TWhat Really Happened To Giuliana Rancic

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Published on Feb 17, 2018

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For well over a decade, Giuliana Rancic was everywhere on E!. From hosting red carpets, to E! News, she was one of the network's top faces, but nowadays, you don't see quite as much from this celebrity correspondent. What happened? Here are a few clues…

Scandal | 0:18
Departure rumors | 2:33
Health struggles | 3:26
Other opportunities | 4:16
Chicago girl | 4:43

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  • Lynn James - 2 hours ago

    I didn't see anything wrong with that comment

  • Angelina Pingitore - 11 hours ago

    I thought Juliana's comment was completely innocent and not a big deal. I wear oils all the time over perfume.

  • Lionel Pran - 1 day ago

    Rancid Rancic got pushed out by the this woman is so ugly wonder how she could host such a show

  • AMANI Rose - 1 day ago

    Seems like her boss J R can say what ever. I don't think people think what's good for the goose is good for the gander applied here. Hollywood stinks. I wish her only the best.

  • That One Girl - 1 day ago

    GR is not a racist. I miss her! This culture is so freaking sensitive!

  • Jake Baltimore - 2 days ago

    When I was a teen I use to watch E! News just to see Giuliana depandi...I refuse to call her Giuliana Rancic...that name is just stupid. I thought she was SUPER SUPER HOT! Then, when she got with Bill Rancic and they got married...I knew it was the beginning of the end for her career. When she married Bill Rancic...I thought, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with her? This guy just seemed like a TOTAL TOOL. Then they did the reality show, which I watched, and then I realized for sure, he was a total tool. When she married him, it made her look DESPERATE to me and I'm betting a lot of other people lost respect for her. For me, it was like...I saw this super hot chick that seemed so smart...she had the looks and she seemed to have the brains...but when she married Bill...I thought, hmmm...I think she is not as smart as she seems. It was a let down for me...It was are this super hot chick and this is the best you could do? They are total opposites...and there is nothing wrong with being opposites...the problem is, they don't COMPLEMENT each other. When I watched their reality show...he just seemed to suck the life out of her. It was his way in I'm smarter than you and this is how we are going to do this, because I know better. I'm not surprised she's had so many health issues...STRESS and UNHAPPINESS can cause a lot of health problems. But hey...they have been married for quite some time now, so if they are happy, who am I to judge? But like I said, the minute she married him, I knew her career would take an enormous hit. I could care less about the weed joke she made...I never for a minute thought she was a racist in any way shape or form, but, when people want you gone, they will use anything against you and she just happen to say something that they could twist and use against her. Oh well, that's show biz.

  • Nayla F - 2 days ago

    She’s a racist who got called out and lost her career over it. As simple as that. And totally deserved. As for Osborn.... Could she be any more irrelevant?

  • Marissa Sue - 2 days ago

    Of all people, she did NOT DESERVE THIS! ONE OF THE FEW NICEST, SWEETEST, KINDEST, MOST EMPATHETIC persons, and especially for a show like "Fashion Police", man????? This whole debacle was absurd!!

  • Marissa Sue - 2 days ago

    I still can't get over this nonsensical one! Cuz when Black America makes fun of White America (constantly too!) it's never an issue; let alone, racist!

  • Ally Phillips - 4 days ago

    Racism had nothing to do w it!!! I miss her soooo much!!!!!!!!!!

  • tammy duke - 5 days ago

    I’m not judging at all but she has judged and I pray she has ask for forgiveness. I have to just make one comment not judging but a response to her judging on this sweet beautiful young lady, she ask for forgiveness and hopefully she forgave her as I said. My response is who does she think she is commenting and judging anyone that’s too small, skinny or fat??? Judging on hair, clothing etc!!!! I’m only saying the truth I feel bad for her sicknesses and loss🙏🏻 I pray for her🙏🏻🙏🏻 she need not to say anything bad or judgmental because she needs to look at herself first!!! I won’t say what my opinion is of her but she has no room to speak of anyone’s looks!!!!! Maybe she sees that??! They say a lot of people don’t like themselves so they attack others. All I know is you too shall be judged!!!!! Prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Chris McMahon - 5 days ago

    I like guiliana di panda.

  • britannia tanuvasa - 6 days ago

    I miss Rancic, hope she comes back.

  • gaby m - 6 days ago

    I think she just stop to enjoy her beautiful life!!...she worked so hard for many she's wealthy and she just want to enjoy it till she's alive!...she's smart lady!

  • George Kolotouros - 6 days ago

    Oh no , does she have a eating disorder . She always looked undernourished .

  • Ferrara KidsClub - 7 days ago

    Dreads and patchouli are a white hippy thing too. Zandea used this situation to stay relevant but destroyed this woman's life all for a little attention. Zandea is half white. And the weed reference??? Who cares. It's freaking legal in most states. It's really sad what she did by making this a race thing for attention. I wonder if she feels guilty at all.

  • Shanto Lion - 7 days ago

    She is such a sweetheart and btw patchouli oil is amazing i use it all the time. I have been watching Juliana since she was first on E. She is so sweet. Shame on miss Osbourne pushing her under the bus...what a bitch...miss Osbourne

  • Lee Flood - 1 week ago


  • Mary Cosme - 1 week ago

    KhloeKardaschianDoesn't needToBeAManHunter,her BoyfriendHasAToodlerWith BeautifulGirlfriendHe'llBack toHisEx.findYourOwnMan.

  • Mary Cosme - 1 week ago

    GulianaRancic&HusbandBill RancicHaveSoMuchMoney noEnvySheDoesn'tNeedtoBeOnRedCarpetsOrShows anymoreDoingToMuchSoundLikeMoneyOgers...

  • Rosche Cinbar - 1 week ago

    She's a good person, her remarks on fashion police was due to bad influence by the dead Joan Rivers. All of them in the fashion police needs mouth polishing!

  • Sherloid Bai - 1 week ago

    But that chick DOES probably smell like patchouli oil, what's the big deal?

  • Cleo - 1 week ago

    What was so wrong with what she said about Zendaya?

  • Kat Blythe - 1 week ago

    I never understood why Kelly Osborne wasn't called out. You CLEARLY hear her say "weed" first THEN Giuliana said "YEAH or weed" as a follow up. Not a fan of either, but that has made so angry on her behalf. That whole thing was not accurate at ALL.

  • mj22revolution - 1 week ago

    This bitch is ugly and she has a shrunken head

  • Lidya Lu - 1 week ago

    We are becoming a nation of baby's

  • Mary Farrell - 1 week ago

    good riddance osborne. hang tight giouliana good thing will come to you

  • solo mehere - 1 week ago

    she looks like ET

  • Des Nutz - 1 week ago

    2:35- not a flattering picture

  • ethan wallace - 1 week ago

    When will she own up too having an eating disorder. She looks like an alien..