15 YEAR OLD SINGER MARA JUSTINE Blows The Roof Off The American Idol Audition Room! Idols Global

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Published on Mar 13, 2018

15 YEAR OLD SINGER MARA JUSTINE Blows The Roof Off The American Idol Audition Room and gets a standing ovation from the judges!
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  • JohnnieRhodes - Channel Youtube
    JohnnieRhodes - 2 weeks ago

    I love the look on Katy Perry’s face every time a contestant comes on that virtually has more talent than her . Just shows how below average she is and how much more deserving these talented contestants are. It’s very justifying !!

  • Aine Lawler - Channel Youtube
    Aine Lawler - 2 weeks ago

    Amazing voice

  • Michelle Hughes - Channel Youtube
    Michelle Hughes - 4 weeks ago

    My heart broke a little when they cut her and I have to say I won't watch this show again. To dismiss talent this incredible was a HUGE mistake

  • kingsxkids - Channel Youtube
    kingsxkids - 4 weeks ago

    It appears that Janis is a bigger influence on Mara than Riahana

  • Frans Seregar - Channel Youtube
    Frans Seregar - 4 weeks ago

    ketty pery or agnez mo

  • mannix padron - Channel Youtube
    mannix padron - 1 month ago

    She is good but the face expression are killing her, so ugly

  • Sauvage Ascension - Channel Youtube
    Sauvage Ascension - 1 month ago

    I wonder why no one ever sings Tamia, Aaliyah, Tamar Braxton on American Idol.

  • Keith Purdue - Channel Youtube
    Keith Purdue - 1 month ago

    She was on AGT at age 11, and killed it then too.

  • THUGLIFE OUTDOOR - Channel Youtube
    THUGLIFE OUTDOOR - 1 month ago

    She make for this

  • Evette Arispe - Channel Youtube
    Evette Arispe - 1 month ago

    omg she is excellent for just 15yrs old.

  • Macie Rochester - Channel Youtube
    Macie Rochester - 1 month ago


  • Denise McCarty - Channel Youtube
    Denise McCarty - 1 month ago

    She was on America's Got Talent in 2014!!

  • J Fulkerson - Channel Youtube
    J Fulkerson - 1 month ago

    She won’t win because you know affirmative action

  • Donna Kowalski - Channel Youtube
    Donna Kowalski - 1 month ago

    WoW what a voice, shes amazing for 15. Definitely top 3 😀

  • Debbie Rockelmann - Channel Youtube
    Debbie Rockelmann - 1 month ago

    beautiful voice, stop making all those faces

  • all4Hisgloryalone - Channel Youtube
    all4Hisgloryalone - 1 month ago

    Now thats a singer

  • nana love tchoutchou - Channel Youtube
    nana love tchoutchou - 1 month ago

    A true Teenager ! Now when you want to see the talent of real kids, you also see the talent of fucking grown 18yo women. A lot of people don't know what is a kid or a teenager

  • Ina Ina - Channel Youtube
    Ina Ina - 1 month ago

    She reminds me of Hannah Montannah and brings back memories from my childhood 😁 The only difference is that Mara is talented and knows how to sing 😁

  • QQTrick1QQ - Channel Youtube
    QQTrick1QQ - 1 month ago

    I have followed Mara for years she has amazing voice but tends to go off on wild flourishes, if she can keep it reeled in she has a good shot for the top.

  • Angie 23 - Channel Youtube
    Angie 23 - 1 month ago

    The facial features and the piano guy😂

  • Amazing Johnny - Channel Youtube
    Amazing Johnny - 1 month ago

    She looks like Selena Gomez 😊

  • Angie Rucker - Channel Youtube
    Angie Rucker - 2 months ago

    Well I happen to like her facial expressions it's old school... Like Joe Cocker or Janis Joplin.. This Mara Chic is an old soul. .. Let the girl Rock it!!! Dam y'all!!!

  • Motorcity Madman - Channel Youtube
    Motorcity Madman - 2 months ago

    She’s got soul!

  • Clumsy Unicorn - Channel Youtube
    Clumsy Unicorn - 2 months ago

    Jeez! What a voice! Only 15 years old too! Damn!

  • Breannan Tanner - Channel Youtube
    Breannan Tanner - 2 months ago

    Love the voice but her expressions and movements make me wanna not watch. ❤️😂

  • Nick Murray - Channel Youtube
    Nick Murray - 2 months ago

    Her range is insane, she does it so effortlessly that's not what I meant😍😍

  • Cb R Flair - Channel Youtube
    Cb R Flair - 2 months ago

    mini Jospin

  • ket severe - Channel Youtube
    ket severe - 2 months ago

    She's scaring me.

  • matea krivic - Channel Youtube
    matea krivic - 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who’s annoyed by these facial expressions and acting😂

  • tamarah babe - Channel Youtube
    tamarah babe - 2 months ago

    looks very painful