TStreet Food & Insane SEAFOOD in Mumbai India

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Published on Apr 04, 2018

If you love street food, then Juhu Beach is the place to be when in Mumbai. It's a popular hangout place for locals and tourists where you can find a variety of stalls selling Indian food, Pan Asian food, and all sorts of desserts.

Right after the stop for street food, we went to a Gomantak Restaurant that specializes in Malvani cuisine, which basically serves a lot of seafood. One of the must-try items was the Bombay Duck Fry (which isn't duck, but fish) as well as the Pomfret Masala.

Shawarmas are a very popular street snack in India, and I went a little crazy and went for a chocolate shawarma that a nearby restaurant stall sold. It was pretty interesting and a combination I have never thought of.

Finally, we ended it all with some Kulfi! Kulfi is a very authentic type of Indian ice cream that is super creamy! The man who sells it has been at this location for over 23 years! What's crazy is that he gets up every morning, makes it for 5-6 hours, rides his bike for one hour (with this huge bin of kulfi ON the bike), sells it, rides his bike back, and repeats! His hard work really pays off, because this was probably the best kulfi I have had in India.

1:15 Juhu Beach

11:01 Nice Fast Food Corner

13:19 Konkan Swad

18:57 Shawarma (Chocolate Shawarma)
Food stall next to Yasin's Food Inn

21:39 Kulfi Stall (he sells it from about 5pm-1am)
Located across the street from a parking lot and a bus station on Lokhandwala Complex Rd (a 1 min walk) near Lokhandwala Circle, Shastri Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047

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