TTop 10 Most Amazing Treasures Found by Accident

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Published on Jan 30, 2018

Treasures are found all the time, from ancient artefacts to modern masterpieces, but most of the time they're only discovered after extensive research.Here are the stories of the top 10 most amazing treasures to ever be found by accident.
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Be Amazed at these 10 Most Amazing Treasures Found by Accident! The World’s Largest Pearl - We’ve all stored objects under our beds at some point, but for one fisherman from the Philippines there was more than just pocket change beneath his furniture. Uncle Sam Diamond - The Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas attracts visitors from all around the world for one reason- if you’re lucky, you might just find yourself a diamond. Atari Games Landfill - Nowadays Atari aren’t at the top of the list when you think of important video games developers, but back in the 80s they were at the cutting edge of the industry. The Dead Sea Scrolls - There are so many unexplored places in the world that you can never be sure quite when the next amazing find will be made. Valuable Artworks - Next time you look through a storage locker it’s worth keeping an eye out for anything unusual, because you may just be holding onto something that’s worth far more than you could possibly imagine.

Rosetta Stone - The Rosetta stone is one of the most important artefacts that has ever been found, and was vital in learning how to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. Chinese Bowl - Garage sales are another place that valuable items can be found, and one New York family hit the jackpot in 2007. Secret Stash of Comics - In 2011, Michael Rorrer of Virginia began the task of clearing out his recently deceased Great Aunt’s home. The Terracotta Army - Famers from the small Xiyang Village in China were out one day in 1974 when they accidentally discovered one of the most important finds in archaeological history. Hanuman Dhoka Palace Treaure - In 2011 workers began renovations on Hanuman Dhoka , a former 16th century royal palace in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

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    They did not find the E.T. Atari game by accident, they dug trough piles of trash to unearth them. There's a whole documentary on this.

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    I'm surprised to know about Hanuman Dhoka, never heard in the news. May be those treasure were taken by king or government.

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    The story of the terracotta Warriors Qin Shi Huangdi was a leader of the Qin Dynasty....... When he died at 210 BCE, people made those warriors so that Qin Shi Huangdi would be with soldiers in the after life..... Plz dont get made IF i am wrong

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    Top 10 Most Amazing Treasures Found by Accident

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    In india there is much bigger than these treasures ANANTHA PADHMANABHA SWAMY TEMPLE KERALA

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