TGordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes

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Published on Jan 04, 2018

Gordon showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our favorite fish recipes from the archive. We hope you enjoy!
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  • Heena Khan - 2 hours ago

    Sir, I am asking you, Can I make without alchoel? beacause I'm Muslim, I want to use soda water. so please tell me, right or wrong. thank you so much.

  • Heena Khan - 2 hours ago

    sir , asked you can I make without alchoel? beacause I'm Muslim, I want to have soda water in my batter. please tell I'm going to right way.thankyou so much..

  • NotParabolicZ - 3 hours ago

    At 5:50 did he say penis in???

  • UnknownEntity - 9 hours ago

    Man Gordon Ramsay went through puberty again his voice is dead in number two

  • goodbona goodbonanza - 10 hours ago

    I like you. I love you. I want to learn from you. How i can do.

  • michael carey - 12 hours ago

    Gordon you should always work alone, your a civilized human being when your alone

  • Corcy pascal - 14 hours ago

    je lui metterais tellement des tartes à ce putain de rosbeef

  • Christopher McCarthy - 18 hours ago

    Just tried Gordon's Fish Fingers, Amazing Taste ,so quick and easy to make!

  • Heena Khan - 20 hours ago

    I have one qustion of you, what is the substitute of jinger beer ? plzz tell me.thnx alot

  • Heena Khan - 20 hours ago

    Hi, chef your all recipe is really awesome.

  • Yan Fries - 1 day ago


  • D. islah - 2 days ago

    Is it OK to use lemon and veniger in the same plate ?

  • Ivan Wang - 2 days ago


  • Anna Chatty 134 - 2 days ago

    from master chef Junior and hell's chicken.

  • ThatGamerOfYoutube - 2 days ago

    put butter... *puts the whole butter in* i dont have enough butter so i only could put so little butter there

  • BEN the BOYO. - 2 days ago

    Fridge Open noodle seal Rip sachet Pour vigorously in container Kettle Fill with water Wait till boil Pour into container Settle for 2 mintues Eat pot noodle. Lovely.

  • Avi Bonn - 2 days ago

    You make it look so easy Chef Ramsay. I'm not sure it would be like that in my kitchen. LOL.

  • Kacperros51 - 3 days ago

    And I'm here just sitting on my chair eating fish that's really expensive in my country... I just fried it, and i love it that way... Now i saw Gordon cooking fish and got even more hungry than few minutes ago... I want to try my fishes with his ricipes... But Surelly i wil fail and feel big dissappointment insted of amazing flavour...

  • Wanaree Na - 3 days ago


  • Allan Sutherland - 3 days ago

    I had to work as a chef in fine dining and not even a trained chef juggling the pans and the oven and timing plates in tables then more tables and then more which is a diff skill set which includes cooking . I am back on the road as a driver now as that is my thing but looking back and my love of food it is your vids I am watching for the best advice . I am a food photographer now on my days off and this photo stuff goes back a long way . Anyway I have seen it all and if I need to know anything about cooking I look for your vids , A .

  • DORJEE SONAM - 3 days ago

    "Just crush your nuts​" -Gordon Ramsay

  • Gavin Hickson - 3 days ago

    Did he say fresh penis?

  • LEOTEACO - 3 days ago

    3:48 sure lets get some penis in there!!

  • Cristian - 3 days ago

    5:45 for the penis and chilly

  • Totemo Oishisou - 4 days ago

    5:45 Any nuts... dry roast first over med/hi heat... there are probably a few exceptions, but not many... a little time in prepping the nuts goes a long way in my books. careful not to burn

  • Mongo Moko - 4 days ago

    Teflon pan for frying? You call yourself a cook....

  • 김대선 - 4 days ago

    구독자 576만명 ... ㅅ바

  • 김대선 - 4 days ago

    오 고든램지

  • Skizor - 4 days ago

    1080p they said :(

  • Swapnil Shirke - 4 days ago

    Amazing..... 👌👌👌👌