TVindertech Rocket Slammer Pt. 1

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Today we're showing you how we build the Fortnite Rocket Slammer!

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  • Richard Hopkins - 7 hours ago

    Nice. With all the EVA foam I'm wondering if you've been checking out Punished Props. Also, did you bother making patterns while you were making this? It would make replicating it easier.

  • Andrew Glassman - 2 days ago

    Do more Fortnite

  • Justin's Gaming - Fortnite&Free fire battlegrounds - 2 days ago

    I took 3 hours to do this hammer

  • trinity n - 3 days ago

    do the vindertech axe!

  • Create Logic - 3 days ago

    That is great!

  • Mr.Chezz Burger - 3 days ago

    Road to 10 mil!

  • Annie Shi - 3 days ago

    ive never played fort nite

  • Expedition One - 3 days ago

    Hey, im just wondering what will happen to a 1000°C iron ball when put in a liquid nitrogen

  • Cesar Hernandez - 3 days ago

    Still not Grant😳

  • hack master - 4 days ago

    I thought this vid was about overwatch

  • Tristan Farrell - 4 days ago

    Mack more vids

  • James Dean - 4 days ago

    Xbox one Mast3rHunt3r 86 victorys add up :) best of best

  • Eric Burdo - 4 days ago

    What contact cement are you using?

  • Ugandan War Hero - 4 days ago

    6 Year Olds who only play Battle Royale: *lOL tHAT ISnT IN THE GAME dUMMY!*

  • Jose Aviles - 4 days ago

    Dammm I wonder how many of you guys actually make these projects ??like who has all these tools lying around at home ?🤔🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Matthew Ongkingco - 4 days ago

    What if you put silicone on a plant and cast it in metal - use plastic plants

  • V2 weapons - 4 days ago


  • simon - 4 days ago

    Could've filled it with spray foam for a little heft

  • Vogue Of Today - 4 days ago

    Hlw brother

  • Wisecup2015 - 4 days ago

    Aka rein hart hammer and that is from save the world

  • furyfox13 - 4 days ago

    Most of the people on this video are most likely cosplayers wondering how too make this weapon for a costume

  • furyfox13 - 4 days ago


  • random dude - 5 days ago

    put stuff in the center to make it stronger

  • EL Plagua - 5 days ago

    Bruh I still don't know wtf fortnite is tbh

  • El Póder Toastman 🍞 - 5 days ago

    How about a gun that seized the means of production so we can all live in a happy little Utopian Commune and all win all our games of Fortnite and live Happily Ever After?

  • Colby Kopacz - 5 days ago

    You obviously haven’t played the game😂

  • Brady Pfeiffer - 5 days ago

    Build a Fortnite Port-A-Fort water feature.

  • Connor Senethavilay - 5 days ago

    Where tf is the actual king of random? Am I right?

  • Red Tiger - 5 days ago

    What about PUBG 😥

  • Walker Rose - 5 days ago

    Uhhh... nobody knows what that is because that is from save the world