Constance Wu dishes on 'Crazy Rich Asians'

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Published on Mar 15, 2018

The "Fresh Off the Boat" breakout star appears live on "GMA" to discuss the highly anticipated new film.

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  • veranya2074 - Channel Youtube
    veranya2074 - 1 week ago

    yesterday wakanda now singapore island Tiger Woods still the best

  • Tony Chan - Channel Youtube
    Tony Chan - 2 weeks ago

    Love her!!!!!

  • Lilacrose - Channel Youtube
    Lilacrose - 2 weeks ago

    The last movie I seen with an all asian cast was joy luck club

  • Sway Kid - Channel Youtube
    Sway Kid - 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful woman

  • Milesgatman - Channel Youtube
    Milesgatman - 3 weeks ago

    Can't seem to focus on Constance because of the horrendous Oompaloompa in the background...damn that fake tan is disgusting.

  • Prince White Charming - Channel Youtube
    Prince White Charming - 3 weeks ago

    The movie is an embarrassment to all Asians.

  • Prince White Charming - Channel Youtube
    Prince White Charming - 3 weeks ago

    Constant Lu

  • CcherryNjx - Channel Youtube
    CcherryNjx - 3 weeks ago

    Willll watchhjj

  • Mobile Junky - Channel Youtube
    Mobile Junky - 3 weeks ago

    She killed this interview

  • crcles - Channel Youtube
    crcles - 4 weeks ago


  • Holly D - Channel Youtube
    Holly D - 4 weeks ago

    Jessica doesn't have an accent!

  • Kay X - Channel Youtube
    Kay X - 4 weeks ago

    She's making me want to get those uuuugly Bettie Page bangs

  • sidekicKs - Channel Youtube
    sidekicKs - 4 weeks ago

    actually i knew her from the gay show eastsiders

  • Fira Syam - Channel Youtube
    Fira Syam - 4 weeks ago

    Have u guys noticed? The one who are most pissed about the cast are mostly white americans... what's up with that? Most asians from asian's country are pretty happy to see this, and think of it as a stepping stone for hollywood to produced more movies with asian actors~

  • Calida - Channel Youtube
    Calida - 4 weeks ago

    Her gesture and expression she gave him when he said "I wore them in the 90s!" 😂😂😂 oh Constance!

  • Tadashi Stark - Channel Youtube
    Tadashi Stark - 4 weeks ago

    as a vietnamese american, i'm so pumped for this movie!!! but i've heard the singaporeans are pissed :-|

  • Serapia - Channel Youtube
    Serapia - 4 weeks ago

    the host's teeth! absolutely love it

  • Simran Giri - Channel Youtube
    Simran Giri - 4 weeks ago

    I am excited for this movie

  • LG - Channel Youtube
    LG - 4 weeks ago

    I’m not into romance movies, but as an Asian.....finally some full-cast Asian representation in Hollywood!

  • Lucia Maria - Channel Youtube
    Lucia Maria - 4 weeks ago

    Every korean drama ever lmao

  • andrewho18 - Channel Youtube
    andrewho18 - 4 weeks ago

    What's Sansa Stark doing here?

  • MarionWorldwide - Channel Youtube
    MarionWorldwide - 4 weeks ago

    I lived in Singapore for 6 years. I’m going to have a blast !!!!

  • Dwight Schrute - Channel Youtube
    Dwight Schrute - 4 weeks ago

    if only Singapore really had such an eligible bachelor irl.

  • Tim Her - Channel Youtube
    Tim Her - 4 weeks ago

    Why does it offend a black person when I called them black, but it doesn't offend Asians when i call them Asians? And when I call blacks African american they get offended because they say they aren't from Africa. How do I not offend blacks????????

  • Laura Wieng - Channel Youtube
    Laura Wieng - 4 weeks ago

    Crazy rich Asian bitches!

  • dhyc777 - Channel Youtube
    dhyc777 - 4 weeks ago

    I like her, she's got charisma...

  • Funk O'Matic - Channel Youtube
    Funk O'Matic - 4 weeks ago


  • ft06jg89 - Channel Youtube
    ft06jg89 - 1 month ago

    Fire her hair dresser

  • Sway Kid - Channel Youtube
    Sway Kid - 1 month ago

    She beautiful

  • Erin Han - Channel Youtube
    Erin Han - 1 month ago

    one proud ass asian woman in the background in a sea of white faces lmao