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Published on Aug 17, 2013

Part 1: ABC News investigation into all-inclusive deals sold online uncovers issues.
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  • KinG - 1 hour ago

    She sucks

  • Si Mac - 5 hours ago

    Oh no, people in a poor country trying to sell things to rich American tourists. Do you know that prostitution is legal in most western countries? That is the preference of sex workers. It helps to improve their safety and income, unlike in America, where self-righteous hypocrisy and denial is preferred. Prostitution in the Dominican Republic is rife because of scumbag Americans who have gone there and created the demand. What a distasteful piece of 'reporting', so typical of the ignorance and stupidity coming out of America on a daily basis.

  • emtuoba elgoog - 5 hours ago

    why are Americans so stupid about prostitution ? and sex ?

  • Daddy Jay - 7 hours ago

    If prostitution is legal, And the beach is public then there is nothing wrong with that, respect the cultural customs that you visit,

  • Tony D - 9 hours ago

    it is done with everything you buy, CHECK MORE period, or its is your own fault

  • Robert Hadden - 10 hours ago

    They said that prostitution was legal in DR. So they are complaining about people that are conducting legal business to try to make money. The street/beach vendors are just trying to make money also. It is really easy for an American who makes a very good living to criticize people who make a fraction of that and are just trying to make a living. They hotel does need to fix the sheets.

  • Greg Smith - 11 hours ago

    The reporter should have stayed her a$$ at home.

  • david ingleby - 11 hours ago

    Now you've twisted my arm I'll have to go.

  • Local Fixx - 14 hours ago

    Don't know why you're trying to blast this place. The reporter must not travel much. Prostitution is legal there. So, how is it so shocking? Those people are struggling to survive, try being sympathetic and helpful.

  • covfefe - 15 hours ago

    Sun, sand, and prostitutes sounds like a holiday to me. What's the problem? Their rates sound great! 24 hours for 90 bucks? You wouldn't even get 20 minutes for that in Australia.

  • rafael Rojas Sosa - 15 hours ago

    Yellow press when u go cheap that what u get 144$ for a whole day with meal and drink include.

  • DA_ SUNTOUCHA - 17 hours ago

    u in DR baby...I had 3 apts down there!!!!!

  • Gary L - 18 hours ago

    IF someone wants a prostitute(s) they will always find a way to get one. If one does not want one they will not get one. They say "No, thank you". The prostitute will go away. She does not work for free. If you like that hotel, stay at that hotel. If you do not like that hotel, do not go to that hotel, or never go back there again=PROBLEMS SOLVED. Why was this a "news story"? Maybe the TV crew just wanted a field trip to the DR and some down time at the beach? That there are prostitutes, and lousy hotels everywhere in the world?=SHOCKING! (lol)

  • dinkdaplaymaka - 24 hours ago

    How’s Puerto Plata?

  • walt wayman - 24 hours ago

    why were they here anyway?

  • Gomer Hanger - 1 day ago


  • heat9open - 1 day ago

    Worst Journalism ever -Pathetic

  • Just me Just me - 1 day ago

    I would have packed up and left when I saw that stain...disgusting, you know what it is....I am sure most things in that room are bacteria ridden....sink faucets, door handles, chair arms, phone, remote....I am surprised she didn’t come back with bedbugs and the creeping crud.....

  • Ardath Bey - 1 day ago

    i'd like to fuck a black bitch

  • al walker - 1 day ago

    I've been to Boca Chica all of this is true and so much more the women walk up and have no shame u can have 3 at a time

  • Eddy Cuevas - 1 day ago


  • Eddy Cuevas - 1 day ago

    0:46 miralo ahi! Por que no privatizan la playa esa???? @Ministerio de Turismo

  • G Heald - 1 day ago

    What did you think you were getting in the 3rd world the Hilton Inn?

  • TripleAceAAA - 1 day ago

    it's legal there? damn I was there ...that could of been useful info missy

  • lizardtoenails - 1 day ago

    You guys are stupid...degrading other countries. she went to a third world country. I assure you she comes from a ghetto fam. And she wants to pretend to be riche. you suck.

  • Havaseet2 - 1 day ago

    How is this scary? You think all resorts don't have their share of this? I worked at a 4 star hotel in Florida and the "tennis coach", beach staff and receptionist could be had for a price. If you think you're getting Disneyland for $140 bucks a night and you can't ask the desk for new bedding, just stay home snowflake.

  • Ja'net Vespertine - 2 days ago

    As @Caswell says *that hotel was so cheap I should have brought my own sheets*

  • jeremiah - Celestine - 2 days ago

    Prostitutes? My thing.

  • Chris M - 2 days ago

    Ofcourse EVERYONE is SELLING something MONEY is ALL that matters ur LIVES r WORTHLESS

  • Chris M - 2 days ago

    Y is anyone surprised? This is the society we have ALL created, U GET WHAT U WANT in this shit life