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Published on Sep 28, 2017

In this video, you'll get to know the secrets behind the world’s 10 greatest magic tricks. Be it the best magic trick ever performed by the greatest ever known magician Houdini, or magic secrets by some of the best magicians like Dynamo, David Copperfield or Darcy Oake, you'll surely learn how to do magic tricks performed by these amazing talents on magic shows and streets. Also, once these magic secrets are finally revealed, you'll be amazed to know how easy magic tricks can be performed, once you know the recipe behind them. So, we are quite sure you all are very interested in knowing these secrets.
So, below is the featured list of the magic tricks:
- Walking On Water
- Darcy Oake's Dove Illusion
- Card From Deck Levitation Trick
- Girl Levitating In Air
- Can On A Card
- Turning Water Into Ice In A Second
- David Copperfield's Death Saw
- Twisting An iPhone
- Jamie Raven's Lemon Trick
- Houdini's Greatest Escape

So guys, if you get a chance, which one of these magic trick would you like to try?
Let us know in the comments as you might be very interested in telling us all.
Thanks for watching!

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