TMcDonald's And Barbie Honor International Women's Day

Published on Mar 09, 2018

McDonald's flipped their golden arches upside-down, Barbie unveiled a tribute to iconic females, and other ways the world celebrate International Women's Day.

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  • bill gorrell - 3 days ago

    It's International WORKING Women's Day

  • Sue Schern - 3 days ago

    love you so much but the M stood for MacDonalds and I liked that they turned it upside down and Shero is just a fun play on words; but didn't John tell those two jokes first....jus sayn

  • Nathan Crossen - 4 days ago

    Mattel didn't want to sell something called 'Heroine', I take it?

  • Alex Clover - 5 days ago

    I literally drive a 2003 Mazda fuck

  • xy9izzy - 5 days ago

    What is she holding in her hand? Looks like a tape measure? and the other hand - a business card?

  • Afro Alternative - 6 days ago

    Shero sounds like a term that would be used on RuPaul's drag race

  • Redmage 77 - 7 days ago

    go go Patty Jenkins

  • Sharon Martin - 7 days ago

    How can I get one?

  • Kai Sea - 7 days ago

    For real though the kind of dolls I wanted were action figures. A well jointed doll with different clothes for different occasions that I could hang from trees and dunk in water and mud and stuff. So really the tomb raider or astronaut barbies are pretty close, I just wish they weren't all wearing makeup. Have a few different head molds, some with freckles or scars. Wouldn't be too hard. Weapons-wise I was never big on guns and they weren't allowed in my house. So a survival knife or a bow and arrow.

  • Nouratic - 1 week ago

    Who is that guy that always laughs in the background? 2:38 He always has the best laugh.

  • Wael El-Ahmady - 1 week ago

    They should also make feminist barbie. Fat with short purple hair.

  • Arwis A DIS Chanel Movie - 1 week ago

    They had it set to M for mini when it should have been set to W for WUMBO!!!!!!

  • San Geet - 1 week ago

    Jack Daniels could have changed their name to Stormy Daniels

  • Patafan Marti - 1 week ago

    It's wankdonalds now

  • Vianney - 1 week ago

    DId "Doin' Her Best" Barbie have her lunch in her hand?! LOL!

  • 8bitpothead - 1 week ago

    Feminism has died in a fire

  • Kt Stylinson - 1 week ago

    For all you dumbass commenters whining about “where’s international men’s day i’m so oppressed 😭😩😩!1!”, it’s November 19th. there IS an international men’s day, and if you actually cared about having one then you would know that already, but you don’t know that and didn’t even bother to look it up, you don’t give two shits about having one, you just love to shit on women for literally everything. fuck off you fucking pissbabies.

  • phanpiggy - 1 week ago

    The W is for Wumbo.

  • Kallie Smith - 1 week ago

    I feel professionally attacked LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sly25 - 1 week ago

    We all know McDonald is a male name right? Lol

  • Myra Rolston - 1 week ago

    Make 'doing her best barbie' a real thing what the hell

  • Megan Kelterborn - 1 week ago

    I need that Barbie in my life.

  • Steveo - 1 week ago

    Does she have to be wearing gross sweatpants?

  • Steveo - 1 week ago

    Can a chef get a Michelin star ? I thought just a restaurant could .

  • Tyler Hill - 1 week ago

    I thought the reason the Golden Arches were changed was because they were designed to look like breasts in order to sublimely get people to eat at their restaurant.

  • Rakinjo2 - 1 week ago

    I love all of the hypocrisy and bogus psychology that goes into an event like "International Women's Day". So Barbie dolls have been criticized because apparently they set an unrealistic physical beauty standard for little girls, condition them to be perfect and subservient housewives who consider themselves failures if they aren't rich and successful in everything they do and, of course, transform them into sex-objects to be picked up, used and put down by men. Meanwhile, action man dolls and toy guns apparently *don't* have those same effects on boys, as I guess boys are impervious to the bullshit manipulation of a children's toy that's never been proven or substantiated scientifically in any way. Apparently we *don't* feel pressured into growing huge muscles, being sexy, being fearless and joining the army. Only girls are specially wired to be corrupted by toys they outgrow long before the Barbie Curse takes effect. It's all a sham - Can we please move on? If you want to help women, stop accepting feminists bullshit excuses for why everything is supposedly just way more difficult if you have a vagina. Stop coddling them and let them stand up for themselves.

  • Victoria K - 1 week ago

    2003 MAZDA >o<

  • Liz Cooper-Williams - 1 week ago

    Love Doing her best Barbie - made me feel so much better amongst all the hype on IWD. Thanks Colbert!

  • Joana Maria - 1 week ago

    Shero instead of just (S)Heroine?

  • Cloyette Grant - 1 week ago

    men are heros and women are heroines NOT sheros.