TAndy Samberg's Three Questions for Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Published on Sep 15, 2016

Andy Samberg, an admitted lover of science and technology, has a few questions for astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, including the moral parameters of sex with robots.

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  • mtrom30 - 8 hours ago

    We are all dumb.....NDT is not dumb

  • Alekk Trebekk - 10 hours ago

    He never answered about time travel!!

  • Jill Pickle3223 - 3 days ago

    Neil always has awesome ties

  • • • • • • - 5 days ago

    i love andy lmfao

  • Nun Ya - 5 days ago

    Seeing how close this 3 are sitting together makes me very uncomfortable

  • grkpektis - 1 week ago

    Carbon based life forms might be common but are the properties of a planet for a carbon based life form to live common?

  • Broderick West - 1 week ago

    He sounds ridiculous! Tyson is a paid actor. And just memorized a bunch of things. The Earth is Flat. Do more research.

  • souslicer - 1 week ago

    "They are the 3 more common ele..or wait fuck there is helium.. 3 more common chemically active elements"..nailed it

  • A S - 1 week ago

    andy is such a babe

  • Rift WaIker - 2 weeks ago

    The basterd skip the second question

  • Ross Hildick - 3 weeks ago

    what about time travel?

  • TeeVee Beatbox - 4 weeks ago

    I believe in Natural Time Travel, (Wormholes) Not Artificial Time Travel

  • Fantasy Couch - 4 weeks ago

    So time travel... definitely possible

  • Crypto Couch - 4 weeks ago


  • Mariano Yalour - 4 weeks ago

    Time travel confirmed. He just sent us into the future so that we don't listen to the second answer.

  • humbletruth - 1 month ago

    He didn’t want to explain how traveling through time is traveling through space, when you travel through space time you dont end up in the same exact universe/reality you were initially in, think of those barber shops that have mirrors on opposite both walls , when you travel through time you travel into the next middle mirror

  • cute hure - 1 month ago

    tyson is a complete lying WANKER. That MORON gets lots of money for talking crap as for that retard cordon or what ever he's called how the fuck has he even got a job , REALLY!! ooohh yeaa that's right he is talent free so he sold his soul I get it now . MORONS....

  • Michael Holmgaard - 1 month ago

    I wanted to hear about time travel :/

  • mike Last - 1 month ago

    but...what about time travel

  • Annem Burada - 1 month ago

    No penséis que he venido para traer paz a la tierra; no he venido para traer paz, sino espada ESPADA para cortarte la cabeza,dice tu dios

  • Kenneth Keyt - 1 month ago

    reggie watts obviously clapped because he's an alien

  • Imortal Dragon - 1 month ago

    He forgot 1 question

  • Straef - 1 month ago

    I've always wondered why scientists seem to stick to the idea that alien life could only be carbon-based. What's the reason behind this? Maybe I've got some unrealistic expectations, but wouldn't it be possible for there to be elements out there that we don't know about which could also support lifeforms? It's just that the idea of sticking to carbon-based lifeforms seems like of restrictive to me...

  • simon manzer - 1 month ago

    He so smart but couldn't remember there were 3 questions

  • Julien SC - 1 month ago

    but..but... time travel ?

  • Relaxman 690 - 1 month ago

    Genuine interesting stuff, then.... Eh, James Corden.......

  • Nightmare King - 1 month ago

    He never talked about space travel.

  • Toby James - 1 month ago

    He completely swerved that question about time travel being real , everybody on here getting caught up in the 'sex with a robot' question. #merica

  • ghouljoe x - 1 month ago

    He did not answer about time travel.

  • Viktor Ragnar Washuus - 2 months ago

    Wait so if you have sex with your partners identical twin, it isn't cheating?