John Krasinski Broke Chris Pratt with A Quiet Place

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

John Krasinski talks about the positive reactions to A Quiet Place including one from Chris Pratt, designing the film's monsters and his favorite joke from The Office.
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John Krasinski Broke Chris Pratt with A Quiet Place- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Categoy: Comedy

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  • Holden McGroin - Channel Youtube
    Holden McGroin - 3 days ago

    Near the end when Emily shot the alien in the face I yelled out in the theater “that’s hot”

  • jcb3393 - Channel Youtube
    jcb3393 - 4 days ago

    Seth's "reaction" was so cringey...

  • Frozenpelt Warrior - Channel Youtube
    Frozenpelt Warrior - 4 days ago

    There's more than one of them, so their obviously having babies!

  • Ismael Montano - Channel Youtube
    Ismael Montano - 5 days ago

    secretly he is bobcat

  • dakotamax2 - Channel Youtube
    dakotamax2 - 5 days ago

    How did Seth land this show? He is mediocre at best.

  • Michelle Cox Photography - Channel Youtube
    Michelle Cox Photography - 6 days ago

    Baby - "If tv is this good, I wanna get out" hahaha

  • Jack - Channel Youtube
    Jack - 1 week ago

    Seth is a Liberal shill

  • Sarah LeGeek - Channel Youtube
    Sarah LeGeek - 1 week ago

    I really enjoy Emily and John, but the movie is sh*t

  • J Bone - Channel Youtube
    J Bone - 2 weeks ago

    Dude Chris Pratt is gana kick your ass bro... Don't mess with Starlord

  • Square Root - Channel Youtube
    Square Root - 2 weeks ago

    Yeah yeah, everyone at ILM is laughing their asses off watching the video of John Krasinski crawling on all 4 like a doofus!! Hilarious.

  • Steve Leahy - Channel Youtube
    Steve Leahy - 2 weeks ago

    Thumbs down for 15 second ad

  • kopec82 - Channel Youtube
    kopec82 - 2 weeks ago

    I did watch a quite place cause of Chris Pratt recommendation he was correct

  • Wobble King - Channel Youtube
    Wobble King - 2 weeks ago

    Chris kind of vaguely spoiled a part of the movie by saying "2 kids".

  • Evan Belisle - Channel Youtube
    Evan Belisle - 2 weeks ago

    Ok now let’s get John Krasinski and Jordon Peele to co direct the best horror film ever made.

  • Jimothy Snooker - Channel Youtube
    Jimothy Snooker - 2 weeks ago

    was that just a spoiler?

  • SillyBanana19 - Channel Youtube
    SillyBanana19 - 2 weeks ago

    Was that Seth Meyers reviewing the movie or a Bill Burr impersonation? Haha!

  • MagnumPiCactus - Channel Youtube
    MagnumPiCactus - 2 weeks ago

    A Quiet Place is dope af, I haven’t been this hyped about a movie in a few years. I definitely recommend it.

  • Weasel - Channel Youtube
    Weasel - 2 weeks ago

    Honestly he can be the new Wolverine. Called it first

  • Damien Eisenhower - Channel Youtube
    Damien Eisenhower - 2 weeks ago

    Seth sounded like Bill Burr when he did the camera one close up video thingy mabobber

  • Jiayi Tang - Channel Youtube
    Jiayi Tang - 3 weeks ago

    i watched the bloopers of them laughing over the TV.... o god i laughed like mad right along with them

  • ronnie mori - Channel Youtube
    ronnie mori - 3 weeks ago

    John is a hidden gem.....I wouldnt be surprised if the MCU would cast him...

  • Jimmy McManus - Channel Youtube
    Jimmy McManus - 3 weeks ago

    I love the office and I didn’t know it was Jim. Damn that beard tho

  • AnimaL - Channel Youtube
    AnimaL - 3 weeks ago

    You sounded like Bill Burr! lol

  • DaFunkyHorse420 - Channel Youtube
    DaFunkyHorse420 - 3 weeks ago

    Chris Pratt is so funny 😂😂 he's the real life Star Lord

  • Jordan Holyan - Channel Youtube
    Jordan Holyan - 3 weeks ago

    0:38 literally my favorite joke too "I can stand here and watch tv all day

  • RayRay Hz - Channel Youtube
    RayRay Hz - 3 weeks ago

    Crisp rat :)

  • Sam Agnew - Channel Youtube
    Sam Agnew - 3 weeks ago

    Seth Meyers looks like Ben Stiller.

  • Melanie Filips - Channel Youtube
    Melanie Filips - 3 weeks ago

    that is the guy from the office my dad loves that show

  • Fortune Gulab - Channel Youtube
    Fortune Gulab - 4 weeks ago

    It's such an amazing movie. So new. He directed it, co-wrote the screen play. Just fantastic!!!

  • beau trogen - Channel Youtube
    beau trogen - 4 weeks ago

    Does anyone else feel like Seth is the evil twin?