TJohn Oliver Warns Meghan Markle What She's Getting Herself Into

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Published on Feb 08, 2018

'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver gives Meghan Markle a fair warning ahead of the upcoming Royal Wedding.

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  • Alex - 1 day ago

    That laugh at three and a half minutes in... John Oliver sounded like he was about to cry.

  • Taylor White - 2 days ago

    Starsky & Hutch drove a Ford Torino... Come On, Colbert!!! I can’t believe you’d miss that one

  • Edward Hyde - 3 days ago

    ill informed moron, too lazy to do proper research before commenting on his own heritage. Small minded d*ck who still thinks its clever to poke fun at our monarchy, he's a sniggering child with the intellect and attitude of a spotty 14 year old still desperate to say whatever he thinks will please his audience

  • mako zero - 3 days ago

    In dark days like this one notices first how irreplaceable comedians are.

  • gabiluch87 - 4 days ago

    Stephen almost exploded from holding his laugh hahahaha

  • Raphaël D - 4 days ago

    love them except when they talk shit about the french army. Seriously, they are great comedian, I never thought that they should go on outdated stupid stereotypes usually used by the political morons they always critisize. The French Army saved the british asses at Dunkirk.

  • David Lloyd-Jones - 6 days ago


  • alex henry - 6 days ago

    I wonder how it feels when nobody laughs at your best joke at 6:41

  • Jan VanBoxsel - 6 days ago

    I know of no person, who uses the word SHAME as often as trump, never referring to himself??!! It is a bloody shame

  • Conscious Vibrations - 7 days ago listen to me!!!!!! stop listening to these monkeys! listen to me! a different message. primates parading as humans with music yuck. who IA CHEERING FOR THIS HYPNOSIS???

  • Hank Brownlee - 1 week ago

    Having those two in the same show is like a crossover episode of a cartoon, magical.

  • Robin Garrett - 1 week ago

    Ford torino

  • Michelle Scotlass - 1 week ago

    I wouldn't be comfortable with an elderly lady handling a heavy sharp object anywhere near my head, you're better off without a knighthood John. You're simply the best anyway!

  • John Garcia - 1 week ago

    Two of my favs in one place. Yea, thanks!!!!

  • Charles Berofsky - 1 week ago

    That Chopin intro!! Étude Op. 10, No. 6 in E-flat minor was it?

  • Pavlos Pavlakos - 1 week ago

    Ahh the dreamers, so quickly forgotten by the left

  • Peter Chiu - 1 week ago

    Lol revolutionary

  • Wouter van Dijk - 2 weeks ago

    Sun slam desperate correct bay blow buddy provision dance tool.

  • crossfires - 2 weeks ago


  • TheKosmopolitan - 2 weeks ago ;)

  • Ripcurl6 - 2 weeks ago

    omg ! you guys should do soo many more shows together - you are both funny separately, but together, i can't even breath!!

  • Captain stark - 2 weeks ago

    jhon oliver here seems high

  • Ashley Lavergne - 2 weeks ago

    Love ya show John O. but you shouldn't talk shit about Nancy Peloski, she in favor what you are in favor for the people. Repubs. don't do that about their constituents. It makes dem./lib party seem weaker

  • Ness Mendiola - 2 weeks ago


  • Lady Jones - 2 weeks ago

    I Love these Two. I especially LOVE ❤️ John Oliver.

  • Daniel Evans - 2 weeks ago

    More snappy answers to stupid questions about "high tea"... but the one thing about Trump is he doesn't lie about his name, I mean, what was it before he changed it to "Trump"?? And who cares if he's a Denison, anyway?? Just because he's scared to death on his real titles... Fraud... Kingpin... Pimp (and not in the good way of bad meaning good)... International pariah, and so forth. Just because the hat he must wear is many hats, that from top to bottom spell "Asshole!!!," with more enthusiasm than a cheerleader with a bullhorn. Don't let that dissuade you from John and Steve's sincerity, in imploring the president to speak to Mueller under oath.

  • Acacius - 2 weeks ago

    Exactly. Why the f*ck would you kneel for a human being. TF.

  • Sridhar C - 2 weeks ago

    Damn! I've only watched him on 'Community'... it never crossed my mind he was actually funny :))

  • josie lopez - 2 weeks ago

    I don't know them,just curious that's why am watching right now.

  • solatiumz - 2 weeks ago

    John Oliver, anyone from the UK [over the age of 30] watching this knows very well who you have stolen your routine off.