TTree House Tour - Tiny House Living on Suwannee River

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Published on Dec 14, 2017

Have you ever wanted to live amongst the birds? This tree house celebrates our co-existence with nature. It was named Mother Tree as a loving tribute to Jean, the Cornett family matriarch.

Mother Tree is located in Spirit of the Suwannee Park and has captured the hearts of children of all ages. It was designed on the fly by Michael Garnier without any technical drawings.

The roof of the structure is 45 feet above ground level with a winding metal staircase to the upper level.

Most of the Southern Yellow Pine used for the house was harvested right there within the park.

The bolts that support the tree house will also ensure the tree lives to a ripe old age of 800 to 900 years.

Builders were suspended by ropes while working and lifts were used to get the wood and granite up into the tree.

This amazing tree house can be found at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. Why not book a tour today?

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  • Aboody 18 - 2 weeks ago


  • Anna Bach - 2 weeks ago

    The architecture is fantastic - but what does this building do to the living trees? Look at the pressure it installs on them! I understand the creative idea - but if you care for all living beings - think twice! We have to respect trees in a double sense - first because they are living beings and second: because WE depend on THEM - we humans cannot live without trees to produce our air - they in turn don't need us at all - so we are the parasit.......

  • Eric Lakota - 2 weeks ago

    Hope the tree dosent fall over with any one in it as for bolts helping it live longer i dont buy it being a tree guy who cabels trees all the time

  • ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV - 4 weeks ago

    Just tell me when can I move in ! and how Chinese food an the Pizza delivery in the area ?

  • id104335409 - 1 month ago

    The way it is constructed is amazing! It is such a shame that you have to keep unwanted people out with this metal gate.

  • Mr.A.K. Makwana - 1 month ago

    Wow... very nice house on the amazing......

  • lionhiker - 2 months ago

    It sounds like, in the beginning, you state that using the garnier limb (GL) will increase the trees natural life expectancy 3 fold... That's just not possible. If the average lifespan of the tree is 300 years, it will not live for 900 years. The point at which the GL penetrates the tree will become stronger (maybe by 3 x) as the tree heals around it.

  • Egaladeist - 2 months ago

    It's definitely a great tree house but how much did it cost to build and how much more would it cost to make it a viable home? I suspect to make it a livable year round residence it likely would cost more than than a house with 2 or 3 times the living space. That's the problem with these alternative living spaces whether it's a tree house or a tiny home, they're cute sure, but they tend to cost more per footage than a normal home. The cheap ones are ones people build themselves and most of us aren't pioneers and couldn't build one structurally sound if our life depended on it.

  • HRD 77 - 2 months ago

    Where's the bedrooms??

  • steve donzi - 2 months ago

    Suwannee People! We have a place on the Suwannee near luraville. We are amazed at the job you did here. We are absolutely impressed and we are thrilled to see other people with a passion for the Suwannee valley like we do. Truly magnificent job.

  • Richard - 3 months ago

    Another awesome video . Thank you

  • Pidasian Hippie - 3 months ago

    I was hoping that you would give us a tour of the tree house. This is such an interesting story. Thank you for bringing this to us. It is such a great tribute to the Matriarch of the family.

  • Ivan Snz - 3 months ago

    Wow id love to live there!