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Published on Jan 17, 2015

We will be live on YouNow 30 minutes after the videos up
Be patient if we seem confused!! we've never done a YouNow before!

Make sure you tell us your scores!!!!

Ripple Effect

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  • Danny Rhodes - Channel Youtube
    Danny Rhodes - 5 days ago

    The Russian roulette question, I would say yes because if you don't choose the gun with a bullet you get shit ton of money. But if you do get the bullet well then you die and that's fine with me lmao win win situation

  • Chris Resendes - Channel Youtube
    Chris Resendes - 1 week ago

    Never seen the name, "Camille," spelled "Cammie?"

  • Charlie Kimbrough - Channel Youtube
    Charlie Kimbrough - 4 weeks ago


  • Nia Simmins - Channel Youtube
    Nia Simmins - 1 month ago

    The feels

  • Jason Allen - Channel Youtube
    Jason Allen - 2 months ago

    I'm Jealous Uv Thier Luv🐼💖🐼

  • Puglifesugglife - Channel Youtube
    Puglifesugglife - 3 months ago

    pretty cause I'm ugly

  • 29Kyle92 - Channel Youtube
    29Kyle92 - 3 months ago

    I only need to be 19! :)

  • Maskppk 7 - Channel Youtube
    Maskppk 7 - 3 months ago

    I'm in school watching this, and im laughing my fucking ass off and everyone is looking at me, I'm not even mad about it, I can't hold it in for any longer!.... lol hahahahaha

  • It gets Better - Channel Youtube
    It gets Better - 4 months ago

    Is nobody gonna mention 0:20

  • Melissa Wood - Channel Youtube
    Melissa Wood - 5 months ago

    I was here for every gay moment

  • Jaime Rohman - Channel Youtube
    Jaime Rohman - 5 months ago

    I would do the roulette because I think 1/10 are good chances. Plus 5 million dollars!!! Holy shit not only would that give me the time to do the things I want without worrying about food and shelter, I could use it to take care of the people I care about. You could do so many amazing things with that money I would be ok with chancing my life

  • Miss Bookworm - Channel Youtube
    Miss Bookworm - 6 months ago

    10:9 is my favorite part

  • DAMSEL IN TUXEDO - Channel Youtube
    DAMSEL IN TUXEDO - 6 months ago

    Aww. I miss shacam. 😔 why did i ever binge watch these olds vids though? Im so stupid.

  • Helen Costa - Channel Youtube
    Helen Costa - 6 months ago

    Alguém legenda esse episódio pra espanhol ou Português

  • Becca Santos - Channel Youtube
    Becca Santos - 6 months ago

    Id take the shot tbh. its a 1/10 chance of me dying.

  • Lydia Cimbura - Channel Youtube
    Lydia Cimbura - 6 months ago

    Wait at 9:17 cammei put a blanket on the couch and it fell after and she left it there

  • Amanda Quam - Channel Youtube
    Amanda Quam - 6 months ago

    I have a family of 5

  • Bounty Wolf - Channel Youtube
    Bounty Wolf - 6 months ago

    This is my favourite video you made it’s hilarious. XD

  • ALLYSA JACKSON - Channel Youtube
    ALLYSA JACKSON - 6 months ago

    I always love the random ass clips at the end they are the best love u shannon and cammie

  • SC - Channel Youtube
    SC - 6 months ago

    I realized like four minutes after it was said that I have a family of 5...

  • Evelyn Dominguez - Channel Youtube
    Evelyn Dominguez - 7 months ago

    Totally unrelated to this but does anyone have a family of 5? Party of 5? The smith family come on down😂😂

  • hallucinogenic shroom? - Channel Youtube
    hallucinogenic shroom? - 8 months ago

    i got 0

  • Tori Nguyen - Channel Youtube
    Tori Nguyen - 8 months ago

    I miss u

  • Kim Weaver - Channel Youtube
    Kim Weaver - 8 months ago

    My mother is my super hero, it killed me when she passed away. This October 10th 2015 will be 2 years. My wife passed a month and six days after my mother of 2015 And my sister passed February 29th give years ago. The hurt is totally on so many different levels.

  • Maddison Bice - Channel Youtube
    Maddison Bice - 8 months ago

    "Or just pick 1 family" that's what I was thinking lmao 😂😂😂

  • Megan Claycomb - Channel Youtube
    Megan Claycomb - 9 months ago

    Russian roulette yes I either walk away a millionaire or die so both is great 👍

  • Shanna Arin - Channel Youtube
    Shanna Arin - 9 months ago

    I miss them together 😭

  • Rosa Costa - Channel Youtube
    Rosa Costa - 9 months ago

    Oh fuck in my family we are five

  • jenna not marbles - Channel Youtube
    jenna not marbles - 9 months ago

    "And how did that make you feel Shannon.....oh fuck it" my favourite quote of all time

  • Sheilla Mae Tabamo - Channel Youtube
    Sheilla Mae Tabamo - 10 months ago

    and the way cammie moves her hand into shannons legs... fuck im gonna die