TVery Beautiful Mission in Vietnam Jungle ! Call of Duty Black Ops FPS Game on PC

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  • Fukane - 13 minutes ago

    miss this game it was majestic

  • Sajan Talpur - 5 hours ago

    game name?

  • anuradha wickramasinghe - 5 hours ago

    Ha Ha Ha to america can win Vietnam war in a computer game

  • Ashish Sonkar - 9 hours ago


  • Danh Nguyen - 13 hours ago

    Good game, but the players is so bad =((

  • khoa channel - 18 hours ago

    game j đây

  • The King - 2 days ago


  • Enjoyed Fire - 3 days ago

    Che bello,nessuno sa cosa ho scritto!

  • Madrim farm - 3 days ago

    US like fucking shit.. never win with vietnam chong... LOL

  • Samarth Kemwal - 3 days ago

    He sounds like batmam 😂

  • phucvinh056 - 3 days ago

    Fuck u USARMY Fuck u Vietnam War

  • Comet Pjfa - 3 days ago

    Put a lot of motorcycles there and it will look more realistic.

  • Kashif Balouch - 3 days ago

    American force are great hero in the world only in movie and game but reality they are zero

  • Nalbari Boyz - 4 days ago

    Is it call of duty black ops 1

  • tinh nguyen thanh - 4 days ago

    con me lu cho nguuu thua con doi lam game

  • heinz guderian - 4 days ago

    In reality they lose vietnam

  • Dap 99 Neo - 4 days ago

    Pussy America try to Hide their shame with Game

  • Lincoln Robinson - 4 days ago

    What’s the knife’s name

  • Tejas Gaikwad - 5 days ago

    TELL me some names of pc games.. Under 1gb ram.. Which is support windows 7...Firing games ok

  • Shamar Johnson - 5 days ago

    It's like a bo1 gameplay

  • nadir yacut - 5 days ago

    Nama gemnya apa

  • Rizki Ananda - 5 days ago

    Wow, So Good PC. I like That👍

  • Saranya Srangmai - 6 days ago

    Define "abandoned it" ...ran away, is more like it and left a population to be slaughtered. American's are piss weak and always have been. Just mouths but no teeth. Fools educated to be idiots. Psychotic egotist with no balls.see ya

  • Saranya Srangmai - 6 days ago

    No one ever wins, everyone loses. Its like everything that is unnatural, it is about money and power.

  • GtaBo2Hacker-_- - 6 days ago

    All these sad people argueing about the game its just virtual not real and no one cares about the Vietnam war anymore

  • Tri Hanggodo Yudo - 6 days ago

    Mainnya jelek

  • P.J. Magnone - 6 days ago

    *I am offensive and I found this American*

  • an - 7 days ago

    Oh of course american all way win the Vietnam war In game

  • SuperSSystem - 1 week ago

    ..and a beautiful propaganda

  • Rodolfus - 1 week ago

    You are soooo bad playing COD...XD