TTrump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

President Donald Trump announced he ordered strikes on the Syrian regime in response to a chemical weapons attack last weekend.

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  • Waylon Jones - 2 hours ago

    Big mistake

  • Mr Robot - 3 hours ago

    Logic, Syrian They bomb themselves, USA bomb them saying why did you bomb yourself, Syria says " Why you wont let us solve our problem" USA bombs again " Why wont you let us solve your problem" Other countries Bomb Syria why wont you let us all help you. Syria " OMG why? "

  • fEARLESS S-B - 6 hours ago

    Oh snap! I admit my dad to smoke some weed with me.

  • Paul Groce - 11 hours ago


  • Matthew Playz - 11 hours ago


  • funk yuns - 12 hours ago


  • Sunday Plaster - 13 hours ago

    Bush also said Sadam Hussain "gassed his own people". how many times do we get that as a reason to bomb the fuck out of more innocent people for empire building? The Greater Israel Project is the modern day Manifest Destiny in the middle east.

  • Snide 2 - 16 hours ago

    I saw some birds fly by today and wondered why they are free to fly and live as they please and we, mankind, needs to be governed, ruled and controlled? If birds can be free then why can't we? And if our man-made rules are there as we are led to believe for our own protection, why is it that we continue to self-destruct? If the innumerable rules we already have can't keep us from destroying ourselves and this planet, are more rules the solution? How many more do we need to survive? Or rather, is it the rules themselves that are the cause of our own demise? If you believe in bible stories, hmmm, wasn't it a single rule, not to eat a certain fruit that lost paradise? Had there been no rules, might paradise still be here today? Today we have more rules than can be counted and the effect seems to be very much the same, Earth lost. If there were no rules would we live in harmony? Are rules the problem? Is freedom the ultimate solution we are searching for? It seems to be working for everything else but us. Wouldn't it be nice to try freedom and see. Imagine to be as free as a bird and live and fly as you please. Here's the solution; Voluntarism is derived from the Latin “voluntas,” meaning “will.” Voluntarism is the principle or policy that all human interaction should be based on voluntary participation and the rejection of all human interaction based on coercion. Voluntarism has an affirmative connotation and can stand alone, being that it is a positive act of will rather than an aversion to the state. The driving principle behind voluntarism is the non-aggression principle. The non-aggression principle is the concept that no person has the right to initiate force against another. No person, no group, no organization, no corporation and no state has the right to initiate aggression against anybody else. In practical terms, Voluntarism and Anarchy have the same general implication: the formulation of a society based on voluntary association rather than coercive means. However, there does seem to be a confusion in the anarchist community about this concept. It seems to be based in a distortion of language, stemming from a long-held cultural misconception in the meaning of anarchy being misrepresented as “chaos.” Anarchy is not the absence of rules; it is the absence of rulers. Chaos, at the present time, resides in the predication of the legalized monopoly on violence known as government. The only order we can establish in a free society is that which is had through voluntary interaction between willing and peaceable participants...

  • The Bruce - 16 hours ago

    Where we droppin' boys?

  • Jeff st-pierre - 16 hours ago

    The Dawn of WWIII

  • lee leod - 16 hours ago

    Fuck the US, UK, FRANCE dogs, Syria has nothing to do with you fucking guys, Fuck off back to your fucking dogs house, stop hurting innocent people!

  • Brianshere - - 20 hours ago

    If you could make three politicians disappear in any way who would they be?

  • abboudi aziz - 21 hours ago

    never seen a president of a country hitting his inoccent people with gas from air he must be judjed for it

  • 源子 东宫 - 23 hours ago

    Bull shit.........perhaps the representative of the United States will take a tube of detergent to the United Nations, just like the Iraq war.

  • Mikhail Kapralov - 23 hours ago

    I heard there are cemical and nuclear weapon in USA...Maybe NATO should bomb USA instead??? (sarcasm)

  • Mikhail Kapralov - 23 hours ago

    U should start a dialog with Assad about cutting off his chemical wepons. You always use only force, army, pressure but not diplomacy. Shame on you USA! Treat people as you want them treat you.

  • هوك إهسانول - 24 hours ago

    I hope kim John un nukes Usa •_•

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    why is the invention machine?. so cause usa people.

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    usa,in china many smog and polution is happen, so because invention of the machin. usa,your cause usa.

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    usa to russia impossibility is victor!

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    usa,do'nt bother to russia

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    american in a mind is greasy and neusea!

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    but is in people america 1elite do is it light mind.

  • 이송민 - 1 day ago

    america people in black-human and white-human alike skin cheese,so we yellow human is a alike skin is stone!

  • Stephen McAllister - 1 day ago

    we did the right thing

  • RickHard26 Myers - 1 day ago

    Trump stop what u are doing please try to make peace not war don't let there more children die please children is all are future

  • CHIRAQ VIETNAM - 1 day ago


  • CHIRAQ VIETNAM - 1 day ago

    🇬🇧🇺🇸🎭God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Whitehead - 2 days ago

    So many Democrats now realise Trump's not as bad as there where led to believe.

  • ONEOFIASHUAAMI - 2 days ago