MOST Crazy Cats Annoying Babies, If You Laugh You Lose Challenge, Funny Cats Videos by Animals TV

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Published on Oct 10, 2017

MOST Crazy Cats Annoying Babies, If You Laugh You Lose Challenge, Funny Cats Videos by Animals TV

Funny Cats Videos – So funny and crazy cats video, they make you non stop laughing.
Wish people watching fun video :)
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  • Kajol Mandol - Channel Youtube
    Kajol Mandol - 26 minutes ago


  • Kajol Mandol - Channel Youtube
    Kajol Mandol - 26 minutes ago

    kamrale bujhbi sala

  • Noor Krom - Channel Youtube
    Noor Krom - 34 minutes ago

    I can be so angry about this stuff, this is not crazy cats doing facktapp thing by kids this is kids making cats angry and the kid get slapt. I really don't like to see that parents don't give a fack about their kids doing wrong this with animals.

  • o6u J - Channel Youtube
    o6u J - 45 minutes ago


  • Lovely dolly ka Chennal - Channel Youtube
    Lovely dolly ka Chennal - 3 hours ago

    I don’t like cats this reaction kids not safe its not good plz don’t do this for little babies 👶 morning

  • Yola Afrina - Channel Youtube
    Yola Afrina - 5 hours ago

    No you are wrong😈😈😈

  • Abdurrahman Ergün - Channel Youtube
    Abdurrahman Ergün - 5 hours ago

    @2.57 this cat is recist

  • thomas seven - Channel Youtube
    thomas seven - 6 hours ago

    Unlike dogs, cats are kind of dicks.

  • Nicki Archie - Channel Youtube
    Nicki Archie - 9 hours ago

    what confuses me is that I understand it's all fun & games for the parents but when I see anyone or anyTHING make my child cry I'm P.O'd...why are the parents laughing. Is there a possibility one of the cats could possibly get comfortable doing what they're doing & eventually really hurt the child?

  • Saeed Maqsood - Channel Youtube
    Saeed Maqsood - 10 hours ago

    People would do anything to get attention kids might get hurt or lose eyes.

  • Victoria m - Channel Youtube
    Victoria m - 12 hours ago

    Not funny at all! These awful parents laughing at their children and full grown tigers! Oh wait. Nope just cats? Never mind.

  • Carolyn Nigro - Channel Youtube
    Carolyn Nigro - 13 hours ago

    If the family cat attacked my baby - Id kick it like a football out the window.

  • Ana Gutierrez - Channel Youtube
    Ana Gutierrez - 17 hours ago

    No me gustan estos gatos , les veo agresivos con los niños, a la próxima vez que hagan al a los niños , fuera de casa

  • Olof Persson - Channel Youtube
    Olof Persson - 17 hours ago

    Hahaha, shitty parenting... hahahahaha!

  • fishface123ism - Channel Youtube
    fishface123ism - 17 hours ago

    These are just horrible...most are of a baby and they can't fend off a cat, or of a baby hurting a cat. It's stupid and harmful from both ways and the idiotic parents just say stupid to the cat, "don't bite the baby"....

  • fishface123ism - Channel Youtube
    fishface123ism - 17 hours ago

    The second instance, 33 seconds in, and the little girl is really making the cat mad...and parents just keep on filming...WOW. I don't think I can watch this.

  • Kenneth Ketchum - Channel Youtube
    Kenneth Ketchum - 20 hours ago

    if i ever see the purple smart mattress guy, i'm punching him right in the mouth,

  • nuralya izzati - Channel Youtube
    nuralya izzati - 20 hours ago

    That is the way cat playing with their kitten....they bite and not use thier claws instead

  • Aafke Blootvoetje - Channel Youtube
    Aafke Blootvoetje - 1 day ago

    Wel the not laughing challenge was not very difficult... declawing is not a lauging matter, letting you're kids annoy you're cats isn't funny... teach you're child say hit me and let a declawed cat hit her is not funny... when the cat has it's claws yes hit the damn child, because she deserved it

  • gaming fever - Channel Youtube
    gaming fever - 1 day ago

    This cat is attacking on children

  • Desiree Townsend - Channel Youtube
    Desiree Townsend - 1 day ago

    My cat bit me, i had surgery. Same cat got bit by a different cat and died. These parents are absolutely STUPID and dont deserve pets nor children.

  • It's MUSTAFA - Channel Youtube
    It's MUSTAFA - 1 day ago

    I need a cat in my life

  • redrastor - Channel Youtube
    redrastor - 1 day ago

    All these female experts in every comment section, on every social media platform, giving there expert opinion on any social or general topic the internet has to offer......SMH

  • SoilentGr33n - Channel Youtube
    SoilentGr33n - 2 days ago

    Lots of people can't tell the difference between play fighting and a real pissed off cat. There were not one truly angry cat in this video, but a few of them were arguably midly annoyed. When you have two or more cats and you watch them live together, you learn a lot about how they act with you and your kids. Cats are much wilder than dogs and they play rough as hell that's why you need to be careful. If you can take it then go right ahead and wrestle with your 20 lbs maine coon a bit it's lovely. If these cats felt threatened they would walk away or hiss, none of them were cornered.

  • Bryony Carr - Channel Youtube
    Bryony Carr - 2 days ago

    Not funny in the slightest, how very irresponsible of those parents. Note I won’t visiting anybody’s home with my that has a cat

  • Оля Бышенко - Channel Youtube
    Оля Бышенко - 2 days ago

    Америкосы вы дебилы! Нет ничего смешного того что кот кидается на ребёнка, тем более в лицо. А если глазное яблоко повредит, тоже смеяться будите козлы???? У вас забирать нужно детей

  • Sajid Rehman - Channel Youtube
    Sajid Rehman - 2 days ago

    Funny Accident-Kids Playing Accident-Best Funny Clips:

  • Alexandria - Channel Youtube
    Alexandria - 2 days ago

    This is not remotely funny.

  • pykkervots - Channel Youtube
    pykkervots - 2 days ago

    Cats don't play, they're not in the game to be 'friendly'. I don't think they like children or they at least see them as rivals

  • G Money - Channel Youtube
    G Money - 2 days ago

    all these cats must be declawed cause mine wouldput these kids in the hospital