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Published on Feb 25, 2018

These makeup hacks are so versatile! Waterproof makeup, proper peeling of your face and body skin tips and more!

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  • 5-Minute Crafts - Channel Youtube
    5-Minute Crafts - 3 months ago

    14:08 This one is pretty awesome! :)

  • Mary Roba - Channel Youtube
    Mary Roba - 1 hour ago

    That music.....

  • Amelia Kish - Channel Youtube
    Amelia Kish - 6 hours ago

    chapped lips why don’t u just buy some chapstick

  • Shayna H - Channel Youtube
    Shayna H - 7 hours ago


  • Rachel Mulligan - Channel Youtube
    Rachel Mulligan - 9 hours ago

    I think I just wasted my life I wouldn't use any of there hacks

  • Zaidu Nazim - Channel Youtube
    Zaidu Nazim - 9 hours ago

    Some craft are is useless

  • Mio-Chan - Channel Youtube
    Mio-Chan - 10 hours ago


  • navid kazemi - Channel Youtube
    navid kazemi - 12 hours ago

    These are really good

  • Grumpy InTheMorning - Channel Youtube
    Grumpy InTheMorning - 18 hours ago

    I've used the hair conditioner for shaving my legs for yrs. You can also buy cheap skin lotion at Dollar Stores in place of shaving cream. Both works great.

  • Jo 4Zmama - Channel Youtube
    Jo 4Zmama - 18 hours ago

    They're great ideas, I just can't get into doing them, I'm so plain Jane.

  • Efat TM - Channel Youtube
    Efat TM - 19 hours ago


  • tim dolan - Channel Youtube
    tim dolan - 1 day ago

    thanks for the tips tim dolan

  • Lacey Webster - Channel Youtube
    Lacey Webster - 1 day ago

    Can you please give some toys

  • Alessandra Ysobelle - Channel Youtube
    Alessandra Ysobelle - 1 day ago

    what a waste of an expensive beauty blender

  • Latha Anil - Channel Youtube
    Latha Anil - 1 day ago

    Hallo 5minute craft iam in kerala

  • Brigite Cardoso - Channel Youtube
    Brigite Cardoso - 1 day ago

    who likes 5 minutes carf

  • Gerrold Suazon - Channel Youtube
    Gerrold Suazon - 2 days ago

    Ummmm hello we do not need that we have liptints duhhh

  • Twisted Artdesigns - Channel Youtube
    Twisted Artdesigns - 2 days ago

    Some of these are just crazy, some are good.

  • CarlyTheKittycorn - Channel Youtube
    CarlyTheKittycorn - 2 days ago


  • Corinne Graddick - Channel Youtube
    Corinne Graddick - 2 days ago

    these are so cool

  • Life Is Beautiful - Channel Youtube
    Life Is Beautiful - 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice one thing?There's a Bright Side's video

  • Serena Camposeo - Channel Youtube
    Serena Camposeo - 2 days ago

    why can’t the men know these hacks too??

  • Lewis Gardner - Channel Youtube
    Lewis Gardner - 2 days ago

    Most of these apply to men as well.

  • Miz Cracker - Channel Youtube
    Miz Cracker - 2 days ago

    “Makeup hacks every WOMAN should know” ummmmmm makeup is not just for women

  • aleem zaki - Channel Youtube
    aleem zaki - 2 days ago

    5:57 how much days it is usable, ??

  • Bharat Raj - Channel Youtube
    Bharat Raj - 2 days ago

    What is witch hazel

  • shaziya kouser - Channel Youtube
    shaziya kouser - 2 days ago

    What is her name

  • Forever Marc's Fan - Channel Youtube
    Forever Marc's Fan - 2 days ago

    10:03 your teeth is yellow😫😫

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    Melody Likes Sans - 3 days ago

    15:53 noononononononononononononoNOOO

  • Maria Camelia Mirica - Channel Youtube
    Maria Camelia Mirica - 3 days ago

    Omg the music pls! :D otherwise the video is absolutely entertaining, these crafts are something else! Props for the creativity