Conan Goes Hookah Shopping In Bethlehem - CONAN on TBS

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Published on Sep 23, 2017

Conan accidentally buys a purely-decorative hookah at an open air market in Bethlehem.

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  • Richard Jangles - Channel Youtube
    Richard Jangles - 12 hours ago

    Palestinians seem so friendly

  • sassyleochick - Channel Youtube
    sassyleochick - 1 day ago

    And this is why I live Conan!

  • Ģangsta Mini Mę - Channel Youtube
    Ģangsta Mini Mę - 2 days ago

    Apartheid hell hole

  • llinkii - Channel Youtube
    llinkii - 2 days ago

    when i go hookah shopping i go to amsterdam..

  • Sub ZerO - Channel Youtube
    Sub ZerO - 3 days ago

    والله ياعيال سامي طلع شاذ 😂

  • Omar Jacob - Channel Youtube
    Omar Jacob - 3 days ago

    It's Palestine,

  • Lion Saddam - Channel Youtube
    Lion Saddam - 4 days ago

    😂😂😂❤Welcome to Arab world

  • Tasyaus Norseman - Channel Youtube
    Tasyaus Norseman - 4 days ago

    Conan !.!.. you are so awesome

  • Ahlam Soliman - Channel Youtube
    Ahlam Soliman - 4 days ago

    I love American or not Arab when they act funny when they come to middle east

  • ان امير - Channel Youtube
    ان امير - 4 days ago

    Welcome to palestine😘😘😘😘

  • Ahmed mohammed Rami - Channel Youtube
    Ahmed mohammed Rami - 4 days ago


  • Oman hamad - Channel Youtube
    Oman hamad - 5 days ago

    American Jews visit their relatives in lsrael

  • burrelldarien - Channel Youtube
    burrelldarien - 5 days ago


  • all over - Channel Youtube
    all over - 5 days ago

    When arab says " he have a white heart " they mean that he is a nice guy ! But translating it to english makes it funny and silly it can be sayed inly in arabic to be understood

  • Sami hustler - Channel Youtube
    Sami hustler - 5 days ago

    2:36 is it winned or won? I think he mispronounced..

  • נתי ג׳ו - Channel Youtube
    נתי ג׳ו - 6 days ago


  • Basil 090 - Channel Youtube
    Basil 090 - 6 days ago

    I just want to notice on something here , this video shows that Palestinian people are happy and safe in their home and etc... But the reality is the opposite. The reason for writing this is to tell the amircan people your media is deceiving you in many ways.

  • bisso sharma - Channel Youtube
    bisso sharma - 6 days ago

    Damn it Conan is presenting Hamas terrorist as friendly people. Antisemitic.

  • bisso sharma - Channel Youtube
    bisso sharma - 6 days ago

    so they are not all Hamas terrorist?

  • Eastwood Westwood - Channel Youtube
    Eastwood Westwood - 6 days ago

    Wow Conan in Palestine!Interesting!

  • Just Nameless - Channel Youtube
    Just Nameless - 6 days ago

    the translations are so off in the end

  • Dylan Nolan - Channel Youtube
    Dylan Nolan - 6 days ago

    That looked fun.

  • FavJam - Channel Youtube
    FavJam - 6 days ago

    Well these kind people are being killed right now by israeli forces. Damn it i can’t take it anymore 😫 Why does America support israel? it’s so not fair we should be helping the Palestinians who own that land.

  • Laxman Mahato - Channel Youtube
    Laxman Mahato - 7 days ago


  • David Stein - Channel Youtube
    David Stein - 7 days ago

    Ohhh Dude 😂😂😂

  • S B - Channel Youtube
    S B - 7 days ago

    Why don't we stop all the hate and live together and fight the guys who said stuff like to make war or bad things

  • Abdelatif Bendaikha - Channel Youtube
    Abdelatif Bendaikha - 7 days ago


  • Mouad Chalhaoui - Channel Youtube
    Mouad Chalhaoui - 1 week ago

    فلسطين حرة تحياتي لكم من المغرب

  • v Gladi - Channel Youtube
    v Gladi - 1 week ago

    At 4:43 when the arabic guy says something he was saying “come in come lets play under the shower” lmfao

  • respeezy - Channel Youtube
    respeezy - 1 week ago

    Nice to see these people have Some humor and are not thinking about killing and hating 24/7