TSick Kitten heals right up on Enzo's birthday! what a week!

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Published on Mar 17, 2018

This video is a few days late as I had to edit it first and it was supposed to be the first video about Enzo's birthday!
This kitten was off balance.
Eyes were moving side to side.
Then just lying down ,sleeping
I gave charcoal pill dissolved in water ,incase it might have been poison.
but the next morning she is perfectly fine .
I am sure she had a concussion after falling from a curtain .
had some difficulty waking her up the next morning but now she is fine!
cleaning the tigers pool!
Happy birthday Enzo!

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  • EDK ReefMeister - 1 week ago

    seems like a nuerological issue. :Edit yay shes ok. :)

  • ibd1977 - 2 weeks ago

    Looks like a human version of vertigo.

  • Angela Shevlin - 3 weeks ago

    Glad she is fine 🐈💋

  • kumar manohar - 3 weeks ago

    Install camera in your house, when you are not around. It will tell you their story. Michael jamison

  • jessica west - 4 weeks ago

    typically if your pet gets a good knock to the head rub sugar on the gums, it'll help them the samething happened to my pup and i called the vet and she said rub sugar on the gums i was reluctant but tried it and it worked.

  • sardabeast #jointhevirus - 4 weeks ago

    Poor girl looks a tad dizzy, it's relieving that she's feeling better!

  • Estelle Beauzile - 4 weeks ago

    I am happy your kitty cat has recovered

  • Bianca Del Read-A-Hoe - 4 weeks ago

    call her oreo! :P

  • Shannon Binnington - 4 weeks ago

    I think the kitten had a stroke cause that’s what happened to my cat but he died from it as he had 2 in one week😭😕

  • Ed Mason - 4 weeks ago

    Poor kitty :(

  • Protector Drone - 1 month ago

    he is my favorite kitten I remember him in the other video playing with his brothers

  • Teresa Reid - 1 month ago

    Am late seeing this, but am praying that he went to the vet and they found out what happened to him. I can't watch it because it really upsets me to see sick little ones. Could never be a vet. If he ate something poisonous, the vet would have an antedote hopefully. Don't wait just take him right away!

  • Nevada Mello - 1 month ago

    Poor kitty, glad it's feeling better. Your'e so sweet to the animals Micheal. ❤️

  • Danielle Zepess - 1 month ago


  • LindaLee EVPeace - 1 month ago


  • LindaLee EVPeace - 1 month ago

    I'm so glad to see the kitten is doing better! Yes, she probably fell and hit her head. She's lucky!♡☆☆☆☆☆

  • LindaLee EVPeace - 1 month ago

    Is the kitty ok now??? Was the kitten anywhere near where the lightening hit?

  • Michael Craig McGee - 1 month ago

    Poor little thing.

  • Peggy Carte - 1 month ago

    IAm happy that is doing a lot better😇

  • Anar Eliyev - 1 month ago


  • lopuiop - 1 month ago

    I’m really upset right now this didn’t help me. I was looking for cat videos but I found this you got a subscriber!

  • BATMAN AND Bucky - 1 month ago

    So glad to see she is okay! What is her name? And the other kitten's?

  • TemeryN - 1 month ago

    wonderful news on little Tuxedo cat! <3

  • Adrienne Williams - 1 month ago

    This video broke my heart, watched several times...don’t quite understand why you didn’t rush to the vet, but she came out well. What is her name?

  • No Akomplice - 1 month ago

    Looks like it might be inner ear/vestibular system, trouble with balance usually is, vomiting is also indicative of a vestibular issue. She may be experiencing vertigo, are it’s eyes darting to one side? If it’s an inner ear infection, it needs antibiotic treatment or it could get much worse. As far as head injury goes, have you checked her pupil dilation with a penlight? Look on YouTube how to check pupil dilation. Head injuries can be very odd though, and devistating. What did the vet say?

  • Lucillia U. - 1 month ago

    Your tiger kind becoming smaller and smaller and colour changed

  • Suraj Nair - 1 month ago

    That nails are really sharp it must be hurting you right?

  • Jennifer Rice - 1 month ago

    Charcoal tabs are good for poisoning. It's also good to keep on hand sovereign silver used by the dropper full a couple times a day for illnesses helps alot. It was very good you keep her warm. Glad she's better. Such a joy to see her perfect. Still the charcoal you gave was wonderful. Love your videos. I have two kitties and if one gets something the other wants the same thing just a different color or they are very upset an consider it a slight. Gotta take care of both. So happy your babies are well.

  • Golden1_1Dragon - 1 month ago

    Maybe the kitten had too much catnip or weed

  • Mialythila Wintermoon - 1 month ago

    Her symptoms also reminded me of a couple of my friend's cats that had bad inner ear infections. Both her cats that had those ended up having their head's tilted to one side all the time.