Michael Jordan - Air Jordan (Greatest Jordan Video on YOUTUBE)

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Published on Apr 15, 2018

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  • The Holocaust-Denying Flat Earther - Channel Youtube
    The Holocaust-Denying Flat Earther - 1 month ago

    To the uploader: This is really amazing editing. A lot of people in the comments talk about you working for ESPN or something, which you could of course, but this type of editing isn't suited for TV. I can't imagine seeing something like this on TV. I think this style is perfectly suited for YouTube. More specifically, the music and other voices/sound effects behind the video... you don't see that on an ESPN documentary. On those, the format alternates between interviews and clips. Interviews, clips, interviews, clips.... But to sync up the music so perfectly with the video like you do... so perfect that it gives a person chills... that's not something you get on cable TV... you don't get chills watching an ESPN doc. The point is, these videos and your editing style is perfectly suited for this medium, and I hope you're making a living at it.

  • carl lundgren - Channel Youtube
    carl lundgren - 2 hours ago

    He's definitely the goat tho

  • carl lundgren - Channel Youtube
    carl lundgren - 2 hours ago

    God damn it I knew I would hate seeing this why is portland so stupid

  • American Paisa - Channel Youtube
    American Paisa - 6 hours ago

    Magic and Bird saved the NBA. There rivalry brought an interest back into the game of basketball and the NBA on a Domestic level. Together they both equally set the bar for NBA greatness. Then Jordan came along and took it a step further. Jordan took flight and became the bar. Jordan was unstoppable. He was clutch and acrobatic. His dunks were jaw dropping and unbelievable but MJ made you believe it could be done. His greatness brought fame to the NBA on a Global Level setting MJ as the greatest player of the NBA. Both Magic and Bird have acknowledged that MJ is the greatest player. They essentially passed down the torch from 2 great players to 1 all-time great.

  • OmniscientVirtuosity - Channel Youtube
    OmniscientVirtuosity - 9 hours ago

    This is The GREATEST JORDAN Video on YouTube. Big Facts

  • my people - Channel Youtube
    my people - 9 hours ago

    Lebronettes showed up to down vote the real GOAT

  • jamie parkins - Channel Youtube
    jamie parkins - 10 hours ago

    Everybody that thinks Lebron and Kobe are better then M.J. should be forced to watch this video.

  • Roronoa Zoro - Channel Youtube
    Roronoa Zoro - 12 hours ago

    This is a masterpiece. Brilliant editing. Great choice of background music and sound effects.

  • Bang'em Smurf - Channel Youtube
    Bang'em Smurf - 12 hours ago

    Great video!

  • KJEdward Cooke - Channel Youtube
    KJEdward Cooke - 13 hours ago

    Thee ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ

  • Steel Will - Channel Youtube
    Steel Will - 13 hours ago

    Gr8 Gr8 Gr8 video... It was well put together, really appreciate it... Tht view when MJ jumped from the free throw line was way sic wit it...

  • 88' MikeTyson - Channel Youtube
    88' MikeTyson - 14 hours ago

    32:02 .....greatest thing Iโ€™ve ever seen!!!! ...ITS MJS GAME!!

  • King C - Channel Youtube
    King C - 17 hours ago

    Dame I missed MJ ... dame dame dame!

  • King C - Channel Youtube
    King C - 18 hours ago

    Sometimes teams have gold in their hands and just trade it away for gold filled, am I right Blazers, how has Sam worked out for you ?again I just hope Lakers don't make that same mistake with their young core.

  • XCALEBR - Channel Youtube
    XCALEBR - 21 hours ago

    I wish this was 2 hours longer.

  • James Battle - Channel Youtube
    James Battle - 1 day ago

    Amazing film...it had me engaged for entire 50 minutes....Never seen anything like it.ย  Great job, guys!..

  • Eric Hale - Channel Youtube
    Eric Hale - 1 day ago

    Incredible video. Thank you!

  • Space Monkey Adventures - Channel Youtube
    Space Monkey Adventures - 1 day ago

    The GOAT! His Airness!

  • Tenacious Zen - Channel Youtube
    Tenacious Zen - 1 day ago

    all the LeBron fans...NEED TO WATCH THIS....there will be no more debate. That "BAD MF" wallet in Pulp Fiction?...belonged to Michael Jordan.

  • Arnario Garcia - Channel Youtube
    Arnario Garcia - 1 day ago

    This is a good video

  • John Torre - Channel Youtube
    John Torre - 1 day ago

    Joseph Vincent thank you for such a well made compiliation of the greatest ever....

  • Ignacio Espinoza - Channel Youtube
    Ignacio Espinoza - 2 days ago

    Simply amazing

  • Nick - Channel Youtube
    Nick - 2 days ago

    Thank you for uploading this. It was amazing. Happy that I got to witness MJ's greatness every night.

  • Hubris Bloviated - Channel Youtube
    Hubris Bloviated - 2 days ago

    Of course they need a super team! Lebron had a super team as well

  • adityakundala nugraha - Channel Youtube
    adityakundala nugraha - 2 days ago

    I need some sleep, but spend my 49:47 of my life just to watch this. No regrets

  • Vaneil Felmul - Channel Youtube
    Vaneil Felmul - 2 days ago

    Spectacular video editing and video art at it's best but without MJ in it, it would have been nothing. #MJGOAT 4 EVER. 2EC!

  • pagayunan gerardosr - Channel Youtube
    pagayunan gerardosr - 2 days ago

    ~"HD Very GR8est Video Ever Made 4 Jordan!"~

  • Mount Collector - Channel Youtube
    Mount Collector - 2 days ago

    NO nba player now flies like that.

  • supedzl100 - Channel Youtube
    supedzl100 - 2 days ago

    Amazing video

  • bosmang6 - Channel Youtube
    bosmang6 - 2 days ago

    Miss MJ......