaw Shyt Entertainment - Channel Youtube
    OutLaw Shyt Entertainment - 6 months ago

    Dis nigha taught steph how to ball

  • Bad Drawings ASMR - Channel Youtube
    Bad Drawings ASMR - 7 months ago

    He had the ferocity

  • LilGloryBoyZay - Channel Youtube
    LilGloryBoyZay - 7 months ago

    Steve Kerr really the Goat, I NEED one of his jerseys

  • Nocna Ptica - Channel Youtube
    Nocna Ptica - 7 months ago

    steve kerr coaches the warriors with the way he played ask for a pass and shoot. But since everybody's doing it, its a shoot around with green and pachulia passing the ball behind the 3 to curry, thompson and durant

  • Unamerican666 - Channel Youtube
    Unamerican666 - 7 months ago

    Saw steve kerr at kerr drug

  • Don V Crawford - Channel Youtube
    Don V Crawford - 8 months ago

    Steve has a awkward release. Yet it still go in. quick on the trigger also.

  • Sean Park - Channel Youtube
    Sean Park - 10 months ago

    MJ, Rodman, Grant, Pippen, Kerr, Cartwright, Armstrong. The team was stacked and the reason why MJ is not the goat.

  • hansel JOSHI - Channel Youtube
    hansel JOSHI - 10 months ago

    kerr is very good